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Christine Peter is an experienced Computing Architect with skills in data modeling, IT infrastructure (cloud/containers/labs) and architecture patterns, usability (UX), and information security. He is a dedicated professional who provides overall design directions and hardware recommendations. On the other side, his favorite hobby is to write poems and has published several intriguing compositions on his personal blog.

Hurricane hurled in India Fani

The fierce cyclone ‘Fani’ has wreaked havoc on the banks of Odisha. To save the menace, about 10 lakh people have been evacuated from the coast of Odisha to safer places. According to the Indian Meteorological Department, the area under deep pressure on the southeast Bay of Bengal was transformed into a cyclonic storm ‘Fani’ on Saturday, which turned into a ‘serious cyclonic storm’. Cyclone Fani is currently located in the eastern equatorial Indian Ocean and the Gulf of nearby southeast Bengal.

In this context, let us know how the cyclone is finally named. In fact, the names of the cyclones are kept in order to identify the many storms coming together in the ocean. Generally, when the speed of a storm is greater than 61 km / h, then that storm is named after it.

The trend of name cyclone in the Indian Ocean started in 2000. In this connection, a formula was agreed between the eight countries of the region – India, Bangladesh, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Thailand in 2004. These countries created a list of 64 names for the upcoming cyclones. In this way each country suggested eight names. This list was assigned to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). This organization based in Geneva, when it comes to cyclones in this area, gives the name on the basis of the serial that comes in the list.

For example, India has given names like fire, sky, electricity, water, wave, cloud, sea and air. Likewise Pakistan has named Chandu, Laila, Neelam, Verdah, Titli and bullbull. For this reason, the name of the current storm in Odisha on the basis of the list is ‘Fani’. Similarly, the storm that came in this area last year was named Butterfly. The cyclone ‘Okhi’ came in southern Tamil Nadu two years ago in November, the name was also given by Bangladesh.

‘Felin’ in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha in April 2013 had wreaked havoc. Based on this list, the name of that cyclone was given by Thailand. The names given by these countries usually retire after being used once. In their place, the new gender of the same gender and the same spectrum gives the respective country.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Australian meteorologist Clement Wraig began to name the tropical cyclone. During 1887-1907 he gave many names. He often used to name the cyclone on the basis of the names of those politicians who did not like his country. In the era of World War II, American Air Corp and Navy meteorologists usually named the tropical cyclone in the Pacific region after their wives / girlfriends.

During the 1950-1952, the tropical cyclone of the North Atlantic Ocean began to be named after the alphabet of the English alphabet. After that in 1953, the American Meteorological Bureau chose women names for it. Since 1979, the World Meteorological Organization and the American National Weather Service created a list of names that included male names.

Hero launches 3 new bikes, know about their features

Hero Motocorp, the country’s largest two-wheeler maker, has launched three new premium bikes at the same time and has exploded in the auto market. Hero’s intention is to further strengthen the grip in the three new bikes of the X-series. Let us tell you that Hero X is a sporty bike series, under which the company has launched three bikes. The company expects these bikes to attract the youth especially.


Hero’s X-Series includes a bike capable of exceeding 150 cc. The Xtreme 200R and XTREME SPORTS have already exploded in the company’s series. The three bikes that the company launched on Wednesday include XPulse200, XPulse200T and Xtreme200S models. The three bikes of the ex-showroom prize in Delhi ranged from Rs. 94 thousand to 1.05 lakh rupees.


Equipped with 200 cc engine, XPulse200T costs Rs 94 thousand, XPulse200 costs 97 thousand rupees and Xtrem200S is worth 98,500 rupees. The value of XPulse’s fuel injection variant is worth 1.05 lakh rupees. Sales Head of the company Sanjay Bhan told that he wants to increase his presence in the premium segment. It cannot be overnight at the top level, it is a long-term plan. To become a leader in the premium category, the company will launch more models with a more robust engine.


