Felt+Fat CEO, Nathaniel Mell, Offers 7 Ways to Succeed in Making Work-Life Balance

Finding balance in life is a challenging task alone, so creating a work-life balance can be a bit of a journey. Unfortunately, so many people battle with maintaining harmony between work and life, and when the stressors of social spheres and home life come into play, better practices must be the reaction.

Nathaniel Mell, the founder and CEO of a ceramic design and manufacturing studio named Felt+Fat is based in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood. The busy nature of the city combined with his business’ success makes creating a work-life balance a necessity. Mell suggests these seven ways to help anyone trying to produce a work-life balance.

  1. Self-care

Practicing self-care is the number one thing to start with when creating a work-life balance. Failing to take care of emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing can result in depression, anxiety, or escaping from said issues through overworking. Putting health first will make both working and living a much more enjoyable experience.

  1. Better Time Management

Setting aside time with family or friends during the workweek can seem complicated when time management is out of the picture. Some of the biggest reasons people cannot find light in a work-life balance are poor time management and lack of boundaries on work hours. It is critical to balance time and use of time at work and in life to find overall balance.

  1. Imperfect is Perfect

Good news! It is impossible to find the perfect balance between work and life. Why? Life is unpredictable; we cannot anticipate moments at work or in life, and there are moments where we fall short of perfection due to human nature. Understanding that there is no labeled ideal harmony to achieve while finding balance, only realistic options, will cut frustrations during the creation process.

  1. Learn to Separate Work and Life

Establishing a mental separation between work and life is vital to learn how to divide the two. If work is constantly being brought home or time at work is spent socializing rather than being productive, then developing a balance between the two will be extremely difficult.

  1. Practice Healthy Transitions

After learning how to separate work and life, it is time to practice healthy transitions from one to the other daily. A healthy switch includes not being afraid to unplug from the rest of the world to master the task at hand. Learning how to detach for a while from everything, including social life, work, and other ties to the world helps cut stress and boost recovery, too.

  1. Find a Solid Support System

Sometimes, advocating for personal needs at work or in life can be a larger pill to swallow. It is good to build a solid support system that you see as a safe place to help fill in the need for accountability. Being held accountable for balancing work and life will build up personal confidence to take on responsibilities, like speaking up for self needs that you might not have practiced before.

  1. Prioritize Work-Life Balance

It is crucial to prioritize work-life balance the same way a responsible person prioritizes finances. People are more likely to succeed in their goal when that goal and its necessary steps are in the top things to address daily.

About Nathaniel Mell

Nathaniel Mell is the founder and CEO of Felt+Fat, a ceramic design and manufacturing studio serving both professional and at-home chefs. Nate Mell started the Philadelphia-based company in 2014 after graduating from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University and working at the world-renowned Philadelphia Clay Studio.

Jason Kulpa Explains How to Build and Strengthen Online Business Relationships

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to shift their strategy to maintain and build relationships with consumers and employees online. As many business relationships have extended beyond the real world into virtual space, they must be treated differently than in-person interactions. Plus, fostering these relationships can help grow your business immensely in a short amount of time. In this article, Jason Kulpa shares his knowledge on creating and reinforcing business relationships online.

Here are Jason Kulpa’s five pieces of advice regarding improving online business relationships.

  1. Social Media

As Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other number of platforms become more popular with each passing day, a business’s target audience becomes more reachable via social media.

Not only can you promote and explain your business on social media platforms, but they also act as a two-way street that allows customers to make comments, ask questions, or provide feedback, which helps to humanize your business. Responding to potential customers is a great way to build their trust and convince them your business is worth their time and money. It also shows your commitment to your customers and keeping them in the loop on new developments or information.

  1. Email

Like social media, email communication allows you to interact with customers and keep your business in their thoughts. However, it’s important not to bombard people’s inboxes with too many emails or make the content sound too pushy or “salesy.” Instead, only send out information worth your customer’s time and that they will want to read.

Email is also a great way to request customer feedback via surveys and comments. Once someone has connected with your company, sending them an email asking about their experience will allow you to find ways to improve future interactions.

  1. Customer Support

Virtual spaces never sleep, and neither should your business’s customer support. Online support can come in many forms, from knowledge bases and FAQ pages to live chat and phone calls. Ideally, your company’s customer support offers each customer the most comfortable method, encouraging them to use it more.

