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La Reina Del Mariachi – launches new Album!

If there’s someone who knows how to belt out Mariachi Songs like no other that’s  Katherine Glen , known as “La Reina Del Mariachi“ The queen of Mariachi ) For winning various singing competitions such as Sábado Gigante, Primer Festival del Mariachi, transmitted through Univision Network and being a special guest on famous TV shows like The Voice Kids on Telemundo!

The best Mariachi singer, and Best female singer,  of  most prestigious awards throughout the United States such as Premios lo Nuestro and within the City of New York has held that title for many consequitive years, The Multi award winning singer, songwriter and actress announced that her album titled “La Reina Del Mariachi Musial artist” is now available on all digital platforms!

Glen, who’s music has been a buzz for quite some time now has performed at sold out concerts in Madison Square Garden received  various special distinguished United States congressional and senate awards presented to her in recognition of the awe-inspiring queen of Mariachi , both in the state of New York and New Jersey For her promotion of the arts within the Community and for being the only female Mariachi singer to have achieved such distinctions.

The álbum which consists of six Mariachi songs were all written and produced by the singer  herself and recorded at the Mix Palace studios on Long Island, New York a World Class Recording Studio with 40 years experience in all genres of music. Grammy nominated, they have produced over 100 Gold and platinum records! The singer is also working on her second album titled “Como Una Paloma” which is scheduled for release July 2019.

Do We Need Customer Feedback In The Hotel Industry?

With travel taking the fiercest spot in today’s competitive industries, hotels and the hospitality sector as a whole are continuously seeking ways to stand out and outshine one another.

While marketing strategies greatly differ for every business, there is one specific area that has come up for those seeking to gain a competitive edge. This is none other than customer feedback.

What You Didn’t Know About Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is simply the information that has been provided by clients concerning either satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a service or product. It covers the overall experience they had with a particular company.

The client’s opinion is a resource that will be used for enhancing the customer experience. Plus, it can also be used to adjust the hotel’s or company’s actions to the needs of the client.

This information can be gotten with a hotel feedback system, which can be installed in diverse locations with the aid of kiosks.

The high-performing hotels vividly understand the vital role that customer feedback plays in the hospitality business. Hence, they take their time in listening to the voice of their clients.

They do not just search for opinions that the clients may have published on social media; they also search for reviews they may have provided on websites.

However, hotels can deliberately ask for feedback using feedback software.

To stay ahead of your game as a hotelier, it is essential that you never stop listening to both positive and negative customer feedback; be it prompted or probably unprompted.

Importance Of Customer Feedback

Some of the importance of customer feedback includes:

  • It aids in the improvement of your staff behavior, hospitality, and level of customer satisfaction

The goal of the hospitality industry is to connect with people and, the attitude from your employees can either break or make the customer relationship no matter the seconds, minutes, hours or days the client is staying for.

Remember the saying “a smile can change a life”? Well, it applies to hotels also. The attitude of the staff matter a lot since the consumer is always in contact with them

A client that is unhappy will not turn up on the hotel’s door ever again ifthe behavior of the staff is not up to standard.

  • It helps in getting new concepts of improvisations for your hotel

In the process of giving customer feedback, the customer may unknowingly or knowingly give an idea to the owner on what the hotel is lacking and a broad scope of improvement may be attached too.

Every feedback must be adequately documented, saved, and critically analyzed. If different customers are giving the same notes and grievances, then it is high time you update the services you render.

There are special opinions that become vital, and if taken seriously, it will aid in the growth of the hotel.

  • It helps in reaching out to the target audience

There are so many times that we end up not knowing the exact road we are headed. With customer feedback, it will aid the hotel in knowing who they actually have to serve. Feedbacks will help the hotelier in remaining specific.

  • Growth of hotel revenue

Money matters at all times. Collecting the feedback, critically analyzing it, and going further to implement the demanded changes where necessary will practically lead to high sales in the hotel.

A wise contemplation of diverse feedbacks will lead to the boom of the hotel’s prominence and help in its growth.

