Ferrari Energy, Family-Owned Business, Shares Tips on How to Turn Down Clients in a Professional Manner

Any business is good business, right? In some cases, though, companies can bite off a little more than they can chew and might find that they have to turn down clients or refer them to a different company to handle a present workload.

When turning down business seems far from natural, what is the best way to go about doing so? Ferrari Energy, a family-owned oil and gas company that works throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and North Dakota, highlights professional ways business owners can turn down clients seeking their services.

Try Not to Delay

Answering any customer late after they have reached out regardless of the reason shows a lack of respect for a consumer’s needs and reflects poor customer service. Business owners also tend to have this habit of a late reply more with delivering bad news. If a company cannot take on a new client who has reached out, replying as soon as possible is both professional and polite.

Communicate Over the Same Platform

Whether it was a call, text, in-person conversation, or email, deliver a decline to an interested client in the same way the inquiry was received. However, if the customer reaching out has spoken with you before over the phone or in person, it is gracious to give bad news over a real conversation. Only send an email as a reply if the client usually communicates over email.

Explain the Situation

People seeking a specific business do so with the expectation that they will be attended to, so business owners, beware of frustrated or angry clients you reject because they are not anticipating being turned away. An effective strategy to try and diffuse an upset client is to explain why you cannot serve that client at the time. Stick to well-mannered and factual statements during the conversation.

Be Sure and Say Thank You

Just because your business cannot help someone today does not mean this will hold true for the future. Therefore, it is always a good idea to say, “Thank you,” and thanks for thinking of your business to anyone you have to turn away.

Give a Referral

Business owners who have built a good network usually have a few businesses they refer people to and vise versa. An effective way to avoid ruining rejected clients’ days is to refer them to another company and ensure that they will be well taken care of there. You can even go the extra mile and make a phone call to the other business owner of where you are sending the client. A referral with a warning call to the other company will help the other business owner be prepared for the customer. Thus, you end the situation like a hero to both the rejected client and business colleague in your network.

About Ferrari Energy 

Ferrari Energy is a family-owned private oil and gas company focused on mineral and leasehold acquisitions. Founded by Adam Ferrari with a focus on educating landowners, Ferrari Energy has consistently served the needs of the landowner community in the basins in which it works. Its operation covers several areas throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and ND. Ferrari Energy has provided oil and gas leases to over 850 homeowners and held multiple lease signing events to accommodate the residents of Broomfield, Colorado.

Daniel Calugar Discusses the Companies Driving the Future of Innovation in the Autonomous Vehicle Sector

The autonomous vehicle sector has never been hotter than it is now. Recognizable names like Uber, Alphabet’s Waymo, and Tesla are significant players. Still, many smaller companies provide and advance the technologies used to make autonomous vehicles a reality. In this article, data-driven investor Daniel Calugar highlights some of the yet unsung heroes within the autonomous sector.

With a startup investment from Ford Motor Company, Argo AI is a self-driving technology platform company that develops and builds the software, hardware, maps, and cloud-support infrastructure to power self-driving vehicles. In addition, they partner with automakers to integrate their technology into cars to facilitate new ride-sharing and delivery services that don’t require the aid of a human driver.

Previously known as Delphi, Aptiv, a technology company, provides electrical, electronic, and safety technology solutions to the autonomous vehicle market. Aptiv partnered with Lyft to launch a Robo-taxi service in Las Vegas in 2018. Aptiv has autonomous driving operations in Boston, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, and Singapore. In addition, the company plans to expand its autonomous mobility center in Shanghai to focus on developing its technology. is developing a photorealistic digital twin of our planet. Their platform uses AI and cloud computing to automatically convert satellite data and aerial photography into realistic simulation environments used for testing autonomous vehicles.

Designed to ensure safety, accuracy, scalability, and customization, DeepMap provides high-definition mapping solutions. They help enable the safest possible autonomous vehicle solutions by delivering the technology necessary for self-driving vehicles to navigate a complex and unpredictable environment.

Since early 2017, Apple has been testing self-driving vehicles on public roads in California. Then, in 2019, just as rumors circulated that they were getting out of the autonomous vehicle game, Apple purchased is an American technology company that uses AI to make self-driving systems for cars. It has demonstrated a vehicle driving autonomously with a safety driver only in the passenger seat.