“Allowing clients to be heard and gain some personal attention is a great way to win over their loyalty and have them raving to their family and friends about the quality of service,” stated Jason Kulpa. However you provide customer support, ensure it works efficiently and is reliable. If it’s not, it may be the reason you lose an already vulnerable customer.

  1. Rewards and Incentives

Even with many businesses shifting to online relationships, these promotional tools haven’t lost their effectiveness. Online giveaways and contests are incredibly popular, and they act as a great way to get your target audience involved with your business and learning more about it.

Concerning social media platforms, it can be as easy as asking viewers to tag, follow, or like something from your business to enter them into a raffle or free giveaway. You can also offer deals or discounts on products for a limited time or for the first set number of people to participate. Best of all, these promos give your business valuable insight into what people want or need that allows you to make adjustments for more growth.

  1. Personalization

Speaking of learning more about your target audience一your business’s online presence opens up a world of data to your company that you can capitalize on easily. Going through information like purchase history, popular search items, and other forms of web analytics gives you a chance to understand customers’ specific desires and needs.

With these details in hand, you can increase your cross-selling and upselling in a way that works and feels natural to the user. You can also use the information from web analytics to adjust advertising campaigns, revise specific pages on your website, and provide customers with a more user-friendly experience.

By utilizing these tips, your business’s online relationships can develop and expand smoothly and naturally. Always stay true to who you are as an entrepreneur and find ways to show others your passion and drive.

About Jason:

Jason Kulpa is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of UE.co, San Diego’s Fastest Growing Business multi-year award winner, and a Certified Great Place to Work multi-year winner. In addition, Kulpa is a two-time winner of San Diego’s Most Admired CEO Award of the San Diego Business Journal and a semi-finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur award. Jason’s mission is to bring awareness, support, and inclusion for special needs causes.

Things to Consider When Buying Soccer Cleats

With the wide array of soccer cleats, it’s overwhelming for even the most-knowledgeable play to determine which pair will be perfect for their foot. But that’s not to say you cannot follow in the footsteps of George Best and other renowned footballers. With a little help from experts, it won’t take long before you finally find what you are looking for.

Luckily, that is what this article is going to help you figure out. Today, we will take you through some of the most notable things to keep in mind the next time you are out shopping for soccer cleats be it online or offline. Keep on reading to find out more.


When it comes to football boots, the comfort or fit is a consideration that you should never skimp on at any given time. Do you happen to have a wide foot? If so, you are better of settling on cleats specifically designed for wide feet.  In short, invest in soccer cleats that fit you perfectly to have an easy ride while on the pitch. After all, they will not put unnecessary pressure on your feet simply because they feel uncomfortable on you.

Style of Play

If you’ve done your homework, you already know about the different models of soccer cleats out there. That’s easy to see why since not all players have the same needs for a cleat. For instance a winger is going to have much different needs than a central defender. Positions tend to differ and players will require different features and benefits from their soccer cleats.

To avoid making costly mistakes with your purchase decision, be sure to factor in the movements and needs by positions. Fortunately, some dealers will help you out in choosing cleats for forwards, midfielders, defenders, and goalkeepers.

Feel for the Ball

The feel for the ball or touch is all about the upper on your cleat. This does not come as a surprise considering some players tend to have a definite preference for the kind of upper they prefer. It is highly recommended that you factor in the pros and cons of both leather and synthetic uppers before making the necessary payments.

If you have a preference for leather upper, be sure to figure out how they will work on you. Things are not any different when you prefer synthetic cleats since they can be easily narrowed down based on your positional needs. It is then that you will not have to worry about buying the wrong cleats for your playing style.

The Bottom Line

There is no way you can reach the heights of Pele in the football world without investing the right soccer cleats.  The good news is that you don’t have to go overboard before you finally find what you are looking for. As is the case with shopping for rugby boots, ensure you spend some time doing your homework before you can finally start shopping around for the perfect fit.

Book flowers online at the flower shop


A local flower shop in Bangkok, Thailand, like any other shop, offers various fresh flowers and plants for all seasons and all occasions. Florist Bangkok, a reputable local flower shop in Bangkok and the suburbs of the Thai capital and the rest of the country, including the rest of the province. Florist Bangkok, a reliable local flower shop in Bangkok, offers a wide array of fresh flowers and plants at competitive prices. Local florist offers a full assortment of roses, gardenia, lilies, calla lilies, daffodils, gardenias, freesias, tulips, hyacinths, irises, and passionflower.