Hero Motocorp’s Xtreme200S has a 7-step mono shock suspension. The rider will not let shocks fall in the pit. Xtreme200S is sporty bike. It will run in the highways and even in the strong winds. XPulse200T is a touring bike. Its retro style is fantastic. XPulse200 is launched with two variants CV carburetor and Fuel injection. XPulse200’s strong engine generates torque of 18.4 PS and 17.1 Nm. This is an adventure bike.

A premium category of more than 150 cc engine has an annual market of about 3 million units. Hero Motocorp is at the top of the domestic market in the entry level and in the range of 150 cc, but the company has no special status in the category of more than 150 cc.

Realme 1st Anniversary Sale is Live Now

Chinese smartphone company Realme has started its first anniversary sale. Deals and discounts are being given on a lot of company’s smart products. The sale started today i.e. on May 2 and the sale will continue until May 4. Apart from the official site of Realme, you can take advantage of this sale from Amazon, Flipkart and offline retail stores.

During this sale, customers will have the chance to buy the recently launched Realme 3 3GB + 64GB variant. At the same time, the company has informed that through MobiKwik 15 percent discount, 10 Free Realme 3 Pro and 1 crore will be available through promotional games. During the Realme Anniversary Sale, products will be sold for Rs 1 in the Limited Period. These products will include Realme 2 Pro, Realme Buds and Realme Tech Bagpack between May 2 and 4.

Speaking of offers, a dedicated microsite has been given to inform that during the First Anniversary Sale, a flat Rs 1,000 discount will be given on Realme 2 Pro and Realme U1. That is, the customers can buy these at an initial price of Rs 10,990 and Rs 8,999 respectively. Apart from this, customers who buy two smartphones through MobiKwik will get 15 percent discount. Realme U1 and Realme 2 Pro will also get one year extended warranty.

Realme 3 3GB RAM + 64GB storage variant has been announced recently. Customers can also buy it during the sale. Here MobiKwik subscribers will get an additional 15 percent discount. Sale of Realme 3 Pro will be from 12 noon on May 3. Here also the promotion will be 15 percent discount via MobiKwik.

Talking about the sale of 1 rupee of Reality, the company will sell the products in different rounds between May 2 and May 4. Between May 2 and May 4, between 12am (midnight) IST, 10 units of Realme 2 Pro will be given at 1 rupee. At the same time, 100 Realme Buds will be given for 1 rupee in 1 rupee and 60 units of Realme Tech Bagpack will be given to 8pm IST at 1 rupee. Apart from this, Realme C1 will be available with the complete mobile protection of Rs 99 with Flipkart.

Best deal for you, get 9,000 discount on OnePlus 6T

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus’s flagship smartphones OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro will launch on May 14. But before that you have a good chance to buy OnePlus 6T. Compete with other smartphones, just OnePlus 6T can prove to be a better option for you.

The Amazon Summer sale is being launched from May 4 and it will last till May 7th. In this sale any smartphones will be cheap and we have told you about all this. To date, gadgets can read about all the offers on the page. However, here we will only talk of OnePlus 6T which may be special for you.

The 8GB variant of OnePlus 6T can be found at huge discounts. During the sale, you can buy it for 32,999 rupees. Let us tell you that the actual cost of this variant is Rs. 41,999. Since the company is bringing its new flagship, these offers are possibly being offered for stock clearance. Recently the price of OnePlus 6T variants has been reduced.

Two Variants of OnePlus 6T will be available for sale. Both have 8GB of RAM but internal storage will get 128GB and 256GB options. Both the hardware and software of this smartphone are better. OnePlus 6T is also a good package on front camera. In this smartphone, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and in display fingerprint scanner is also provided.

OnePlus 6T has a 6.4-inch Full HD Plus display and has a knock in it. However you can also remove Notch from the software. The phone has a dual rear camera – one lens is 16 megapixels and the other is 20 megapixels. This smartphone has been given a 16 megapixel selfie camera for selfie.

Zuckerberg said on data localization – Millions of users account may be in danger

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that we understand this fact about the data that India has talked about at local level, but it is a very risky job. He said that if we only gave India its permission, then other countries can also demand it. Zuckerberg said that its worst effect could be seen in dictatorships and they can also demand to store data at the local level. He said that security of citizens in such countries can be in danger and dictatorship can misuse the country data.