EasyMile provides software and complete solutions for driverless transportation. They partner with vehicle manufacturers to autonomize vehicles with ready-for-deployment technology built on safety-by-design concepts. Their EZ10 is the most deployed autonomous shuttle in the world. In addition, they offer a supply chain material handling tow-truck solution named TractEasy.

Established by Yamaha Motor Company, eve autonomy, Inc., makes smart factory autonomous vehicles. Focused on work efficiency and cost reduction, the company develops and sells self-driving vehicles, such as forklifts and industrial trolley carts.

Delivery from restaurants and stores by autonomous vehicles provides a convenient solution for the ever-popular home delivery market. US startup Nuro combines robotics and artificial intelligence, enabling a car to understand traffic lights and identify people and vehicles in multiple traffic conditions. Users order from a Nuro partner such as Dominos Pizza, Kroger, or Walmart and select autonomous home delivery. An app on their phone will let them know when the Nuro vehicle has arrived.

The US-based startup Tangram Vision concentrates on enhancing sensor reliability for vision-enabled systems and devices. Their SDK works whether or not a vehicle or robot is connected to the web. In addition, a zero-copy approach assures little or no impact on system latency, and this design leaves onboard compute resources free for other tasks.

It’s an exciting time for the autonomous vehicle sector. New technologies, along with the financial backing of tech’s mammoth titans, are sure to net rapid advancements.

About Daniel Calugar

Daniel Calugar is a versatile and experienced investor with a background in computer science, business, and law. He developed a passion for investing while working as a pension lawyer and leveraged his technical capabilities to write computer programs that helped him identify more profitable investment strategies. When Dan Calugar is not working, he enjoys spending time working out, being with friends and family, and volunteering with Angel Flight.

Mistakes to Avoid When Seeking Investment for Your Small Business

A lot goes into getting the best investors to invest in business. No wonder looking for investment can be stressful and time consuming, especially when doing it for the very first time. Fortunately, you will easily get through the search by making ample preparations before you get started.

The best way to go about this is by learning from the mistakes made by other entrepreneurs who missed out on lucrative investment deals. In this post, we will take you through some of the mistakes to avoid when seeking investment for your small business. Read on to find out more.

Getting Thrown Off by Questions

Before you attend the meeting with prospective investors, ensure you put yourself in their shoes. This will mean thinking about the kind of questions you would want to ask. You can think about the size of your target market, who your competitors are, how much money you’ve made to mention a few. Through this action, you won’t get thrown off by the questions asked.

When an investor asks you a question, be sure to answer it in a calm and collected manner. It does not stop there since you ought to answer the questions as completely as possible. That way, you will be in a better position to attract their attention.

Talking More about Your Product

Both you and the potential investor are after money. That’s why you should never get carried away talking about the product during your meeting. Even though the first few minutes should be spent on explaining the service or product you offer, the meeting needs to revolve around the financial opportunity. Keep in mind an investor is always going to ask more about what you offer if they need to.

The Bottom Line

The simple mistakes you make when meeting with an investor for your small business will certainly spoil the experience. That’s why you should never leave room for mistakes if you are to land the deal. Ensure you carry out a detailed research and learn from the mistakes made by other entrepreneurs.

Solar water heater and its great importance

Solar water heaters – also known as solar domestic hot water systems – can be an affordable way to make hot water for the whole house. They are energy efficient and can even provide enough hot water to be used for cooking. They require little maintenance and only need to be replaced every few years. They are totally solar, so no need to worry about power outages or electricity bills.

About Solar Water Heater

A solar water heater is made up of solar collectors that collect solar energy from the sun. This solar energy is then converted into heat, which is collected in a solar collector. The solar collector keeps the heat contained, so it doesn’t heat up the house. Water is heated in a solar water heater system by a solar collector tank. The solar water heater tank system must have an air gap – this allows a bit of air to be mixed with the heated water, which raises the boiling point of the water. Then the system is connected to a system to a standard water supply line.

Qualities Of Good Solar Water Heating Systems

It’s important to find a solar water heating system with the best performance features. Look for a system that has been tested, and will guarantee a long-term performance, and it’s especially important that the price of the system matches the cost of installation. A good company will give a detailed cost estimate along with installation details.


When you compare solar water heater prices, there are a few other things to consider besides the initial installation costs. The price of installation is important, but not by much. In most cases, you can expect to pay anywhere from two to five percent of your overall total purchase price for the system. The cost of getting the system installed will be one of the main reasons you choose a particular solar hot water collector, because it is likely that you’ll need help with installation. If you’re installing it yourself, you should know what you’re buying and what installation costs are involved, so you can price it accordingly.