Benefits of using flower shop

Florist Bangkok, a local flower shop in Bangkok, offers a full assortment of fresh flowers for all seasons and all occasions. It offers its customers a wide selection of flowers, both for personal use and commercial purposes. Its bouquets are designed carefully to be appealing to its customers, both old and young. With its qualified staff and trained artisans, Florist Bangkok offers delivery of fresh flowers and plants in Bangkok at competitive prices.

Many people choose to buy flowers online because it is easier, less time-consuming, and more convenient than going to a flower shop and selecting from the hundreds of blooms available. Flower delivery in Bangkok can be done quickly through its local florist. When you buy flowers online, you will have to choose among various fresh flowers, arrangements, bouquets, and arrangements. Online orders also save on packaging costs and shipping fees as flower shops in Bangkok are among the cheapest florists in the country.

Florist Bangkok is among the most experienced florists in the country. The bouquets and arrangements created by the florist in Bangkok are creatively and expertly done. The florist creates flower bouquets and arrangements and creates elegant bouquets for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and other special occasions. The bouquet’s freshness is assured by using quality products, which is another reason why most satisfied customers who buy flowers online or from Bangkok florists are satisfied customers. Flower shops in Bangkok are known for their creativity and flair in flower decoration.


To ensure that your loved one receives the best and the most beautiful bouquet on any occasion, you should only send flowers to Thailand through a reliable and trustworthy flower shop. Flower shops in Bangkok have skilled and experienced florists whom you can trust. In addition, florist Bangkok is an online-based company, which offers to send flowers to any address across Bangkok.

eCommerce Industry is Getting Heavily Dependent on Clipping Path Service as a Part of Overall Marketing Campaign

We are getting more and more dependent on online shopping these days. ECommerce was a big business always before. Now during and after the pandemic era, people are getting even more dependent on online shopping dur to rolling lockdowns and mandatory physical distancing. People are not being able to or allowed to go for physical shopping. Nothing better to do staying home. Playing video games and talking to people of the phone has a limit of its own. So online shopping it is. Amazon business multiplied during pandemic. And along with all these ordeals, clipping path service is getting more and more attention.

How Clipping Path Service Providers Are Servicing the eCommerce Industry

A retouching studio offering their clipping path services along with other photo editing and retouching services provides valuable services to eCommerce industry. They edit the product images so they canbe publish worthy.

A commercial product goes through several stages to be able to get published in print media. Whether it is the online business portal, magazine, newspaper, billboard or other publication, a product image requires expensive editing and retouching to get the polished look. The way we see a model wearing a denim in a clothing store, the image actually never comes out of the camera like that. No matter how good the photographer is, no matter you hire the best product photographer in the world, an eCommerce photography will almost always require clipping path service and in some cases retouching to make it look attractive.

Clipping path service providers are offering their services to the eCommerce industry to get this much needed and most crucial job done.

How the Image is Transformed to a New Look

A product photographer or commercial photography studio shoots the product image in a controlled setting. Whether in an official studio or home studio, the setup is always adequate to picture the product images. These commercial product photographers have years of experience in shooting product photography. Even after all the experience and high end digital sLR cameras, the images that are shot always will require photo editing. While these photographers are highly skilled in editing images using photoshop programs, they almost always do not have time to edit those images on their own. They find it more productive to just do photoshoots and outsource the photo editing part to the clipping path service providers.

Once these images are assigned to the retouching studios, their highly skilled photoshop experts edit the images to give them a new look. Once the photoshop professionals are done with the images, the new look is always stunning and attractive. These are the images that are published on the eCommerce media and what we see in the retail store billboards.

Joey Klein, Inner Matrix Systems’ CEO, Explains How Entrepreneurs Can Align their Team to Fulfill Their Company’s Vision

You’ve come up with a unique and actionable plan for a new business. No matter how innovative your concept is, you won’t get far without a team that shares your vision. In this article,Joey Klein, founder and CEO of Inner Matrix Systems – a personal mastery training system for high achievers – shares his top recommendations for how to develop your dream team and keep them aligned with your company’s vision.

Have a Clear Vision

The first step is to have a well-defined vision that your team understands and can get behind. Entrepreneurs need to ensure that the company vision is crystal clear and elicits a sense of inspiration and focus. That way, all employees can align with the company’s vision and work together to achieve it. Keep it simple and intuitive, and focused on the outcome you’d like to create. A common pitfall for new business leaders is to have a vision that is overly complicated or not based on the actual outcome desired. Cluttering your overall vision with information overload only serves to derail your team, investors, and customers from relating to your overarching theme.

