There are times when you may not know how the weather is going to fair on. When this is the case, you will find it hard in choosing the best outfits to put on since you may end up going with light clothes yet it turns out to be cold. However, gone are the days when people were no longer sure of the type of weather to expect. This is because we now have apps designed to help users know how the weather is going to be. One such app is the famous 1weather that can be easily installed in your smartphone. In this post, we are going to have a look at some of the things that can make 1Weather app worth installing.

  • Live Weather Maps

If you are looking for the best weather app at the moment, then installing 1weather will do the trick as it offers live weather maps for radar, surface temperature, clouds, dew point, wind speed to mention a few. This is made possible regardless of whether you are in a satellite or terrain view. To make things even better, the map works quite perfectly, even though it seems to lack a pinch to zoom.

  • Useful Explanations

1Weather app can be used by any person as long as you have installed it in your smartphone. Actually, you do not need to have any knowledge or experience since instructions are clearly spelt out. All you have to do is follow the useful explanations that are provided at the tap of each weather measurement. Whether you want to have a look at the moon phases or UV index, you only have to check out the explanations given and you are good to go.

  • Design

Any person who has had the chance to use 1Weather app will agree with me that is has the perfect design when compared to other weather applications. For instance,  the extended and hourly forecast page allows users to slide their fingers back and forth in order to get the forecast for a given time or day. For those who want to have a look at a week’s worth of information, then you can easily do this thus keeping you up to date. You will, therefore, find it easy in planning for your weekly activities since you already know how the weather is going to be.

To get this one of a kind weather app, you will have to visit Google Play Store from where you can download it into your smartphone. Once downloaded, you can install it in your smartphone before getting the chance to use what it has to offer.Remember, you do not need any knowledge if you are to use 1Weather in the best possible manner. Simply go through the provided information and you can access anything that you need at any time of the day hassle free.