You should know that different solar water heating systems use different technology. You’ll want to make sure you know what your options are and how each system works before you choose a solar water heating system. You also need to take into account any environmental factors that can affect the efficiency of a system. For example, certain types of materials will conduct heat better than others and some types of insulation will be better for certain climates. Price is important, but don’t buy an expensive solar water heater based solely on the fact that it’s more efficient.


If you are looking for the best quality solar water heating system, then just start browsing the online portals, where you can find the best quality solar water heating system from the leading manufacturer. The best thing about visiting the online portal is that you can easily cater your need for the different information that makes you much aware. So, don’t wait for more, just start browsing online and visit the website of manufacturer of solar water system.

Mike Eisenga Explains How to Show Lending Companies That You Are a Responsible Borrower

Buying a home is an exciting and nerve-racking process. Your ability to prove to the lenders that you are a responsible borrower is crucial to getting approved for a mortgage loan that you need. In this article, Mike Eisenga, real estate investor and entrepreneur, shares his tips on how to show lenders that you are a good credit risk.

As a President of both American Lending Solutions, a mortgage lending company, and First American Properties, Michael Eisenga knows firsthand what lending companies are looking for in a reliable borrower and how to show them that you are a good credit risk.

In general, lenders account for factors such as your credit history, amount of debt, and recent inquiries on your credit report, along with a predictable income stream and an overall debt-to-income ratio.

What do lenders look at on your credit report?

While reviewing your application for a mortgage loan, financial institutions examine your credit report, check if you’ve recently applied for credit cards or loans, your payment history, credit utilization, bankruptcies, dispute statements, and so on. It is recommended that you do not apply for credit cards six months before applying for a mortgage loan. Additionally, make sure that you pay the credit cards you have on time and preferably in full every month to ensure that your credit score is as high as possible.

What is the debt-to-income ratio, and why is it important?

Your debt-to-income ratio is a comparison of your debt to your profits annually. Usually, if your ratio is 36% or below, you are considered a reliable borrower who can afford to take on more debt. However, if your ratio is over 50%, you may be overspending, and it is a red flag to lenders who may be concerned about your ability to repay your mortgage. If you are not sure about your debt-to-income ratio, you may want to use one of the free calculators available online.

Why do lenders ask for your bank statements?

Although this is not as crucial to lenders as your credit score or debt-to-income ratio, they often want to consider your assets, such as savings and investments. Money available in your checking and savings accounts, retirement accounts, stocks, bonds, and so on usually show lenders that you are less risky than someone with no assets. Usually, if you have more savings, you are better equipped to put down a solid down payment on your home and make your payments even if you lose your income temporarily.

Many factors contribute to your ability to prove to lenders that you are a responsible borrower. Ensure that you are prepared for a large purchase such as a home by saving enough money for a down payment and making yourself more attractive to the lenders by showing your consistent streams of income, assets, and good payment history on your credit cards and loans.

About Michael Eisenga

Michael Eisenga is a commercial real estate investor, entrepreneur, and proud father of three boys. His wide range of skills includes commercial real estate investing, property management, assisting living facility operation, leadership, strategic planning, public policy, and community outreach.

Signs You Need to Hire a Branding Agency

Increasing the power of your brand is now a priority if your business is to survive for long. This is easy to see why since your brand fuels your business through good times and bad. Furthermore, it ensures you build a successful business that gives competitors a run for their money.

However, creating a strategic brand management plan is not that easy as it sounds. With so many things to factor in, it is easy for you to make costly mistakes. That’s why you might struggle to create a visual appeal of your brand. Rather than turning a blind eye as this happens, why not hire a top branding agency Singapore.

Even though it is a difficult decision to make, it is certainly going to help you. Still unconvinced on whether to seek professional help? Here are two signs you need to hire a branding agency in Singapore today.

Examine Your Brand System

Before you even think about enlisting the help of top brand consulting firms, you ought to consider what your current brand strategy is.  This will mean examining the number of hours you devote to marketing, designing and testing. One thing you should remember is that brand marketing takes time and skill.

If your employee is handling everything half-time, chances are you could be limiting your brand priority. For this reason, you might struggle to compete with top brands in Singapore. To save your falling business, consider hiring a brand agency. It is then that they will help you develop a unique branding technique.