Tie Your Vision to Emotion

Vision starts with emotion, as we tie our emotions to the outcomes that we want. Let’s say your company’s vision or one of the benchmarks you want to complete is achieving one million dollars in revenue each year; just focusing on a million dollars will not get you there. Oftentimes, if you only focus on the money you can feel overwhelmed or anxious about how far away that goal is. Instead, use passion and inspiration as the emotional drivers driving you towards your revenue goal. Use inner training or just close your eyes and think, “If I was inspired right now, how would I feel? What would that look like?”  Get inside the emotion and align that with a million dollars of annual revenue, or whatever the outcome you’d like to achieve for your company might be.

Hire the Right People

Finding people who align with your company’s vision is critical to forming a high-functioning team that works well together. Employees need to feel like the company vision is their vision, so they are motivated to contribute to the outcome, and they also feel like it’s their legacy. If the staff is engaged and loves the idea of what they’re working on, they’re inspired to come to work every day; they feel their contribution is making a huge difference and contributes to them personally.

Cultivate a Culture that Aligns with your Vision

You’ve formed your dream team; now how do you keep them motivated and dedicated to the shared vision?

You might be inclined to give a motivating speech, enthusiastically re-conveying your vision in hopes of passing your enthusiasm onto your team. This is the wrong move. Think back to a previous job when you and your coworkers were called into a pointless meeting, just to sit back and watch your boss give a speech that you politely applauded so that you could get back to doing anything else as quickly as possible. Don’t do that.

Instead, focus on creating a space where employees can be heard. Give them the respect of trusting their expertise, guiding them when necessary but always hearing them out, and let them take control of their projects. This will not only encourage them to contribute in brainstorming sessions, it will also fuel a sense of personal pride in their contributions. Encouraging their ideas and passion in what they do is the most potent emotional driver you can use to keep your team aligned with your company’s vision.

About Inner Matrix Systems

Inner Matrix Systems, based in Denver, is a personal mastery training system for high achievers. For more than twenty years, IMS has delivered a proprietary methodology that rewires, trains, and aligns the nervous system, emotions, and thought strategies to create real-life results. CEO, Joey Klein, and IMS have worked with more than 80,000 individuals from around the world through both live and online training programs, as well as one-on-one coaching. Clients have included: Boeing, IBM, Dell, Google, Panda Express, Coca Cola and The World Health Organization. Joey is the author of The Inner Matrix: Leveraging the Art & Science of Personal Mastery to Create Real Life Results (June 2021).

Top Translation Tips for Translation Companies

Language translation is the procedure of transforming a text or a piece of passage from one language, called the basis language, into the objective language. A qualified language translator, someone who has had the training in translating from one language to one more, does the procedure. The procedure is frequently useful in publishing.In this article, you will read top tips for exporter.

Top Tips for Companies:

  • Translation needs to beundertaken proficiently to make sure accuracy. You wouldn’t trust a product with a typographical error or major grammar mistake in English screwy all over the packaging would you?  Well even these kinds of errors can happen simply if not using professional document translation services.
  • Work with a particularprovider, to make sure best steadiness, and a thorough understanding of your task. This is specifically true with multi-lingual translation, where it is actuallysignificant that every language is translated in a compatible manner. Professional company complex multi-lingual projects regularly for chief blue chip customers.
  • Can Google translate? completely not. Translation always requires to be human authored by expert native linguists of relatedarea. Texts are always contextual, and it is improbable for a computer to give precise and right translation.
  • Make sure your selectedprovider is using terminologies and translation memory, to make surecompatible translation between tasks. Unlike tool (like Google translate), translation memory is made by professional translators as they work, make a database of vocabulary, which they can then refer to for oncoming tasks. If you have existing terminologies, these can also be compiled to translation memory, to make surefixture with previous tasks. When working with a professional translation company perpetually, if they need to use dissimilar translators for a task, the new interpreter can work with accessible translation memory to make suresteadiness with previous task.
  • Talk to a firmsoon. Translation may be easy than you consider, and selection of the expertprovider will save problems in the long run, as you get a compatible and correct message on translation result packaging, websites, scientific and officially permitted documents. Contact superior languages today to talk about your services necessities.
  • Professional company is used in diverse facets of message, whether it is for translate a text into another language for magazine, for communicating with overseascustomers who do not talk a word of English, for developing websites to catch the attention of a new slice of the overseas market, or for translating education matters in other languages. Proficientcompany will give correct and perfect result.
  • Professional Company works 24 hours a day, so there’s always a responsivevocabulary on hand to reply your queries and keep your work on track.

