Canada visa application is necessary for those who want to visit Canada. But the question is – who can apply for a Canada visa online? This is the question that most travelers asking about Canada visa application will have in mind. Any individual applying needs a Canada visa application for an extended or permanent stay in Canada.

A Canada visa is required by people coming to Canada for business or other purposes like visiting family members, study, or another lawful purpose. Canada visa does not allow people coming to Canada for employment or study for the first ten years of their marriage. However, people who need temporary work in Canada for less than two years are eligible for multiple-entry visas. Canada visa is available based on citizenship, immigration status, provincial or territorial registration, and sponsorship by a Canadian organization or an international organization. Two of the most common reasons for seeking a Canada visa are business travel and visiting relatives.

What is the process of Canada visa application?

Canada visa requirements include the following information necessary when applying for a Canadian tourist visa: date of birth; name; gender; nationality; passport number; contact phone number(s); and email address. Biometric Entry Check System (BECS) is a reliable system used to facilitate immigration and visitor authorization by Canadian immigration authorities. The system provides a paperless, fast, and convenient way to obtain a temporary travel authorization via the Internet. BECS is also used as a security check on applicants seeking permanent residence in Canada.

Why is it essential to choose a Canada visa processing time right in the Canada visa application process? The biometric entry verification system is one of the most secure ways of processing immigration applications in Canada. Canada visa processing time is based on the immigration statistics of Canada. The longer the processing time taken more chance the visitor will get the visa approved. It is not good to leave the immigration paperwork so late because it may take much time to get the visa approved.


When applying for a Canada visa online, one of the main factors one must consider is the place they want to proceed. There are various visa-required nationalities available in Canada. Therefore, one must apply for a visa from the respective Canadian consulate. In addition, the Canadian government provides different immigration processing methods and procedures for different nationalities. Hence, one must apply for a visa accordingly.