Poor Reputation

The reputation of your brand speaks volumes on whether or not you’ll end up being successful. Businesses that make do with poor reputations always end up falling down the pecking order sooner or later. To avoid joining this list, you have to upkeep your reputation the best way possible. That’s easy when relying on a branding agency.

The best branding agency relies on a variety of marketing channels to give your brand a strong online presence. Furthermore, they ensure your brand boasts of numerous positive testimonials and reviews. This eases things up a little bit when businesses are targeting and retargeting their audiences.

When struggling to build a solid brand presence, it is in your best interest that you hire a reputable branding agency such as MediaOne. Through this action, you can rest knowing everything is going according to plan.

Scott Crockett, Everest Business Funding’s CEO, Gives 5 Reasons Why You Should Have Business Insurance

Running a business comes with financial risks that can be unavoidable at times. Protecting your business with insurance is the first step in minimizing losses related to thefts, injuries, property damages, or lawsuits. If you are still considering whether or not your business needs insurance, check out the following five reasons you should get it as soon as possible, outlined by Scott Crockett, Everest Business Funding’s CEO.

Reason #1: Save on Interest Rates

Not all business owners are aware, but your interest rates may be higher if you don’t have business insurance coverage. Lenders want to protect their assets, so if you plan to apply for a business loan, it’s in your best interest to get insurance. This will help you convince the lenders that you will keep paying off the loan even in the event of a lawsuit or natural disaster.

Reason #2: Protect Yourself in Case of a Lawsuit

You may be tempted to believe that your clients would never sue your company, but in many cases, lawsuits arise unexpectedly, requiring you to seek legal advice and representation. Lawsuits happen when a client feels that you’ve breached the contract or in cases when they got injured by using a product they purchased from you. Without business insurance covering such cases, you may have to pay considerable fees out-of-pocket.

Depending on the policy, general liability insurance may cover expenses such as lawyer fees and settlements, damages to the property, medical costs for injured people.

Reason #3: Recover Your Assets in Case of Theft

Even if you run a digital business, the chances are that you have equipment that helps you fulfill your offering. Without business infrastructure, many companies are inoperable, so to protect your business from vandalism, burglary, theft, or loss of equipment, you need business insurance coverage. Most insurances compensate you for broken glass or damaged doors, funds stolen from registers, inventory, or office equipment.

Reason #4: Provide Your Employees With Workers’ Compensation

A business that has employees is legally responsible for obtaining insurance that includes workers’ compensation coverage. It protects your business in case an employee gets sick or injured while completing a work-related activity. In that case, they will get help covering their medical expenses and get paid while recovering from illness or injury. In addition to workers’ compensation insurance, many states require businesses to have unemployment and disability insurance.

Reason #5: Give Yourself a Peace of Mind

The most important reason to get business insurance is to have peace of mind. Various unpredictable events can happen with your business, such as natural disasters, accidents, and crises. In these emotionally charged situations, the last thing you want to think about is the losses your business may endure. Getting business insurance is not only going to help you cover the most common business losses but will also protect you from unnecessary stress.

About Scott Crockett

Scott Crockett is the founder and CEO of Everest Business Funding. He is a seasoned professional with 20 years of experience in the finance industry. Mr. Crockett’s track record includes raising more than $250 million in capital and creating thousands of jobs. Scott has founded, built, and managed several finance companies in the consumer and commercial finance sectors.

Why Converting to Black and White May Improve Your Image

Online Colorization

Many people can attest to the fact that photography styles always narrow down to personal taste. No wonder we all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to colors. Things are not any different with black and white photos since they might not please everyone.

But have you ever thought about converting your images to black and white. If not, then you have no idea on the numerous benefits you might be missing out on. This post will take you through some of the reasons to follow this route whenever you want to color a photo.

Artistic Purposes

There are no rules to stick to in photography, especially when it comes to creative style. After all, it narrows down to your personal taste and vision. That’s not to say you cannot go overboard simply because you want to colorize a picture. Keep in mind artistic license is one of the greatest things available.

Nowadays, you have the freedom to photograph with motion blur and activity blur in mind. To make it even better, you can add grain effect to leave a more creative effect or a film look. No wonder converting to black and white is one of the most creative tools you can ever count on.