Customer Feedback can be gotten on the premises from the guests making use of hotel customer feedback software

Aids in measuring customer satisfaction

Both loyalty and customer satisfaction are critical factors that determine the hotel’s monetary performance. It is linked straight up to lots of benefits like reduced costs, higher revenue, an increase in market share, etc.

A lot of studies carried out have shown that there is a very close link between the performance of the hotel and customer satisfaction. To know if you are meeting up to their expectations, it is only essential to hear their opinions.

To Wrap It Up

In order to continually stay on top of the hospitality industry, hotels should always put their customers in the Crux of their business and take their feedback as the worthiest source for information.

It is the customers that make use of the hotel’s services and products and know what is best to improve in a bid to make them happy and loyal.

iPad Mini: The Most Powerful Tablet in Its Class

After waiting for a very long time, lovers of Apple’s iPad can now get the chance of laying their hands on iPad Mini. This new release is an improvement over the ultra-compact iPad mini 4. The iPad mini is considered to be the most powerful tablet in its class thanks to the many benefits it comes with. When compared to the previous version,this one of a kind gadget has nine times more graphics power and three times more processing power. The high power can be attributed to Apple’s own A12 Bionic Chip that contains an in-built neural engine.

What makes the iPad Mini worth having is the fact that it performs tasks quite easily regardless of the occasion. From switching between a multitudes of open apps, to opening them, iPad Mini performs everything within Nano seconds. In terms of display, Apple iPad Mini 4 has a fantastic Retina display which happens to be very sharp and vibrant.You will thus be able to watch your videos without facing any display issues.No wonder it is ranked as the best tablet as it has massive entertainment and productivity capabilities.

Any person who wants to lays their hands on the latest version of iPad Mini must be ready to dig deeper into their pockets. This is because a model with 64 GB of built-in storage is available for $399 with the 256 GB of storage variant costing an extra $150. The 256 GB variant is worth having considering the fact that you will have four times more memory at your disposal. For those who wish to have a cellular network connectivity when using the iPad Mini, you will have to part with an additional $130. iPad Mini is available in silver space gay and gold. These colors are quite appealing and you will easily fall in love with them.

The New Apple Watch Series 4 Smartwatch

Apple watch series 4

Putting on a watch is one of the things that you need to put into consideration if you are to look appealing and attractive in front of your friends, family or colleagues. However, with technological advancements, you will have to make sure that you are wearing the best watch in the market. One such watch is the famous Apple’s all-new Series 4 smartwatch which also happens to be the most significant watch to have been designed by Apple. This latest invention is an improvement over the original version which was first introduced in 2014.

Apple watch series 4

Apple’s all-new Series smartwatch is feature packed giving you the comfort that you may be looking for in a watch. First and foremost, the Apple Watch Series 4 has an excellent built-in-heart-rate sensor together with an additional EKG-tracking capabilities. These features are specifically meant to keep tabs on the health of your heart while at the same time sharing this information with your doctor. In addition, you can use this all-new-heart-rate sensor feature of the Apple Watch Series in tracking your workouts.

Apart from the EKG-tracking capabilities, you can also get to benefit from the new Retina display which is larger than the previous version. This new feature makes it easy for the user to interact with the smartwatch without encountering any difficulties whatsoever. Other most notable features that you will get fromthe Apple Watch Series 4 smartwatch include a thin profile that gives you a comfortable fit,an all-new S4 chip which is faster than the previous version and the cellular connectivity which can help you in detaching from your iPhone.

Considering the numerous features you are set to enjoy, you should be ready to dig deeper into your pockets if you are to lay your hands on the New Apple Watch Series 4 Smartwatch. Actually, with a budget of $399, you will be able to get a 40-millimeter version which happens to have an aluminum case although it has no cellular connectivity. Alternatively, you can opt to pay $499 and get the aluminum model that has a cellular connectivity.


