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John Bond has more than 11 years of experience as an automobile engineer. He is highly proficient in designing, manufacturing and operating engineering subsystems. Apart from this, you will also find him indulged in social activities and creating social awareness on global warming issues in the world – as working as a humanitarian is another aim of his life.

Value every raindrop

Nature always wears the colour of spirit. It is not a place to visit but it is home and we all should preserve our home and its resources. Such an initiative is taken by Leiyuan Greening Solution, a company which has served the Stormwater industry for more than 15 years. A company, whose vision is to value every drop of rain, is the leader of Sponge city System in China. A sponge city, just like a sponge, absorbs, cleanses and uses rainfall in an ecologically friendly way that reduces dangerous and polluted runoff, thus in turn making full use of Mother Nature resources.

Sustainable Urban Drainage System:

A company with 300 plus members provides a solution for your every green requirement within budget. Underground water tank, green roof tray, and green wall tray are some of the primary products of Leiyuan solutions. When we build sponge cities, we are required to build a Sustainable Urban Drainage System which helps to store water or perhaps dispose of harvested water (by water we mean rainwater). The core part of this drainage system is indeed a Rainwater Harvesting Module.

Rainwater Harvesting System:

Leiyuan green solutions manufactured a sustainable robust Rainwater Harvesting System with a capacity of 45 tons/sqm. Its main purpose is to provide retention, attenuation and Infiltration for surface water or underground water. It is easy to install and can be deployed alongside the roads, parking lots, water storage, bridges, factories, enterprise, drainage pipes, scenic spots and at many more sites. This storage tank is manufactured from 100% recycled Polypropylene, soaked water remains unchanged and odourless because of anti-acid alkali.

Leiyuan Company offers a wide range of Underground Water Tanks with varying size from 100cm × 50cm × 50cm to 68cm × 41cm × 45cm and with two different structures – column and plate. They even have different loading capacity. These underground modular storage tanks are designed to serve up to 55years. They utilize less space and give up to 96% void ratio. Tank size could easily be extended or reduced or even relocated as per future use. We can even order for a solution by stating when, where, how we require; what product, item, quantity; then we will get details confirmation and shipment after contract signing.

Bottom Line:

Infusing a Modular storage tank aids us to realize the need to be enriched tomorrow with abundant water resources in place. Also, this helps us to recharge ground water or store filtered water which will be very beneficial for the entire human race as well as for the environment.

The best guide to hire local SEO expert

The best marketing1on1 local SEO services

Local positioning, or also known as local SEO, is gaining more and more ground in the field of digital marketing. If you have a small business or an SME and your target audience is in the city or region where you carry out your activity, local positioning is something that will interest you. As the objective of companies is not always to gain visibility at a global level, but sometimes what you want is to position yourself locally, in this post we explain what local positioning is, what is the local SEO for and we will give you tips or advice to improve your visibility in Google.

We can define local positioning as the set of techniques aimed at improving the visibility of a web page in search results based on the geographic location of users. When you have a business that you can hardly target a global audience, the ideal is to target and optimize your business to the geographical area in which you carry out your activity. For this, there are certain Marketing 1on1 local SEO techniques that allow you to optimize your website for searches related to the location of your business and your users.

The main doubts that arise when talking about local positioning is if these techniques that are applied more geographically that are incompatible with more global SEO. Obviously, not all web pages or online stores have to make improvements or carry out techniques on their website that allow them to position themselves in one or another geographical location. There is little point in targeting your online business to a single province or city, but you have to try to attract a much larger audience. The best marketing1on1 local SEO services are for local business branding.

On the other hand, global SEO techniques are not incompatible with the local positioning of your website, quite the contrary! It is important that your website complies with the basic principles of SEO so that it also positions itself locally. Often times, web pages that carry out local SEO strategies are those that also have a physical business and try to direct attract potential customers to your establishment. For example, a pharmacy, an optician, a driving school, a language academy, etc. They are businesses that, as a general rule, only carry out their activity in their locality and need a good local positioning strategy for their business if they want to stand out from their competition.

Qazikoo bank offers digital banking services in multiple currencies

International business

Since more people are using the internet and spending more time online, there has been a major increase in the number of online businesses. Unlike most conventional businesses which have only local customers, or customers from the same country, these businesses have clienteles from around the globe. Most people find it more convenient to make payments in their local currency hence many businesses are interested in opening a bank account with a bank that offers multiple currency accounts. To cater to these businesses, Qazikoo bank, a fintech start-up is now offering multicurrency accounts and customers can make or receive payments in more than 25 different currencies.


There are many advantages of using Qazikoo bank compared to traditional banks. It offers Low exchange rates for foreign currency so the business expenses due to currency conversion fees is lower. The currency conversion is almost immediate, customers do not have to wait to get the currency they require. Anyone can also get personalised credit cards and these cards can be used worldwide without paying any additional fees. Qazikoo offers digital banking using latest technologies and customers can easily access their bank account, using the app provided. To ensure that there is no hacking and customer data remains secure, high tech security encryption techniques are used.

