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Neeraj Gour has demonstrated working experience as an author to various blogs and articles. My interest in research is based on the sense of curiosity and an eagerness to explore world. I am fond of writing various articles, covering lots of hot topics from the current affairs. I love sharing my views for the various businesses and help them in their branding and promotion.

Important Things to Consider While Hiring a Cyber Security Firm

Hacking or data loss is definitely going to be a painful experience to companies both small and large. In order to secure their data, companies are now employing cyber-security plans they can count on at all times. Unfortunately, you might end up spending more in getting all the resources needed for maximum protection. It is for this reason that many are now turning to cybersecurity firms in Singapore to ensure safety and security of their organization. To ensure you are relying on reputable cyber security firms, here are two factors you need to consider.

Available Resources

By now you should be aware of the fact that there are different tools professionals can use to get the job done. A cyber security firm should clearly understand this and therefore have the right staff in place. Things should not stop there since the staff must have professional qualifications to train employees in the organization effectively.  In addition, they must also formulate cybersecurity plans for business continuity. Watch out for cyber security firms that are willing to share their plans and resources with you. Actually, you should take this as a red flag and continue your search for a reputable firm that fully understands trends in malware, hacking and phishing in Singapore.

Expertise and Experience

Let us face it; every industry will always have its own challenges and regulations. Companies that have been in the industry for some time understand these challenges and can therefore overcome them quite easily. Before hiring any cyber security firm, you should share the specialized skills you need together with the quality of security you expect. Through this action, it will prove quite easy in figuring out whether the cyber security firm can help you with anything.

The Bottom Line

Once you understand what are the different types of cybersecurity breach, it will only be a matter of time before you find the cyber security firm you can count on. For those who are still finding it hard, then you can consider paying a visit to the official website of MediaOne Marketing. Here you are destined to know what are the reviews for cybersecurity firms like Assure IT, ITSEC Asia and CheckPoint. It is then that you can choose a cyber security firm that is in line with your needs and budget. Find more information here at any time of the day.

Enrique Enn: A True Embodiment of Venezuelan Street Art

Let us face it; art is the perfect way of expressing what you feel inside but cannot convey it in words. Nowadays, it is quite common to come across individuals who would love to portray their art alone or simply share it with their loved ones. Either way, artists will always inspire everyone around them while at the same time teaching new things. One such artist who seems to be inspiring many people, both young and old, is the famous Enrique Enn.

A professional street artist, Enrique Enn has certainly changed the lives of many people for the better. Born in a little town, San Cristobal, this young artist from Venezuela is a true embodiment of artists who are already making it big in the industry. However, his early life in the industry was not that appealing considering his country was going through a hard time both economically and politically.

It is for this reason that Enn, his sister, and best friend decided to move to Miami at the age of 18. With no family to count on in the States, he was forced to work on everything in order to make ends meet.

Enrique Enn and His Love for Art

Enrique Enn ventured into the art world way back in 2010, at a tender age of 14 years. What started as graffiti art and tagging street corners with friends is now a passion that is changing his life for the better. However, things were not quite easy at first considering he had to hide graffiti from his parents since it was “illegal” at that time. Despite this, he was able to sharpen his skills over time thus becoming one of the leading professional artists.

In the course of his transformation to adulthood, Enrique not only sharpened his skills but also learned life lessons along the way. One of his greatest turning points came after artist Bad Bunny had him working on the design for his new single “Pa’ Ti.” Ever since that day, he has never looked back with the sky being the limit. This explains why he is a force to reckon with in the world of street art.

The secret behind His Success

Some might wonder how Enrique Enn, Street artist, was able to build a name for himself in an industry where many seem to be struggling. Well, after doing graphic design for DJs and Artists, he decided to make graffiti on canvas. This eventually became his passion thus transforming Ellen into what he is today. Actually, the more reaction he gets from people after finishing pieces, the more motivated he becomes.

As is the case with most successful street artists out there, Enrique Enn is always thinking of new ways to get things done. After all, something new is always set to emerge from what you are thinking about. If this is not enough, he has the Venezuelan streets and Venezuelan Street artists for helping him become who he is today.

