About Us

With the motto of serving readers with the latest updates from the world of Technology, News Credits is one of the popular daily news sites of the niche. It is a platform for original and authentic information which is now associated with top global news dailies like CNN and BBC for quite some time.

The primary focus of the site is to cover the hip and happening updates of the Technical area and reviewing the latest trends in the Tech market. The To-Do guides or gadget reviews are a secondary focus for the team while the primary focus is fixed upon raising its technical news following audience.

From the recent past, features from Apple Inc have generated immense popularity amongst the masses. FOX, Reuters, and NYT have critically acclaimed us for the distribution of general and trendy news.

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Our Team

CliffCliff Seal – Chief Editor

Cliff Seal has demonstrated working experience as a Senior Drives Application engineer. He is responsible for the design and engineering of Variable Frequency – AC / DC drives to implement customized solutions for Industrial applications like Steel, Mining, Aluminum, and Paper. Additionally, in his idle time, he takes an interest in attending music concerts or clubbing with friends.

Email: cliff@newscredit.org | Follow@Cliff

JohnJohn Bond – Contributing Author

John Bond has more than 11 years of experience as an automobile engineer. He is highly proficient in designing, manufacturing and operating engineering subsystems. Apart from this, you will also find him indulged in social activities and creating social awareness on global warming issues in the world – as working as a humanitarian is another aim of his life.

Email: john@newscredit.org | Follow@John

Ronnie StarkRonnie Stark – Senior Journalist

Ronnie Stark is an IT Design and Integration specialist whose key roles incorporate – test, install, upgrade, troubleshoot, and transfer products including the Application Integration environments. He also enjoys spending his time fishing with his family and friends as well as grilling and eating his freshly caught seafood.

Email: ronnie@newscredit.org | Follow@Ronnie

Christine PeterChristine Peter – Contributing Author

Christine Peter is an experienced Computing Architect with skills in data modeling, IT infrastructure (cloud/containers/labs) and architecture patterns, usability (UX), and information security. He is a dedicated professional who provides overall design directions and hardware recommendations. On the other side, his favorite hobby is to write poems and has published several intriguing compositions on his personal blog.

Email: christine@newscredit.org | Follow@Christine

Finn GayleFinn Gayle – Senior Journalist

Finn Gayle is a highly-motivated test engineer focusing on verification and validation of Flight Management Systems. He also has an out-and-out knowledge of software quality attributes and version control. Also, other than being a proficient test engineer, he is an admirable pianist who always entertains his family, friends, and guests with his tunes.

Email: finn@newscredit.org | Follow@Finn