EIS investment

It is now possible for investors to purchase a stake in Qazikoo using the EIS investment scheme through the government. The government recognizes that new start-up businesses are risky, since it is possible that they will not make a profit. Hence these businesses are finding it difficult to get funding. However, new businesses are also essential for the growth of the economy. So, to encourage investors to invest their money in start-ups, the UK government has started the Enterprise investment scheme (EIS). It is now possible to make an EIS investment for Qazikoo, a challenger bank which hopes to become a unicorn company in the near future.

What you Should know About Music

Are you looking for the kind of music that will help you achieve most of your dreams? Yes, excellent songs are capable of improving not only your entertainment but also your health. For this reason, you must be very selective when it comes to the selection of the songs that will be able to serve you pretty well. There are indeed so many types of music. As an individual, you may not get interested in all kinds of music. You shall find yourself attracted to a given genre of such songs. The earlier you identify the best songs for you, the better. Some people will never afford to sleep if fresh music is not playing in the background. If you fall on this category, then you need to have the chill out music that can soothe you and ensure that you get to improve the quality of sleep. This article will highlight some of the best reasons why these genres of music are perfect for you;

  • Calms young children
  • Improves your studies
  • Improves your moods

Calms young children

Studies conducted in the past have confirmed that listening to music can play an incredible role in calming children. Sometimes the young can be so cumbersome. However, if you select the best music and play it out to them, you will be amazed at how cool they will become. To contain them in a manner that will contribute to your peace of mind, you must rely on the chill out music since it has been tried and tested to be a practical idea for children. They love soft and classic music. You will never realize how slowly the music will be able to do away with their anxieties and eventually get to calm them down.

Improves your studies

As a student, you may have several home works that you need to undertake every time. Sometimes your home environment may not be conducive; hence this will be more likely to affect your concentration. At this point, all you need to do is ensure that you have identified one of the fresh or ambient music that will help you concentrate better on your studies. Music is meant to cushion you from any distracter hence improving your studying concentration. You shall improve your understanding as far as what you are studying is concerned.

Improves your moods

There are so many factors that may take away your joy and eventually affect your mood. This means that you shall spend the whole day thinking about something that is troubling your mind. You shall, therefore, be sad the entire day. To prevent yourself from falling in such low moods, it is pretty well if you resort in listening to the chill out radio that will help to improve your day. The message on the song that you have selected ought to be relevant if, at all, you intend to improve the way your mind shall be processing information. Do not suffer from a poor mood when the power to change your attitude is just on your hands. Do not suffer with the moods that will spoil the entire day that you have strived to make it right. Play this music and achieve the best.

In conclusion, there are no better discoveries other than music. If you play classical music, there are so many benefits that shall come on your way. Therefore, there is a need for you to identify one of the best music so as you can make it frequent listening to it. This is one way of taking care of your mind by shaping how it shall be thinking from time to time.

Is the New Hampshire Drug Task Force Wasting Tax Money?

When a new drug task force is put in place, many expect them to serve the needs of all citizens. Things are quite different in New Hampshire, a state where Marijuana is still highly restricted. If at all you need to use it for medical reasons, then you will first have to make do with the heavy regulations put in place. However, the current governor does not seem to be budging on his anti-recreational stance. The legislature is still looking forward to present adequate bills aimed at legalization, but Governor Sununu wants no part of it.

The local law enforcement scene seems to be taking the same direction regarding the legalization of Marijuana. Despite the fact that the state receives adequate funding towards curbing of opiods that have led to the loss of countless kids lives, the Drug Task Force is misusing the money. Instead of handling the matters at hand, they are going after individuals who do petty marijuana offenses. Actually, there is no instance when Marijuana has killed children in New Hampshire yet the Drug Task Force keeps targeting petty crime offenders.

Many people are crying foul regarding the corruptions vividly visible when it comes to handling petty weed cases. Instead of focusing their efforts where it is needed most, a large amount of money goes into waste simply because they are shifted to the wrong cases. For instance, they claim to spend money on a months-long “investigation” on false pretenses with the main intention of setting up a case for the Court Attorney. Things do not stop there with some funds used to pay all the officers who take charge of controlled buys and minimal surveillance work. Some even end up setting up innocent citizens yet the funds can prove beneficial in other areas.

Even though they are fully aware that most people are innocent and have at no time served as drug dealers, they still force them into accepting the charges. This is despite the fact that there is no evidence of any predisposition. What makes it even worse is that Belknap County Attorney Andrew Livernois also plays a role in accusing innocent individuals even when there is no evidence linking them to the said offences. No matter how hard you try to derail the leaks, Livernois still interferes with the process thus making it hard for one to trust him even once.