Paydayiom Offers the Most Trustworthy Payday Loans UK Online For Up To £5000

BRGM08 Girl with Cash

Bournemouth, Dorset (April 18, 2019) – The need for funds hits families at inappropriate times. But, the thing they find is that they cannot escape from the situation and they have no other option other than spending money. The question that arises in their mind at such a situation is where to get funds? If they are in the United Kingdom and if they get income regularly on a monthly basis, these individuals in immediate need for money can knock at the doors of Paydayiom. The company stands the best choice for trustworthy payday loans UK Online.

The company with the right understanding of the financial struggles faced by people offers them the facility to apply for short-term finances online within a short period. The company offers this financing as the easy and the quick solution to address the challenging financial situation that can hit breadwinners at any time of their lives.

The good thing about relying on this company for short-term financial needs is that the rates charged by them on these loans start at 35.9%. Moreover, they have clearly stated that the utmost APR on their financing is 1304.0%. With a minimum loan term of three months, the borrowers can get some time to repay the funds borrowed. Also, the company gives a maximum period of 36 months for repayments. So, borrowers need not have to worry about paying back the borrowed money on the very next payday.

When it comes to short term loans UK, Paydayiom is the best choice because they are responsible, convenient and safe to borrow. Also, the company makes connecting a lender easier for borrowers as compared to what they were thinking for so long. Even though the company offers payday loans, they do not ask the borrowers to submit their bank statements, pay slips, references or even a personal guarantor for allocating the funds they need.

Even though the company does not guarantee to fund individuals, who are not employed and who have bad credit, still they can apply for a loan with Paydayiom. The company will try to do its best to find a good solution for such a person. The primary goal of the company is to match the person requesting for funds with a lender, who can rightly meet his/her, needs.

In addition to all these reasons the company claims “You don’t have to travel far to get the secured loans you need. With us, the entire process is online”. In short, the reasonable pricing, association with direct UK Lenders, fair treatment and electronic handling of the entire process all these things make this company the right choice for payday loans.


About Paydayiom:

Paydayiom is a company based in the United Kingdom and they match the borrowers with reputable lenders. Even, the company offers financial assistance to individuals in need of funds.

For more information, please visit https://paydayiom.co.uk/car-repair-loans

Media Contact:


Suite 4, Bourne Space, Bourne Gardens, Exeter Park Road,

Bournemouth, Dorset, BH2 5BD, United Kingdom




Pinterest Adds New Video and Conversion Optimization Options

Pinterest is one of the social media platforms that continues to flourish thanks to their different services and options available. In their quest of maximizing its potential while at the same time boosting its market value, Pinterest has decided to continue building its ad tools. Just recently, the platform launched two new ad options i.e. Promoted Video for Conversions and Conversion Optimization.

Conversion Optimization is aimed at optimizing Promoted Pins for a specific consumer action instead of the usual clicks. For the very first time, advertisers who rely on Pinterest can get the chance to choose conversions as a campaign objective. This action will in turn inspire viewers to take the necessary action like increasing signups or online checkouts.

In order for a Pinterest user to get the most out of Conversion Optimization, you will first have to get yourself a Pinterest Tag which is usually installed in your site. Once the Tag is in place, you can be able to track the actions of any visitor once they have a look at ads on your Pinterest account. This action will in turn make it easy for the Pinterest system to determine the actions that will be taken by different users in response to your ads. With this data, the system can be able to form different templates of user behaviour thus, making it easy for you to target a wider audience.

On the other hand, Promoted Video for conversions is meant to serve advertisers who are mainly interested with conversions or traffic. This tool has the capabilities of clicking into a landing page form where you can access the advertiser’s website. With close to 265 million users, Pinterest is worth considering as it is a good platform for your digital marketing program.

SSC CHSL Online Registration to be Closed Today

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is today (April 5) expected to close their online registration for the combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) exams. Candidates who have attained a 10+2 pass qualification are eligible to register for the exams. However, candidates must be between the age of 18-27 years if they are be allowed à chance of applying for the exams. The Combined Higher Secondary Level exam is usually held yearly to determine appointments in different positions including Junior Secretariat Assistant/Lower Divisional Clerk and Postal Assistant or sorting assistant. Applicants who are also interested in data entry operator posts in the different Ministries. Departments and offices can also fill the application form.