Remarkable Pieces of Art

Taking a close look into the inspiring work of this young artist, you will immediately notice a rare combination of thoughts and alphabets that cannot be matched by any other artist. This is quite fascinating given that they blend in perfectly onto the canvas leaving many speechless. No wonder many of his fans will not help themselves from appreciating the exceptional level of professionalism, talent, and creativity he displays.

To give you a slight insight into what you should expect, Enrique Enn makes use of a unique selection of neon colors in his art pieces. You are also destined to come across some interference of luxury and exotic cars including McLaren, Rolls Royce, and Lamborghini. All these add a perfect blend and modernized taste of classic collection that is combined with remarkable colors of arts and creativity. For you to lay your hands on his fascinating art pieces, you should be ready to part with $6,000- $30,000. The good news is that all his work is showcased on his Instagram profile.

Challenges in His Career

If you think achieving a successful life is a walk in the park, then you are mistaking. In fact, you will have to make do with some ups and downs that might end up leading to your downfall. To be on the safe side, you have to be strong enough and find the perfect method of overcoming the challenges. Things were no different with Enrique Enn since he found life almost unbearable after moving to Miami in 2014.

With no family to count on, Enn had to work in different situations including doing construction, selling food, and even served as a salesman. However, this amazing experience helped him become who he is today. He, therefore, encourages other aspiring artists to stay positive at all times while transmitting love.

What to Expect from Enrique Enn in the Future

We definitely expect more from Enrique Enn in the future, as he sees himself as a legend from Venezuelan Street Art. To give you a tip of the iceberg, a big collaboration in Wynwood, Miami is on the making as he plans to hold his first exhibition to showcase his exceptional piece of art. This comes as good news to his fans that are always looking forward to what he has to offer.

The Bottom Line

Enrique Enn is an artist worth supporting if we are to go with the hard work he puts into his pieces of art. To find out more regarding what he has to offer, simply go to his Instagram account and examine some of his paintings. Keep in mind each painting has a different story to tell. Alternatively, you can visit his official website where he not only displays but also sells some of his work. You should however be quick with your purchase since the paintings tend to sell out. Check out his Instagram account or official website today and find out more regarding what he has to offer.

Powerful Mobile App Marketing Strategies You Should Know About

Mobile app marketing is proving beneficial to businesses that are looking forward to keeping their target audience as they use their app. Actually, it can be viewed in three different stages i.e. awareness, activation and retention. With awareness, the user interacts with your app for the very first time before installing the app. This ends when your target audience becomes a regular user of the app. Going back to our topic of discussion, how can you get the most out of mobile app marketing? Read on and find out more.

Defining the Purpose of Your Mobile App

Before you figure out how much does it cost to launch and market a mobile app, you will first have to know why you need it in the first place. By this we are simply referring to what customers want in your product. Keep in mind no matter how effective your distribution channel is, there is no way people will be interested in your app if it is not something they need. So, make sure the purpose of your mobile app is connected with the value you expect it to provide. It is then that you can proceed with the different phases of mobile app launch.

Steady Stream of Review Websites

Quite a number of people tend to think that launching a successful app into various platforms is easy. However, this is not really the case since it can get complicated at times. This is especially when you cannot get people to start downloading the app. To overcome this hurdle, you should consider getting a steady stream of reviews websites to cover your app. If mobile app trends in 2020 are anything to go with, then consumers are in dire need of apps that can help them solve their problems while at the same time making internet use easier and fun.

The Bottom Line

The above-mentioned mobile marketing strategy will come in handy if you want to take your business a notch higher. Feel free to learn from experts who understand what it takes to get the most out of mobile apps Singapore. Through this action, it is not going to take long before you finally attain your goals. Check out this link and get to know more about mobile app marketing in Singapore not forgetting how to get good at it hassle-free.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Bamboo Products for Your Home

Bamboo is beloved all around the world thanks to its versatility, durability and sustainability. It can be turned into steering wheels, flooring, paper, and clothing or just about anything you might think of. Despite the fact that top quality bamboo is more expensive, it tends to boast of the brilliant qualities that the plant is known for including strength, non-toxicity and residence to humidity. In this post, we are going to examine some of the important things you need to consider before buying bamboo charcoal air purifier bag or any other bamboo product of choice.

