Two people working with the Indian Air Force (IAF) including a squadron leader have lost their lives as many more sustained injuries in a road accident that occurred on Thursday near Awantipora’s Air Force in Jammu and Kashmiir’s Pulwama as per reports from a defense official. According to the official, the two Indian Air Force personnel who were killed are Squadron Leader Rakesh Pandey and Corporal Ajay Kumar. Other two personnel including an airman and an officer have been rushed to hospital in order to get medical attention after sustaining injuries during the accident.

The real cause of the accident is yet to be known since the two IAF personnel were traveling in a vehicle before the accident took place. However, the Indian Air Force is looking into the matter to determine the reason behind this accident which has stolen the lives of two Indian heroes.

This latest accident comes at a time when India has seen an improvement in the quality of their roads thus impacting greatly on safety.  However, quality and safety are still an ongoing progress and the Indian government cannot take their eyes off the roads. This is highly evident in the increasing quality of India’s roads with the number of lanes separated by a median now rising.

As we await the report on this latest accident, drivers are advised to exercise caution in order to reduce the number of accident on roads in India. This can be achieved by observing all road rules to the letter. In addition to this, drivers should make sure that their vehicles are in good condition before embarking on a journey. Once this is done, we will no longer here about lost lives as a result of accidents which would have otherwise been avoided if the correct measures were put in place.