If you’re searching for a trustworthyprofessional company using the most up-to-date technological advances, then Torrikaa.comis a translation company India based in Delhi, offering several services between English and all main world languages.  Theyspecialize in top quality, client-focused translation for many scientific areas. Their innovative possessory software makes it simple to constituted translation.

We at Linguaguru.co.in connect 24×7 to deliver the translation services for European, Asian, African and Indian languages. We are one of the India fastest growing translation company Delhi, India, which provide a wide range of languagestranslation services. We know that time can be a responsive aspect; therefore, we have managed to translate 10,000 words in under 24 hours, and sourced meeting interpreters at under a day’s notice.

Tips on Choosing the Right Co-Working Space for Your Business

Co-working spaces have gained immense popularity in the last couple of years, and for good reason. It’s undeniably a great choice for self-employed individuals or entrepreneurs, not forgetting large companies that want to economize, network and improve employees’ productivity. But are co-working spaces really designed pro-productivity?

Well, more workers tend to feel more productive when working in a co-working space. This comes as good news to both small and established business owners as they are able to attain the set goals within the shortest time possible. So, how do you pick the right co-working space that benefits your creativity, output and professional goals?

Here are top things to keep in mind while searching around for the best co-working space you can count on to achieve business success hassle-free.

Office Amenities

The vast majority of co-working spaces boast of standard office equipments. That’s not to say you should leave it at that and choose one blindly. Most business owners who do this end up crying foul. To be on the safe side, be sure to ask about anything extra that would come in handy for your business including projectors, whiteboards, chargers and many more. See if the printing services, board rooms and meeting rooms are included in the cost.

Office Environment

Aside from the office amenities, the environment also plays a vital role on whether your employees will be productive or not. Keep in mind that lighting, temperature, moisture and noise are key factors affecting your productivity silently. That’s why you should always look for co-working spaces with sleek environment and perfect lighting. Shun away from counting on spaces that are too hot or cold for comfortable work as they might not help your business with anything.

The Bottom Line

Many factors come into place when looking for the best co-working space to help improve business productivity. From office environment and atmosphere to the amenities included, never skimp on anything while searching around. To ensure you are in the safest environment possible, be sure to send an enquiry to The Workshop.

As one of the leading co-working space service provider in Singapore, you can rest assured that your employees have everything the need to be more productive. You can also discover more co-working spaces here and choose the perfect fit for your business. That way, you won’t ever have to worry about losing it out to your competitors.

Ferrari Energy, Family-Owned Business, Shares Tips on How to Turn Down Clients in a Professional Manner

Any business is good business, right? In some cases, though, companies can bite off a little more than they can chew and might find that they have to turn down clients or refer them to a different company to handle a present workload.

When turning down business seems far from natural, what is the best way to go about doing so? Ferrari Energy, a family-owned oil and gas company that works throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and North Dakota, highlights professional ways business owners can turn down clients seeking their services.

Try Not to Delay

Answering any customer late after they have reached out regardless of the reason shows a lack of respect for a consumer’s needs and reflects poor customer service. Business owners also tend to have this habit of a late reply more with delivering bad news. If a company cannot take on a new client who has reached out, replying as soon as possible is both professional and polite.

Communicate Over the Same Platform

Whether it was a call, text, in-person conversation, or email, deliver a decline to an interested client in the same way the inquiry was received. However, if the customer reaching out has spoken with you before over the phone or in person, it is gracious to give bad news over a real conversation. Only send an email as a reply if the client usually communicates over email.

Explain the Situation

People seeking a specific business do so with the expectation that they will be attended to, so business owners, beware of frustrated or angry clients you reject because they are not anticipating being turned away. An effective strategy to try and diffuse an upset client is to explain why you cannot serve that client at the time. Stick to well-mannered and factual statements during the conversation.

Be Sure and Say Thank You

Just because your business cannot help someone today does not mean this will hold true for the future. Therefore, it is always a good idea to say, “Thank you,” and thanks for thinking of your business to anyone you have to turn away.

