Bewitching and charming wedding silksarees for every occasion

    Weddings are one of the most celebrated occasions in the country. You have that charm and beautifying effect on yourself and you want to dazzle and make everyone turn heads in towards you in the room. These kinds of occasions require proper planning and dresses that can complement the event and also make you feel comfortable. In Indian traditional aspects, the most exquisite and amazing dress that goes well with the essence of the occasion. Not only has this, but weddings in India demanded the bride to dress in a luring wedding silk saree for your special day.

    In India, there is a particular dress and a color that is that goes with the extravagant thrills, and sanctity of the event. That is why traditions require a particular bride to dress up in a particular color and style. However now, with the modern methods of wedding and celebrations, many brides now pick up different colors and styles as their wedding dresses. Many people drape the silk saree in a form that suits their body type and accentuate the body features. Many wedding silk sarees come in various embroidery or designs.

    The best wedding silk sarees according to your figure

    Taking advice about what you should wear for someone else’s special day or for your wedding, would turn out to be a rather long article. Rather it would be better to inform you in a better way so that you can make a wise choice and understand what type of wedding silk saree will suit you.

    For people who are tall

    kanjivaram silksIt is rightly said that all women look gorgeous in a silk saree but issues can arise with the length of the saree when being draped. It is said that all women should indulge in wearing Kanchipuram saree as they suit your figure and make you use truly elegant. Indulge in buying wedding silk sarees at kanjivaram silks  with embroidery and heavy zari details. If you feel conscious about your height, then you can go for plain shades and choose large prints on the silk saree with a heavy border. The most popular saree are raw or pure silk saree in which women can easily handle the saree with the pallu draped at one arm. If you want to go for some more delicate and trendy setting of a silk saree then go for the modern ones with delicate hints of lacework and embroidery type of embellishments that can really transform your overall look and make you look dazzling in your setting.

    For women who are short

    There are many problems faced by the women who wish to wear silk saree owing to their short stature. But for people who do think that short women cannot wear silk saree and carry it effectively. Even short heightened women can carry Kanchipuram saree very nicely however you should go for narrow border and pastel shades when buying a silk saree so that it does not take the attention only towards your saree. You can also buy fabrics like lovely georgette, chiffon and silk saree that can be paired with a sexy bare-back blouse and the other types of embroidery work that will make you carry the aspects of trendiness and traditional wear equally.

    For women who are plump

    For people who think that women who are no healthier side can’t pull off kanchipuram saree are totally wrong. In a country like India, women tend to be on a plump side and so the type of silk saree you wear will make you win half of the battle. Not only this, but it also makes you carry the wedding silk saree with great poise and grace and that is what completes your look altogether. You can also go for lightweight saree like georgette, crepe, chiffon that will make you look elegant and slimmer. The closer the fabric sits to your body and more elegant and amazing you look when you wear a kanchipuram saree. Go for a dark shade and preferably with a light border so that you do not look chubby and bulky.

    For women who are skinny

    Do not curse yourself if you are a little skinny however you can also dazzle in a saree like silk, brocade, tussar or a rich Kanchipuram one. This will help you to enhance your slim figure and look all embellishing and dazzling in the special event. If you are willing to shine and wear something that could make you feel comfortable and charming at the same time, then go for more of embroidery, designs or larger prints since they will make look even more beautiful. You can even wear saree with a tissue or organza design which is also comparatively lighter in weight.

    Tips on finding the right type of wedding silk saree for the big day

    Marriages require you to plan ahead of the right time so that you have ample time to figure. It requires meticulous planning because every girl wants to look perfect on the big day. A bridal saree requires a lot of time since you have to decide about the overall beauty of the bride.

    • You have to start shopping 2-3 months before the big day. This will give you enough time to browse a good wedding silk saree and narrow the ones you like.
    • The budget of a wedding saree is also a crucial factor in deciding what you will buy.
    • The fabric of the kanchipuram saree will enhance your beauty and make you look amazing on your special day.
    • The color of the kanchipuram saree is also a big factor determining how you will look after wearing it. The color should go with the skin complexion and should accentuate your features after wearing it.
    • The design of the kanchipuram saree should match with your comfort level.
    • The blouse should be contrasting and go with modern and trendy designs.
    • Before buying the real saree, go for window shopping so that you know what is going on in the market.


    Your wedding saree should not only make you look great but should also match with your comfort level.


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