Species of Bamboo Used

Whether you are looking forward to buying bamboo toothbrush or bamboo viscose fabric, you ought to make sure you are getting good value for your money. This can only be possible if the product you purchase is of the highest quality. It is for this reason that you should examine the species of bamboo used in manufacturing the products. In most cases, Moso is the species of bamboo used since it is not only strong but also durable. To make it even better it can be harvested repeatedly without causing harm to the ecosystem.

When the Bamboo was harvested

Whenever you buy bamboo baseball bats, you expect to use them for a long time to come. Actually, this is the only way you can reap maximum benefits. The same case applies to any other bamboo product you might want to buy. For this to happen, it is highly advisable that you have a clear idea of when the bamboo was harvested. Some providers of bamboo products harvest it when it is only two or three years. Buying bamboo bathtub caddy tray made from such young bamboo might not help you with anything. Keep in mind it takes five to six years for the bamboo to reach full maturity and anything that is harvested before that is not durable.

Is the Product Made in a Certified Factory?

Last but not least you need to check the reputation of a company offering bamboo paper towels or any items of choice. Quite a number of manufacturers are only interested in making profits and may therefore skimp on the quality. Make sure the factory is ISO 9002 certified a clear indication that they met all the set standards. If not, then the bamboo may not have been harvested properly and hence the product will not be of high quality.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, some of the important things you need to know before buying bamboo products. Keep in mind these tips are always going to apply regardless of whether you want to buy bamboo chews for dogs, bamboo shades or bamboo silica. Be sure to carry out a detailed research as it the only way you can lay your hands on the highest quality bamboo products. After all, everyone wants to get good value for their money after buying products.

Alireza Kohany’s Experiences From Hardship To Success In Music Field And Entrepreneurship To Build His Business

Alireza Kohany’s life story as a talented musician and a hard-working entrepreneur has interesting and informative points.

Alireza Kohany

Alireza Kohany was born on June 18, 1993 in Tehran, Iran. He found his talent in music when he was a child. As a child, he made his first music sample with a mix of old songs, and over the years he has gained a great deal of experience in the field of music as a self-taught musician.

In Iran and as a teenager, he acted in several films as an actor, which was well received and sold, but he had bigger dreams. He eventually emigrated to Turkey after graduating with a degree in (IT) information technology.

It was very difficult for Alireza to immigrate to Turkey and away from his family, but Alireza Kohany had bigger goals in mind that he always tried to make those dreams come true.

He always repeats in his mind: “Every defeat is a prelude to victory…”

This issue and the many failures and hardships of immigration gave Alireza a lot of motivation to meet musicians and the best DJs in the world and gain a lot of experience in the field of music. Finally, he released his first music album called (Best Remix). Published in 2017; That gained a lot of fans.

Alireza Kohany saw the opportunity in Turkey to build his personal business in the field of music as well as his other marketing interests. He has a lot of experience in the field of influencer marketing.

Alireza has been very interested in marketing since he was a young. After many hardships and 24-hour efforts, he was able to launch his own music startup and provide social media expert services (based on his education). After a year of hard work, he released his fifth album to the global music market, which received the award for the best remix album of the year from several Iranian music websites.

In the same years, he found large trading companies as customers in the field of digital marketing and focused all his efforts on providing them with services and learning trading techniques.

Today, he has become a successful entrepreneur and young influencer with more than 700,000 followers and fans on Instagram and other social media pages.

Alireza Kohany has also published several books on e-commerce and business category to help those like him who want to make their dreams come true, he shared his valuable experiences with others in these books. the electronic version of which is available on more popular websites,

He talks about his experiences and the ups and downs of life on the road to success:
“Never despair. The darkest point of the night is the closest point to daylight. No success is achieved without effort, so fight for your goals and know that success is near.” – Alireza Kohany Alireza Kohany believes that human beings are born to make their dreams come true, so they should not give up until the last moments of their lives.

* Alireza Kohany is also known as علیرضا کهنی/ Alireza Kohani (by the Persian name)

Business Website: https://alirezakohany.com
Music Website: https://alirezakohany.net
Instagram: https://instagram.com/AlirezaKohany

Top 2 Myths About Buying Marijuana Online

Marijuana For Sale

Many will agree that buying marijuana online is now easier than ever. With the numerous online dispensaries at your disposal, you can buy weed online without having to move a muscle. Better, you can compare different dealers thus making sure you get the best deals. Unfortunately, many people have misconceptions about buying weed online. With that in mind, in this post we are going to take you through two myths that hold weed users back from buying weed online. Read on and find out more.