In a conversation with a historian and writer, Mark said that this is a very sensitive matter and we cannot do any kind of carelessness in it. He said that knowing the information and intentions of collecting data at the local level is very important. In response to a question, he said that the intention behind any work is of great importance and none of us consider India as a totalitarian country.

When they were asked that the data of Indian citizens is safe in the US and not in India, it has always been said on their behalf that we only worry about our country and the citizens, then they said that our stand on data localization is about its danger. Because if we are blocked in a big country, then this will affect our business and there will always be danger.

In fact, according to the RBI’s new guidelines, payment data must be stored in India only. At the same time, all the companies paying digital business in the country will also need to conduct third party audits from CERTIN auditors. Concerning India’s demand, Zuckerberg said that on accepting the demand of India, other countries can also make such demands where millions of people’s accounts can be misused. They say that many governments in the world can easily access people’s data.

Oppo F11 Pro’s Avengers Endgame Edition Launch in India

These days, no company is giving a chance to take advantage of superheroes films that have gone on. Especially the mobile companies are taking full advantage of this fever and are bringing them to their mobile super-heroic theme. Marvel studio’s latest movie Avengers: There is tremendous craze in viewers, and the advantage is that OPPO has launched the F11 Pro Marvels Avenger Limited Edition Smartphone by typing the Marvel Studio with this film.

On purchasing this smartphone, Oppo is also offering a collection certificate, a thermo-printed avengers logo and a Captain America inspired back case which can also be used as a stand. This edition has given the same features which were given in the Oppo F11 Pro launched in March.

Smartphone’s Avengers Endgame Edition is available in only one variant. The smartphone comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB internal storage. The price of this edition is Rs 27,990. This smartphone will be available on Amazon from May 1. It can be booked from pre-order from today.

It has a 16MP pop-up selfie camera and a dual camera setup with 48MP primary and 5MP secondary setup in the rear side has been given. The camera will make anyone crazy. This phone has a 4,020mAh battery, with VOOC Fast Charging touch also available.

US warns Pak, can stop VISA

Pakistan has been extradited from the US and has refused to take back its citizens even after the visa expired, after which the US has banned him. The United States has warned that it can ban Pakistanis’ visas and it can start with its senior officials.

The State Department said on Friday that there is “no change” for the embassy-related work in Pakistan, but as a result of the restriction mentioned in the Federal Registrar Notification, the US can stop the visa of Pakistani citizens, which can be started with its senior officials.

Pakistan is a new country in the list of ten countries on which restrictions have been imposed under US law, according to which the countries who have been extradited and will not return their citizens living after the expiry of the visa period, Visas will not be given. However, the State Department has tried to reduce the effect of these restrictions on Pakistan.

When asked about the notification of the Federal Register with a spokesperson of the State Department, he told PTI- “There will not be any change in the diplomatic relations related to Pakistan”. The spokesman said, “This is the US and Pakistani governments, there is a bilateral issue between us and we are not going into specifics at this time. ”

In the US, former Pakistan’s former ambassador Hussein Haqqani believes that this will create problems for Pakistan. Haqqani said to the media, “This move will create difficulties for the Pakistanis who want to travel in the US and could be avoided if Pakistani officials did not ignore US requests in relation to the legal obligations of extradition.” He said that refusal by Pakistan to accept its citizens, extradited from the US, is no new matter.

World’s Largest Onyx Cinema LED Screen Unveiled in India by Samsung

Samsung together with Harman group company have unveiled the largest Onyx cinema LED screen in the world . The unveiling took place in Bengaluru at Swagath Cinemas which will now take the name Swagath Onyx Theatre. This 14-metre screen is believed to be the largest Onyx Cinema LED Screen format to date. In fact, there are only two other 14-metre Onyx Cinema LED screen in the world. One is in China with the second in Malaysia.

