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Marko Stout: A Pop Artist Who is making it Big in The Industry

Marko Stout is a popular name in the New York City art world. Actually, almost every fan of the NYC art world has come across his name considering he does not like to keep a low profile. Just the way he dresses speaks volumes about his personality and creative approach. No wonder most of Marko Stout fans are now trying to adopt his trademark looks that feature black clothes unique hats and vintage-style sunglasses. His fashion style is easy to recognize especially when he is hanging out in art galleries, clubs and the best events taking place in the community.

Work Ethics

Marko Stout has made a name for himself thanks to his remarkable work in the art world.  This can be attributed to the inspiration he gets from photographs of models that he uses in coming up with state of the art metal paintings. For those who have a had a chance to look at his work, you will bear witness to the fact that they are close to perfection.  To make it even better, he makes use of integrated digital tech in order to come up with an appealing artistic effects.

Early Life

Marko comes from a very humble background that has taught him most things about life. During his early life, he lived on a houseboat in San Francisco Bay spending most of his time with a neighbor. Marko’s neighbor happened to be a retired roadie and had experience as a painter after undergoing training at the Art Institute of Chicago. After looking at his neighbor’s artwork, Marko found the inspiration he needed and before he knew it, he had started making his own work.

After making some art pieces, Marko started selling them at his friend’s gallery. This action gave him the final push that he needed even though his friend ended up passing after taking an overdose of morphine.  Marko Stout never looked back and continued working hard until he finally made a solid name for himself in the art industry.

International Recognition

Over the last couple of years, Marko Stout has done some truly exceptional work that have made him a force to reckon with in the art world. This is mainly because his work is easy to relate to thus attracting fans from different parts of the world. In fact, most of his work have earned him international recognition from a number of collectors. In addition, hosts of celebrities, the Kardashians included, have shown how much they are in love with his work.

Marko Stout seems to be getting better every year considering the numerous people who are interested in his work. With his rising popularity, Marko Stout has launched a superb line of casual urban section popularly known as “Urban Tribe.”  To know more about Marko and what he is up to, you can simply visit his website at any time of the day that you term appropriate.

La Reina Del Mariachi – launches new Album!

If there’s someone who knows how to belt out Mariachi Songs like no other that’s  Katherine Glen , known as “La Reina Del Mariachi“ The queen of Mariachi ) For winning various singing competitions such as Sábado Gigante, Primer Festival del Mariachi, transmitted through Univision Network and being a special guest on famous TV shows like The Voice Kids on Telemundo!

The best Mariachi singer, and Best female singer,  of  most prestigious awards throughout the United States such as Premios lo Nuestro and within the City of New York has held that title for many consequitive years, The Multi award winning singer, songwriter and actress announced that her album titled “La Reina Del Mariachi Musial artist” is now available on all digital platforms!

Glen, who’s music has been a buzz for quite some time now has performed at sold out concerts in Madison Square Garden received  various special distinguished United States congressional and senate awards presented to her in recognition of the awe-inspiring queen of Mariachi , both in the state of New York and New Jersey For her promotion of the arts within the Community and for being the only female Mariachi singer to have achieved such distinctions.

The álbum which consists of six Mariachi songs were all written and produced by the singer  herself and recorded at the Mix Palace studios on Long Island, New York a World Class Recording Studio with 40 years experience in all genres of music. Grammy nominated, they have produced over 100 Gold and platinum records! The singer is also working on her second album titled “Como Una Paloma” which is scheduled for release July 2019.