Tawkir Mahmud Alif, aka Tawkir Alif, is a well-known DJ/Record producer. He is one of the best popular electronic music creators in the industry. The major expertise industry of Tawkir includes Synth, Bass-Heavy EDM, Future Bass, and Groove-oriented. When he was interviewed, he said that his inspiration is the world-famous music artists Alan Walker and Marshmello.

He has released a number of music tracks in his career till now and is regularly working on releasing new ones. His most famous tracks include Blind Love (released on 28 April 2021). This track was the turning point of his life in which he impressed the whole world with his new acquaintance.

In this article, we will get a closer look at Takwir’s life where we will talk about his early life, career, and his overall career journey.

Early life

Tawkir Alif was born on June 20, 2005, in Bangladesh. He had a little sister named Sabrina Ariya. Tawkir started his career as a computer programmer and software developer. Initially, he had no interest in music but as he grew up watching Alan Walker and Marshmello on TV, he found himself interested in music.


In the year 2019 while Tawkir was listening to a song by English-Norwegian DJ Alan Walker where he wished he could also create EDM music by himself. He started his music-creating career with his laptop using the FL studio. Because of the quality of his music, he got great positive feedback from his fans on the internet. This feedback gave him a strong motivation to continue his career and he began to create more tracks and post them to YouTube and Spotify.

His first well-known track was wish which was introduced to the audience on April 28, 2021, when he was just a bedroom producer. His most popular music album, Blind Love was introduced just a few months later when he uploaded wish. The album Blind Love got unexpected love from the audience and was trending on Spotify which is the biggest music platform in the world.

This love from his fans all around the world gave an ignition to his talent and encouraged him to improve his skills and present more great tracks before the world. Later on, his music tracks Found Someone and Last Night also became quite popular among the people.

Final words

After going through this brief biography of Tawkir Alif, I must say that you can do anything if you wish to. Tawkir Alif is a living example for those people who ignore their inner instincts and follow the pre-designed path as a common person.