The screen which was designed by Samsung has the capabilities of delivering true colours with the support of HDR. Furthermore,  it has additional unique features such as a sharp contrast, greater accuracy and vibrancy together with higher levels of brightness. Cinema lovers will also get to enjoy great viewing angles as they are not affected by ambient light. This action tends to get rid of optical distortion and interference.

This latest Onyx Cinema LED screen comes fully equipped with different types of solutions including Onyx Sound, Onyx 3D and Onyx View. For those who will be regular visitors to Swagath Onyx Theatre,  you will have a feel of Onyx sound which incorporates different products from Harman family of brands. These brands include the sculptured surround technology, BSS signal processing and Crown amplifiers. The system comprises of four JBL 9300 cinema surround loudspeakers, six JBL AM 7315 screen array loudspeakers and six JBL AC28/26 which are relied upon as underfills for the balcony area.

Onyx Cinema LED screens at Swagath Onyx Theatre will revolutionize the cinema viewing experience for movie lovers not only in Bengaluru but also across India. Puneet Sethi, Vice President, Consumer Electronics Enterprise Business, Samsung India has termed the new screen as a great milestone for cinemas in India.

Death Toll From Sri Lanka Attacks Revised Down

Sri Lanka has released a reduced number of the death toll from Sunday’s blast by over 100 to about 253. The change in figures is being associated with a calculation error as per reports from the health ministry. Suicide bombers on Sunday struck churches and hotels in the Colombo area and the Eastern city of Batticaloa leaving scores injured.

Most of those who lost their lives in the attacks which are suspected to be carried out by 9 people were Sri Lankans.  Dozens of foreigners were also casualities of the attack. At the moment, police are still carrying out raids and have already released photographs of seven people who are believed to be connected with the attacks.

The authorities are blaming National Thowheed Jamath (NTJ), a local Islamist group though the bombers might have had outside help. The Islamist state group has already taken responsibility of the attacks and have even gone ahead to publish a video of 8 men. However, the group has not provided evidence of direct involvement to the attacks.

Sri Lanka’s Deputy Defence Minister said morgues had initially provided inaccurate numbers of the death toll. As per reports from the health ministry, they had already competed all autopsies by Thursday and it emerged some victims were counted more than once.

The revised figures come at a time when the government is trying to bring back its lost credibility. This is amid criticism of its failure to take seriously intelligence warnings before the attacks were carried out. In addition to this, the government is also trying to deal with the spread of false rumours and fake news being circulated about the crisis. People are now living in fear not knowing when the next attack might take place. Some have even opted to seek refuge in mosques as they no longer feel safe.

Xiaomi Launches 32MP Selfie Camera in Redmi Y3

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi launched the new smartphone Redmi Y3 on Wednesday in the Indian market. The company has introduced Redmi Y3 in two types of RAM variants. The first model is 32GB with 3GB of RAM and the other variant is launched in 64 GB storage variants with 4 GB RAM. Redmi Y3 has a variant of 3 GB / 32GB variant worth 9,999 rupees. The variant of 4GB / 64 GB RAM is priced at Rs 11,999. The special feature of this phone is that the 32-megapixel super selfie camera has been given in the phone.

Xiaomi’s new phone will start getting online at Mi.com, Flipkart and MI home stores from April 30. Airtel offers 1120 GB 4G data benefit for customers on new smartphones. Auto HDR has been given in the 32 MP super selfie camera. Redmi Y3 is the AI ​​Dual camera setup in the rear. In the back of the phone, the 12 MP main Camera and second Camera of 2 MP have been given in which the Google lens option has been given.

The phone has a 6.26 inch HD Plus IPS display. This phone has been introduced with the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection. It will be available in the market in bold red, aligant blue and prime black color. The phone has a strong battery of 4,000 mAh, the company claims to have full 2-day backup of the charge. The phone has Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor.

Phone Smartphone runs on Andriod 9 Pie based on MIUI 10. The Redmi Y3 smartphone will have a triple card slot with a dedicated MicroSD card slot. With the help of Micro SD card the phone can increase the storage by 512 GB.

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