The current SSC CHSL exam is meant for the 2018 edition with the official notification for the CHSL exams set to be released in December. At the moment, the officials have not offered any information about the vacancies with the details expected to be made public via an official notification.First tier SSC CHSK exams will be held as from July 1 to July 26 with the second tier exams taking place in September.

Candidates who expect to partake in the exams must be ready to part with RS.100 as the application fee. Even though the application will be closed today, candidates can still make their payments online on or before 7th April.  Candidates who rely on offline methods of payment have until 9th April before they can complete the transaction. Women candidates and any candidate who belongs to SC, PwD, ST and ESM eligible for reservation do not have to pay the application fees. The online application SSC CHSL Exam is a step in the right direction since applicants can do it from any location without necessarily having to worry about time. Make sure that you fill the application before it is too late.

Mathew Smiles: Restoring a Lost Smile with Dental Implants Utah

Putting on a smiling face is one of the ways in which you can easily make new friends or win a favor from people around you. This is because a smile tends to create a good connection between the parties involved and hence you will never get involved in a quarrel. Unfortunately, people who have missing or unsightly teeth will never know the benefits of putting on a flawless smile.  The missing teeth will make it hard for you to eat or talk with your colleagues, friends or family members.

After examining what people with missing teeth go through, Mathew Smiles, an aesthetic and reconstruction dentistry decided to help individuals restore their smile. This has been made possible by offering dental implants in Utah. With over 45 years of experience, Mathew Smiles has the ability to restore your dental formula within a short time. To do this successfully, they make use of a team of highly trained dentists who are able to offer the needed services.

dental implants

Any person who is in need of dental implants Utah can make a phone call to Mathews Smiles. A customer care representative will then pick your call after which you can ask for any service that you may need. The experienced dentist will then discuss the process with you before examining your teeth for any existing problem that needs to be taken care of.

Mathew Smiles offices are open to clients as from Monday to Friday 8:00 A.M-5:00 P.M. However, you will have to book an appointment by making a phone call if you are to get timely services. The good news is that you do not have to dig deeper into your pockets in order to undergo a dental implant. If you are not close to Mathew Smiles, you can look for a dental implant near you long as they offer the best services. Visit Mathew Smiles today and restore the long lost beautiful smile.

Preventing Aches and Pains While Becoming a Half-Marathoner

As we begin to age, aches, and pains can begin to creep up on us without much warning. This is especially true if you are planning to stay active and get involved with a half-marathon. Training for a half-marathon at an older age can be a wonderful way to defy the aging process, but you still need to listen to your body and treat it well in order for the marathon to be a success with as little repercussion as possible.

Start Slow and Create a Plan

The key to beginning your half-marathon training is to start slowly. If you have never run a marathon before or participated in this type of event, you need to give your body time to work up to where it needs to be. Don’t be frustrated if you aren’t ready for this year’s half-marathon as there will always be more next year and the year after. Going slow with your training prevents injuries and severe pain.

As with most other types of ambitions in life, creating a clear and concise plan is necessary for trying to reach your goals. Your plan should involve what you need to do every single day in order to meet the goals that you have set for yourself. It is also important to make changes to your plan as things unfold, as certain circumstances may come up that get in the way of your training and scheduling.

Be Consistent, Eat Right and Stay Active

Training for a half-marathon requires a lot of training, as this is what will help you to reach the end of the marathon. Being consistent with your training is crucial despite your age. Consistency means training as often as you possibly can and in a way that does not cause injury or pain. If you are experiencing severe pain or sports-related injuries, it is time to scale back on the training in a way that benefits your body’s healing process.

