The kitchen space is one of the most intricate, detail-rich and expensive room in your home. Kitchen cabinets are a major reason for this since they’re a major influence of the shape, appearance, and overall feeling of a kitchen. Carefully considering materials, types, finishes and colors is vital since cabinets are a long-term, permanent addition to a home.

While modern kitchen cabinets will look good in your home, this only happens when you make an informed purchase decision. After all, kitchen cabinets come in three distinctcategories i.e., Stock, semi-custom and custom. Having said that, below are a few things to consider when buying kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Material

Choosing the type of material for the cabinets is something you can never risk going wrong with.  Keep in mind there are different types of material for the cabinets to choose from. Among the most notable ones include particle board, MDF, and Plywood, to mention a few.

The highest-quality kitchen cabinets are made of cabinet-grade multi-layer plywood. Even though you have to spend more before buying plywood cabinets, they will certainly serve you long enough. Medium-density fiberboard (MDF), on the other hand, use up the fibrous byproducts of wood milling and are deemed to be relatively eco-friendly.

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Kitchen Cabinet Layouts and Configurations

Sometimes installed kitchen cabinets blend together so seamlessly that it’s quite difficult to see that they are made up of only three types: base, wall, and tall cabinets. Bear in mind all kitchens have base cabinets. At 36 inches high, base cabinets rest on the floor and offer storage below and countertop workspace on top.

Wall cabinets (at 12 to 17 inches deep) are attached to wall studs and are elevated about 18 inches about the countertop. They hold plates, glassware, and frequently used food items. As for tall cabinets, they are narrow and tall-reaching to the ceiling or nearly so. Be sure to factor in the pros and cons of each before deciding on anything.

Summing Up

Buying modern kitchen cabinets entails way more than merely what is included in this simple guide. Take it upon yourself to do your homework before deciding on anything. You can even seek expert help when having doubts on what kitchen cabinets to install in your home. As a good starting point, consider checking the great selection of modern kitchen cabinets at CABINETDIY online store today!