People Assume Buying Marijuana Online is Illegal

Quite a number of people are afraid to buy marijuana online simply because they assume it is illegal. Of course, this is understandable. After all, there is no one who wants to risk ending up on the wrong side of the law and having a criminal record. There is some partial truth to this especially when you reside in an area where weed is still illegal. However, this is not really the case if you live in a place where the green herb is legal. For instance, you can buy marijuana online USA without being arrested as long as it is legal in your state.

Worldwide Shipping

If you think online dispensaries ship out the products all around the world, then you are mistaking. In most cases, dispensaries tend to ship in countries where the use of weed has been legalized. You should therefore check the laws in your state or country before you get to order weed online. Keep in mind you risk arrest, and charges with serious crimes when found in possession of marijuana. No wonder, many online dealers of kush for sale ask their clients to provide proof of where they live, age and who they are.

The Bottom Line

These are just but some of the myths and misconceptions regarding the buying of weed online. Never buy pot online without carrying out a detailed research regarding the laws in your land. The good news is that you can always get every piece of information online. If you are still finding it hard, then it would be better to seek the help of friends and colleagues. Through this action, you will not end up finding yourself on the wrong side of the law once you order weed online.

Safeguard: Your Go-To Online Store When in Need of Acne-Care Soap

If you think pimples are the inevitable result of poor hygiene, then you are mistaking. Actually, it is a combination of hormones, genetics, diet, bacteria and stress. Even though soap might seem to be the logical remedy, dealing with acne once and for all is not as simple as using foaming scrubs. This does not imply soap is necessarily bad for acne, but relying on the wrong type of soap can irritate the skin. It is for this reason that you need get acne care soap from a dealer you can count on at all times.

With so many online stores that provide acne-care soap, you are definitely going to find it hard in separating the good eggs from the bad ones. To make your quest easy, you should consider going with Safeguard acne-care soaps. Some might wonder what makes them an online store worth relying upon yet there are other dealers out there that promise the best soap for pimples. Well, Safeguard offers a wide range of acne-care soap for both face and body use. All these products are of the highest quality thus guaranteeing good value for your money.

Some of the most notable products you are destined to come across include Pure White Body Wash and the Derma Sense anti-acne face & body bar. With their high quality, you might be duped into believing that they fetch a high price on the market. However, this is not really the case since they are affordable when compared to other types of acne-care soap. You will therefore fight off acne while at the same time saving some money. This is exactly what you need to change your life for the better.

To get yourself Safeguard acne-care soap, you will first have to visit their official website. Luckily, you can perform this action at any time of the day as long as you are connected to a network. Once in the site, choose the acne-care soap of choice after which you can leave everything to them. For those who doubt the authenticity of what they have to offer, it is highly advisable that you read Safeguard customer reviews. Through this action, you will get to know what other people are saying after using their products. The good news is that you are set to find numerous positive reviews since their acne-care soap is of high quality.

How to Find Your IP Address

By now you may already be aware of the fact that networks and the internet do not identify computers or Smartphones by the name you give them. Instead, computers prefer numbers and identifiers and this is what we refer to as IP addresses. IP stands for Internet Protocol, a part of Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TPC/IP). All computers on the internal networks be it Ethernet of Wi-Fi have their own individual IP addresses.  Either way, there may come a time when you have to know the IP address of your router. The good news is that these numbers are quite easy to find as long as you know where to look.

When you figure out how to find mobile Public IP, you will realize that there is a lot of information that is attached to it. The internet is going to prove beneficial in this regard considering there are plenty of sites that make it easy for you to see your IP. All you need to do is visit the site, your router has made a request, after which it will display both public and local IP. One of the most notable sites you can consider checking out is whatismylocalip.com making it the fastest way to find IP.