Eating right and staying active are important not only for half-marathon runners but also to any person, especially those who are aging. As you age, diseases and disorders can impact your life significantly and get in the way of you reaching your goals. Some of the most common age-related diseases and disorders include type two diabetes, heart disease, impaired cognition, and bone density issues. Eating right for you depends on what you consider to be a healthy diet. For some people, lean meats and plenty of fresh fruits and veggies can be considered a healthy meal while others choose to go vegan or keto to benefit their health.

Treat Pain Naturally and Rest When Needed

It’s no surprise that even being light with your half-marathon training can result in aches and pains. These pains can be difficult to handle, especially when you’re trying to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Fortunately, there are many products that you can try for yourself that work naturally to get rid of the pains and problems that you’re experiencing. Heal and Soothe is a great natural product that works to relieve the aches you’re experiencing so that you can get back to living life to the fullest.

It is important to listen to your body and rest when needed. Resting regularly helps your body to heal, especially while training for a half-marathon. Your body will perform better if it gets more than enough rest. There are a few ways for you to get more rest and benefit from natural healing. You can either choose to go to bed earlier at night or get up a little later in the morning, or you might choose to take a nap during the day. Even doing something as simple as taking a break during the day and sitting down with a glass of water is enough to give your body the rest that it needs each day.

How to ensure you recover from a workout as you age

When you engage in a workout, you damage the existing muscles and in their place, larger and more resilient muscles grow. These new muscles are more robust and can endure workout sessions that are even more intense. The body, however, needs time to regrow and develop the muscles. As one grows older, the period his or her muscles take to heal tends to increase.

As a result, older people tend to take more time to grow and rebuild their damaged muscles. A senior person who works out, therefore, needs to learn the techniques that could help his or her body recover from strenuous exercises.

Taking adequate measures to protect the body also helps to avoid muscle damages that could lead to pain or inability to exercise. The following are some of the measures that one can take to recover properly from exercise as he or she ages.

Gentle stretches and winding up

One of the most critical sessions in exercising is the warm up and the winding up session. Before going into the main event of your workout, you should always warm up. This helps to get the muscles ready for the more intensive activities of a workout.

Older people have softer muscles, which mean that warming up helps them to get the blood flowing faster to deliver blood in the much-needed areas. While exercising, one should gradually progress from one exercise to the other. Instead of going for the tough stuff from the onset, therefore, one should slowly increase the intensity of the training to give the body time to adapt.

As you continue to age, you should also make a habit of winding up the workout in a gradual manner. Instead of just dropping dead once, one should do simple exercises such as jogging. This helps to calm the body down and give the muscles time to relax and contract slowly. The winding prevents the muscles from sustaining injuries.

Proper dieting

Proper dieting should always be an integral part of the workout. People who perform somewhat strenuous workouts such as weight lifting need adequate nutrition to sustain the body. This is because the body needs enough calories to supply the energy required to perform these workouts.

Proper dieting is also vital in ensuring that the body is supplied with the nutrients it needs to keep the internal organs fit and able to support the body during the workout. Adequate supplies of proteins are also required to sustain new growth of muscles.

Proteins are a critical part of the diet that helps to ensure that the damage to the body is repaired. Adequate amounts of proteins in the body help to accelerate the repair and restoration of muscles and cells burnt during a workout.

Supplementing naturally

For the body to deal with the pain and inflammation that comes with exercising, it needs certain elements that may not be found in a regular diet. To deal with this, it is important to supplement naturally to ensure that the body gets the supplies that it needs.

It is important, therefore, that you use as many natural supplements as possible to ensure that you do not suffer the side effects of synthetic supplements. One of the best natural products with anti-inflammatory properties is turmeric. Fruits like blueberries or cherries also have high levels of antioxidants and flavonoids that act as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Another natural supplement that could work for you as you age is Heal-N-Soothe, a natural supplement that contains an abundant supply of enzymes that support different body function. This product helps to promote joints’ comfort, mobility, and flexibility. The product also contains various natural compounds such as turmeric, Rutin, ginger, Papain, and Bromelain among other useful compounds.

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