Give a Referral

Business owners who have built a good network usually have a few businesses they refer people to and vise versa. An effective way to avoid ruining rejected clients’ days is to refer them to another company and ensure that they will be well taken care of there. You can even go the extra mile and make a phone call to the other business owner of where you are sending the client. A referral with a warning call to the other company will help the other business owner be prepared for the customer. Thus, you end the situation like a hero to both the rejected client and business colleague in your network.

About Ferrari Energy 

Ferrari Energy is a family-owned private oil and gas company focused on mineral and leasehold acquisitions. Founded by Adam Ferrari with a focus on educating landowners, Ferrari Energy has consistently served the needs of the landowner community in the basins in which it works. Its operation covers several areas throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and ND. Ferrari Energy has provided oil and gas leases to over 850 homeowners and held multiple lease signing events to accommodate the residents of Broomfield, Colorado.

Daniel Calugar Discusses the Companies Driving the Future of Innovation in the Autonomous Vehicle Sector

The autonomous vehicle sector has never been hotter than it is now. Recognizable names like Uber, Alphabet’s Waymo, and Tesla are significant players. Still, many smaller companies provide and advance the technologies used to make autonomous vehicles a reality. In this article, data-driven investor Daniel Calugar highlights some of the yet unsung heroes within the autonomous sector.

With a startup investment from Ford Motor Company, Argo AI is a self-driving technology platform company that develops and builds the software, hardware, maps, and cloud-support infrastructure to power self-driving vehicles. In addition, they partner with automakers to integrate their technology into cars to facilitate new ride-sharing and delivery services that don’t require the aid of a human driver.

Previously known as Delphi, Aptiv, a technology company, provides electrical, electronic, and safety technology solutions to the autonomous vehicle market. Aptiv partnered with Lyft to launch a Robo-taxi service in Las Vegas in 2018. Aptiv has autonomous driving operations in Boston, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, and Singapore. In addition, the company plans to expand its autonomous mobility center in Shanghai to focus on developing its technology.

Blackshark.ai is developing a photorealistic digital twin of our planet. Their platform uses AI and cloud computing to automatically convert satellite data and aerial photography into realistic simulation environments used for testing autonomous vehicles.

Designed to ensure safety, accuracy, scalability, and customization, DeepMap provides high-definition mapping solutions. They help enable the safest possible autonomous vehicle solutions by delivering the technology necessary for self-driving vehicles to navigate a complex and unpredictable environment.

Since early 2017, Apple has been testing self-driving vehicles on public roads in California. Then, in 2019, just as rumors circulated that they were getting out of the autonomous vehicle game, Apple purchased Drive.ai. Drive.ai is an American technology company that uses AI to make self-driving systems for cars. It has demonstrated a vehicle driving autonomously with a safety driver only in the passenger seat.

EasyMile provides software and complete solutions for driverless transportation. They partner with vehicle manufacturers to autonomize vehicles with ready-for-deployment technology built on safety-by-design concepts. Their EZ10 is the most deployed autonomous shuttle in the world. In addition, they offer a supply chain material handling tow-truck solution named TractEasy.

Established by Yamaha Motor Company, eve autonomy, Inc., makes smart factory autonomous vehicles. Focused on work efficiency and cost reduction, the company develops and sells self-driving vehicles, such as forklifts and industrial trolley carts.

Delivery from restaurants and stores by autonomous vehicles provides a convenient solution for the ever-popular home delivery market. US startup Nuro combines robotics and artificial intelligence, enabling a car to understand traffic lights and identify people and vehicles in multiple traffic conditions. Users order from a Nuro partner such as Dominos Pizza, Kroger, or Walmart and select autonomous home delivery. An app on their phone will let them know when the Nuro vehicle has arrived.

The US-based startup Tangram Vision concentrates on enhancing sensor reliability for vision-enabled systems and devices. Their SDK works whether or not a vehicle or robot is connected to the web. In addition, a zero-copy approach assures little or no impact on system latency, and this design leaves onboard compute resources free for other tasks.

It’s an exciting time for the autonomous vehicle sector. New technologies, along with the financial backing of tech’s mammoth titans, are sure to net rapid advancements.

About Daniel Calugar

Daniel Calugar is a versatile and experienced investor with a background in computer science, business, and law. He developed a passion for investing while working as a pension lawyer and leveraged his technical capabilities to write computer programs that helped him identify more profitable investment strategies. When Dan Calugar is not working, he enjoys spending time working out, being with friends and family, and volunteering with Angel Flight.