For those who are looking forward to checking the IP address of other devices on their network, then you will have to go into the router. However, the way you access the router depends on the software or brand.  To cut the long story short, you need to type in the router’s gateway IP address into a web browser on the same network thus accessing it. Once you do this, you ought to navigate to the “attached devices” section from where you can get a full list of all the devices. Actually, this basic way to Display IP Address will save you big time.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, some of the things you need to know about finding IP address. Keep in mind there is a lot of information that is attached to the IP address, specifically your general location and ISP’s name. Fortunately, figuring out you general location and your provider on IP address is a walk in the park and can be compared to consulting a public list. What is even more fascinating is that you will save time when using the only IP tool that displays both public and local IP.

What You Ought to Know About the NBA Draft

With the NBA Draft 2020 around the corner, many people are eagerly anticipating for what is in store. For those who may have no clue regarding what we are talking about, the draft system works in the interests of balancing the playing field between teams. The lowest ranked teams tend to receive the best odds of getting the number 1 drafts pick.  This translates to the opportunity of recruiting the best prospect from the draft class. 14 teams from the NBA take part in the Draft lottery, which also involves teams that did not qualify for the play offs.


The NBA negotiates with its players on how the league is going to operate while at the same time agreeing on the rules that govern player contracts, trades, and the draft. Among the most notable eligibility criteria is that a player must be at least 19 years during the calendar year. For one to qualify automatically, they ought to have completed four years of their college or have signed a contract with any professional team outside the NBA but within the USA. The athlete must also have played under the contract. DeAnthony Owens will therefore make the cut in this regard.

The Draft Lottery

The NBA allocates a number of four digit combinations that did not make the playoffs. The lower the ranking in the standings, the more combinations you are going to receive. So, a team such as the Los Angeles Lakers might not receive as many combinations considering they have a higher ranking in the standing. Once the teams have been allocated their combinations, the lottery process is free to begin. Keep in mind the more combinations a team happens to have the more likely it is going to receive the first pick.

The Bottom Line

These are just but some of the things you ought to know about the NBA draft. As long as you fully understand how the draft lottery takes place you will not have a hard time figuring out the combination of your favorite team be it Golden State Warriors or San Antonio Spurs. It is also important to find out more regarding the eligibility criteria. The good news is that you can always access every piece of information that you need hassle-free by simply surfing the internet at any time of the day.

3 Things You Did Not Know About Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies are definitely going to prove beneficial whenever you want to fill your temporary staffing needs. This can be employee injury, work-life sabbatical of any kind or even maternity leave. What is even more fascinating is the fact that they can offer staffing solutions for your year-round hiring process. However, there are things you may not know about temporary employment agencies. In this post, we are going to clear any doubts that you might have in mind regarding staffing agencies. Read on and find out more.

Access to a Large Network of Candidates

Most if not all temp agencies tend to have a great network of candidates in your field of specialization. This may not come as a surprise since staffing agencies work with a host of job seekers per year when compared to any other ordinary resources department. For this reason, they have access to a large pool of pre-screened job applicants. You will thus have an easy time when looking forward to hiring professionals in your specific field of specialization. Well, this is exactly what you need to keep your company running at all times.

Improves Employee Retention

Staffing companies can deliver the temporary employees that your company is in dire need of. In addition, they provide temp-to hire positions, which in turn improve your hiring process by enhancing employee retention. This is possible since employees and employers are able to try one another out. So, if you hire a full-time employee, high chances are they will stay with your company for a long time to come. You will thus save your company a lot of money in the long run. Well, this is just what you need in order to take your business a notch higher.

May Lower Your Overall Hiring Costs

Despite the fact that temporary agencies charge a fee that is mostly tied to the salary of the employee, you will end up paying less when compared to a traditional hiring process. Some might wonder how this is possible. Well, staffing companies are tasked with the main responsibility of sorting through resumes, conducting the interview and even managing the payroll for your temporary employees. This ends up saving your human resource department valuable time and money while also reducing the likelihood of a costly bad hire.

The Bottom Line

It is quite evident that staffing agencies have a lot to offer for both job seekers and employers. Keep in mind the temp agency you opt to work with will go a long way in determining whether you are going to reap maximum benefits. No wonder you need to do your due diligence before settling on any staffing agency you come across. This will mean looking into their years of experience, expertise and employment recruitment process to mention a few. Through this action, it is not going to take long before you finally come across a temporary staffing agency you can count on at all times.