Too Noisy in Color Images

At times, you might fail to set your camera correctly but still wants to capture something in a split second without making changes to your settings. This in turn results in an underexposed image with unacceptable noise levels. Rather than turning a blind eye as this happens, you can leverage the colorization of black and white photos.

For those who might not know, black and white lessens the impact of the imperfection while at the same time making the photo way more acceptable. This could be due to the fact that we are used to seeing grain in old black white photos. The good news is you can count on online colorization tools to attain the look your badly desire.

The Bottom Line

If you are yet to colorize black and white photos, then there is no other time to do so than now. Fortunately, you no longer have to go through a lot just because you want to add black and white to color photo. Nowadays, you can take advantage of online colorization tools such as PixBim to get the job done.

Why eCommerce Business Owners Need Professional Photo Editing for their Product Images

ECommerce business and professional photo editing go hand in hand. No one, I mean ono eCommerce business owner can dream of running an eCommerce business without the need for the professional photo editing service. Why they need such professional photo editing service for their eCommerce business? The answer is very simple. They need to promote their products online and no product image will look much like paying attention to without high end product photo editing and retouching. This is why eCommerce products and professional photo editing are partners in crime.

What Are the Types of Professional Photo Editing Available for eCommerce Business?

If you go online these days, there is no limit to what are being sold online. You just think of something useful and it is being sold online. Sometimes some products are being sold that are totally obscure and no one thought of even buying such products. But one they see it, the need arises and some people will end up buying it.

Whether it is the cosmetics products, clothing and other clothing related accessories, car parts, consumer electronics, home of commercial appliances, household products, you just name it – they are all being sold online.

If you need to buy something, whatever it is that you can find in the store or showrooms, they are available online these days.

What is Common Among All the Products Available Online?

One thing that is common among all the products available online is the need of product image. No one is selling anything that doesn’t exist. And only way to prove the existence of the product, or how the product looks in real life is to present a picture of the product.

No one in their right state of mind will go online, search for men’s dress shirt and order something right off the bat without even looking at a picture say a search result comes up for a site that sells such products but doesn’t show any image of the actual product they are selling, how many you would think will order such product? Not even one shirt, not even a single shirt is going to be sold. No one like surprises or want to deal with uncertainty when it comes to shopping online. People need to know exactly what they are buying and how it will look in real life.

For this very reason, clothing products are being displayed by having models wearing them. Fashion brand owners are using ghost mannequin service to get their fashion products edited professionally so that people can visualize them in the item. They can now picture them in the clothing and start to get a sense of perception as to how it will look on them. This is a game changer for the fashion product owners or sellers. Without creating that sense of perception with the use of ghost mannequin service, no product is being sold online. Either that, or have a model display the products.

Since the use of model is pretty costly, second best alternative is to use ghost mannequin service to showcase the product. This method effectively presents the product without breaking the bank for business owner. This is the reason this method is so popular.

What You Need to Know About Residential HYVAC Contracts

When having a residential HVAC system in your home, you need to keep it in the best possible shape at all times. This will mean prioritizing proper care and maintenance if it is to serve you long enough. Unfortunately, maintaining your HVAC system can prove to be stressful, especially when you have no idea what is expected.

Nevertheless, this should not deter your quest of reaping maximum benefits from the HVAC system since you can now count on professionals. By professionals we are simply referring to residential HVAC contractors. But is this really a route worth following when having a HVAC system in your home?

Well, residential HVAC contractors are skilled in maintaining heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Most contractors have amassed years of experience in the field handling different types of HVAC systems. By offering professional services of your heating and cooling systems, they will certainly help keep you comfortable all year long.

If you think that’s all they have to offer, then you are in for a big surprise. The best HVAC contractor will perform regular maintenance of your system. This action is aimed at making sure you save money in reduced energy bills. Furthermore, it ensures your HVAC system has a long, productive life keeping you and your family comfortable.

But with the sheer number of residential HVAC contractors out there, you ought to exercise caution before making a hiring decision. Even though they all claim to offer outstanding services, some only say this to lure unsuspecting clients into working with them. That’s why you should do your homework before working with residential HVAC contractors.

The best way to go about is by reading through their online reviews and ratings. Take this as the perfect opportunity to figure out what other homeowners are saying about their services. Are they speaking ill about the prospective contractor? If so, be sure to take it as a big red flag and run for your heels since they might not help you with anything, no matter how long you work with them.