The Bottom Line  

It is quite evident that the New Hampshire Drug Task Force is wasting tax money on frivolous prosecution. Actually, many are already victims of this and wonder how the legal “professional” even made it through law school. The representatives of the state are no different since they always play the victim card and get away with everything. This is definitely true since all victims of false prosecutions want is to do is expose the rot that exists. At this rate, the law enforcement team will no longer prevent crime or even apprehend criminals.

The Benefits of Writing Letters to Santa


Many will agree that there are quite a number of things you can do with your kids during the Christmas holidays. Actually, most parents take this as the perfect opportunity to create a strong bond with their kids. If you are running out of things to do, then you can consider writing a letter to Santa. Since children always believe Santa is real, you can get the most out of it by writing Santa letters together. Here are some of the most notable benefits you are set to enjoy when writing Santa letters with your kids.

Perfects their Reading and Writing Skills

Teaching your children to read and write can at times prove to be a daunting task. Actually, teachers can bear witness to the fact that engaging kids in academic work is always challenging. With Santa letters, things are quite different since you they are just not learning but also having fun. Your children can also include the presents they expect from Santa in the letter. To make the learning even more enjoyable, you can consider getting them personalized Santa letters from Santa Claus Greeting. Be sure to accompany the letter with the presents they had initially mentioned.

Enhance their Self Confidence

It is quite normal to come across kids who are suffering from low self-esteem. Such kids may even fail to excel in academics. One of the easiest ways of boosting their self-confidence is by reminding them of their remarkable qualities. Writing letters to Santa Claus can also do the trick. Simply tell them Santa Claus offers presents to kids having exceptional qualities or those who do something fascinating. You can even get them a personalized Santa letter at Santaclausgreeting.com every time they do something commendable. It is then that they will figure out they have lots of good qualities.

The Bottom Line

Well, writing a letter to Santa Claus with your child has more to offer than most parents tend to think. Keep in mind it is always better to make the letter writing experience as enjoyable as possible. After all, you also want to build a strong bond with your kid. So, visit Santaclausgreeting and get your kid a personalized letter from Santa at a pocket friendly price. Better, you will benefit from their unique online photo system with Santa Claus and Disney Characters thus making your kid happier.

How to purchase the best backlinks

Purchase amazing backlinks at marketing1on1.com/buy-backlinks.

Have you ever considered buying links to improve the positioning of your website? If so, you are in the right place. In Marketing1on1 we help you with all the doubts you have, such as where to buy quality links, how this benefits SEO positioning or what is the correct way to do it and not be penalized for it. Buying quality links is not always easy. If not done well, buying links can be a technique penalized by search engines. But in Marketing1on1 we help you with a good strategy to buy web links that favor your SEO. Incoming links could be equated to a recommendation. If you decide to buy SEO links in a newspaper or blog with authority and prestige, you will get a valuable, useful and trustworthy link to your website.

When buying SEO links, you have to take into account a series of aspects to make a good strategy. It is important that the links are “dofollow”. The “dofollow” links will make your Page Rank higher; therefore your web positioning will increase. How many links should I buy? This is one of the most frequently asked questions when buying links, but you should know that there is no specific number of links for all projects. Each case must be carefully analyzed and an SEO strategy created.

The number of links that are needed can vary depending on the age, the visibility of the brand or the sector in which the website that you want to position operates. Therefore, a general rule cannot be established when buying SEO links. You must bear in mind that anchor text are the texts that are anchored in the text, so they must be natural and consistent. They should be helpful to readers, and provide a rough idea of ​​what they will find when they enter the link. It is also convenient to analyze the keywords of the sector and select the anchor text with which you want to position your website.

These are some of the points that Marketing1on1 takes into account when it comes to achieving SEO. We help you with all this and more. In addition, we offer you transparency and trust with everything related to your projects. At all times you will know where to buy quality links for your website, the conditions of the links, the number of links, the anchor text, the length of the content or the dissemination of articles on social networks. To browse backlinks packages visit marketing1on1.com/buy-backlinks.

Video Monitoring Services

Video monitoring security systems have been utilized in businesses for many years, but they’re getting increasingly more common in home security as well. They’re also known as CCTV and may be utilized for video monitoring key areas around a home to defend against break ins. The following are the most typical components in a video surveillance system.

  1. Monitors display the video feed from the various cameras in the system. They usually have a higher resolution than the average TV.
  2. Cameras are located in vulnerable locations around the outside the home. They send the video feed back to the monitors constantly.
  3. Coaxial Cables are the kind of cabling that transfers the signals from the cameras to the monitors.
  4. Switchers let you run one or more camera’s feed to a single monitor.

