1st Annual Veteran Podcast Awards and National Military Podcast Day

    Presented by Broken Jarhead – Sponsored by Shure

    THE PODCAST: My business partner, Nick, and I started Broken Jarhead: The Broken Podcast as a therapeutic outlet, and it has grown quickly! It’s 15 minutes of impromptu comedy where we read 2 fan-submitted topics and go! We release new episodes Monday – Friday. 2 Marine Vets. 2 Random Topics. 15 Minutes Flat.

    THE AWARDS: Being the narcissistic jerks that we are, we looked for an awards ceremony for podcasts and found iHeart obviously, and The People Podcast Awards. We couldn’t find anything for Veterans, so we decided to create it – how hard could it be!? We are proud to announce the 1st Annual Veterans Podcast Awards registering now through July 31, 2021. Our custom trophy is made by a female vet-owned trophy company locally and is a Golden War Hammer with a placard listing the details of the award and the Vet Podcast Award logo. What says Vet Podcasting better than a bludgeoning tool and a microphone!? Check out the Veteran Podcast awards at

    THE DAY: We scheduled the awards ceremony on September 30, International Podcast Day – which seemed fitting. Then discovered the other award show is on the same day. So, being the rational people that Nick and I are, we filed the paperwork and paid the fee required to establish National Military Podcast Day! This occurs on October 5th. Since Enduring Freedom began October 6/7, we thought we’d have a day of celebration before a day of remembrance.

    THE REASON: One of the best ways to deal with PTSD and other issues is to talk! Many veterans use podcasting in a therapeutic way but quit too soon. We want to encourage the discourse by offering a free awards ceremony and celebrating a National Day! We want to encourage active duty and vets alike to keep pushing and never give in to the demons! 22 Veteran suicides a day is 22 too many!

    THE BUSINESS: Broken Jarheaddramatizes military stereotypes in the form of artwork, patches, challenge coins, apparel, and now, card games. We solicit to the military, with special emphasis on the Crayon Eating degenerates we call brothers and sisters. Joe Dirt asked, “Is this where you want to be when Jesus comes?” If you’re playing our games, the answer should be no. While there are no blasphemes in our games, there’s plenty of vulgarities, and it would be an awkward introduction.


    Shane Cunningham is the owner of Broken Jarhead. Broken Jarhead is here when morale is mandatory – bringing military apparel and gear made by veterans in the USA. Check out our moral tactical patches, stickers, challenge coins, shirts, hoodies, and games at Broken Jarhead. If it’s not made in America, it’s NOT Broken Jarhead!


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