Do you need the wired cameras to the system or will you need to go wireless? The security companies help you to safeguard your place with the high resolution security cameras that is less costly compare to the traditional security guard service. There is more than one way to keep your business safe when you are not around or when staff is reduced on the premises. For some, face-to-face surveillance rounds may be the most appropriate solution for their facilities, while others prefer to opt for video surveillance. It is a very useful solution for factories or companies that have temporarily stopped their activity and want to ensure a return to agile activity and with all the guarantees in the facilities and in the maintenance of the environment.

There are several reasons for choosing technological security systems: the lower cost, the 24/7 coverage, the inaccessibility of the facilities or, simply, the variety of services they cover. These are highly versatile solutions that use the latest technology to proactively detect incidents and respond quickly and appropriately to each one. The services associated with remote surveillance are aimed at risk prevention and ensuring business continuity. In this article we explain what they are, what they consist of and how they improve security in all types of companies.

Why You Should Consider Buying CBD Products

CBD Products Stand Is One of The Best CBD Companies

Chances are you’ve heard about CBD, and maybe you already have a clear idea of what it is. However, the problem sets in when it comes to determining the best place to buy CBD products. Should I opt for an online CBD dealer? Or is it better to rely on a brick and mortar store? Either way you are still going to reap maximum benefits as long as you are relying on a reputable CBD dealer. That brings us to the topic of discussion today; why should you consider using CBD products?  Here are some of the most notable reasons.

  • Legal and Safe to Use

If you think CBD products are illegal then you are mistaking. Unlike marijuana, which is illegal in most countries, CBD does not contain THC responsible for psychoactive effects. You can therefore use CBD products without finding yourself on the wrong side of the law. Keep in mind the CBD dealer you choose to work with will also determine the quality of the products. Choose the wrong dealer and you are going to regret the decision in the end. To make your quests easy, you can consider checking out CBD Products Stand.  For those who have no idea, CBD Products Stand is one of the best CBD companies you can rely on.

  • CBD Happens to be Holistic

Holistic forms of treatment have proven beneficial when it comes to curbing numerous health complications in a natural way. This is exactly what you are set to get after buying any CBD product since it is a natural remedy you can use in keeping your health in check. For those who might not know, CBD looks into your mind, emotions, body and spirit thus making sure you obtain wellness. Some of the everyday benefits of using CBD include promoting healthy sleep, relieves anxiety & stress, reduces chronic pain to mention a few.

The Bottom Line

If CBD products stand oil study is anything to go with, then you are certainly going to get good value for your money. No wonder many will agree the easiest way to find the best CBD online is CBD Products Stand. Visit their official website today and find out more regarding the products they have to offer. Luckily, you can perform this action at any time of the day as long as you are connected to a network.

Why Hiring a Web Design Company is the Best Route to Take

Regardless of how much you think you understand website design, hiring a professional web design company will always be the best route to take. This may not come as a surprise if we are to go with the numerous benefits that are destined to come your way. Despite this, you will still come across a number of people who would rather go solo rather than hiring a web design agency. What they fail to realize is that they are missing a host of benefits. Going back to our topic of discussion, here are some of the benefits that comes with hiring a web design company.

  • Saves Time

Website design is not a walk in the park as some Singapore designers make it. Even if you know something, you may never build a solid and optimized website. This means you are going to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what works perfectly for you. If your main aim was to save some money by doing it yourself, then you might end up spending more. With a web design agency Singapore, you are definitely going to save time while at the same time focusing on other important aspects of your business.

  • Reliable Build

Some people think they can make a reliable website when doing it alone. However, this is not really the case especially when you are not a web design expert. For instance, your website can work perfectly for a couple of months only to end up misbehaving once you try changing something. Of course, a bad website is always going to ruin the reputation of your business and hence it would be better to get someone who knows what they are doing. This is exactly what you are destined to enjoy after opting to work with a professional web designer Singapore.

  • Faster Website

A website on its own is never going to deliver the results you expect when compared to one having the right plugins and important tools. The good news is that an experienced website designer understands what these things are not forgetting the ones that will help your website. They will therefore help you in designing a perfect website that runs faster. Through this action, you are destined to give your site visitors an easy time.

The Bottom Line

It is quite evident that hiring a website design company has more to offer than most people tend to think.  However, you need to make sure you are relying on the services of a reputable web designer that has amassed years of experience. If you are searching for such a professional, then you should look no further than MediaOne Marketing. With their team of professionals, it will not take long before your website is up and running. Better, they have put in place customer friendly prices thus making sure you do not break the bank simply because you want to create a website for your business.

Neeraj Gour
Neeraj Gour has demonstrated working experience as an author to various blogs and articles. My interest in research is based on the sense of curiosity and an eagerness to explore world. I am fond of writing various articles, covering lots of hot topics from the current affairs. I love sharing my views for the various businesses and help them in their branding and promotion.

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