Bitcoin is the first digital currency in the world and is growing globally in importance. You can trade this fast-growing commodity against the US dollar 24/7 with the Meta Trader 4 system. Because of the extremely volatile character of this asset, many traders tend to trade Bitcoin derivatives, making it perfect for CFD trading.

The first-ever crypto currency, Bitcoin, was established by Satoshi Nakamoto around 2008. At that moment, a document was released through the Cryptography Mailing List describing its mechanics and the ideology behind it. The details for which you can visit site and get started with trading of your magical coins

In 2009, the first Bitcoin software client got published, and Nakamoto worked on the open-source squad with many other designers, never showing his ethnicity. The enigmatic creator of Bitcoin had vanished by 2011. His colleagues then recognized how important this crypto currency was to create it to its highest capacity and operated feverishly. By October 2009, the world’s first Bitcoin swap was set up, and 4 million Bitcoins had been’ mined’ by November of that year. At that moment, $1 was Bitcoin’s equal of 1,309–a tenth of a dollar. Given how widespread Bitcoin fluctuates, it was a real grab: within eight years it reached the $10,000 limit.


Bitcoin can be dealt with in two ways: buy the crypto currency itself in the hope of selling it on for a profit, or speculate on its value without ever owning the token. The latter is how CFDs function. You can get the details about the same from

A CFD allows you to trade an agreement depending on the fundamental market’s rates. It is a leveraged item, which means you can lay down a tiny original payment and still achieve much bigger place visibility. It may magnify your earnings, although it may affect your casualties in the same way.

You never communicate immediately with an order when you trade Bitcoin CFDs.  Instead, you are trading on our buying and selling rates, which we generate on your basis from a variety of transactions. You just need an IG trading card to hold a stance on the cost of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin markets operate the same manner as traditional markets, allowing shareholders to purchase or sell the crypto currency

While the volatility of Bitcoin leaves the crypto currency an appealing option, it also allows speculating on it a specially dangerous industry. Its cost can change considerably and unexpectedly–and as the Bitcoin industry works around the box, it can be taken at any time. As a decentralized monetary, Bitcoin is safe of many traditional currencies ‘ financial and political issues. But the crypto currency still has a ton of ambiguity as a sector in its adolescence.

New Details On Bitpoint Exchange Hack

A crypto exchange, wallet and crypto tracker are tools that all crypto investors use. However, recently it seems like more issues are occurring in the crypto sphere.

Bitpoint, a Japan-based crypto exchange, that experienced a cyber attack not long

ago, lost over two million dollars again.

Bitpoint was founded in March 2016 with an initial investment capital of forty one million dollars. The platform enables trading in countries like Japan, Malaysia, Korea as well as Taiwan and it’s also licensed by the Financial Service Agency. Bitpoint is a subsidiary of Remixpoint, a system sales and development company.

There were five crypto coins traded on Bitpoint:  Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC).

Earlier this month a cyber attack on the platform was detected and the exchange lost thirty million dollars in crypto coins. The next day, the platform suspended trading and released an apology to the users.

As Bitpoint stated that the hot wallet where the funds were taken away from, had 5 currencies. Yet, it is still not known whether or not crypto coins from the exchange’s cold wallet were stolen. The exchange also added that while over nine million dollars belonged to the exchange, the rest were the cryptocurrencies of users.

Reportedly, stolen crypto coins were found on an exchange in another country that utilized Bitpoint’s trading system. The exchange also disclosed that there were still twenty eight million dollars missing.

The local media outlets report that Bitpoint, among with other crypto exchanges, received a request from the Japanese government to improve their company. The major issues regarding companies involved with cryptocurrency were money-laundering and lack of customer information.

However, Bitpoint wasn’t the first crypto exchange to suffer such loses. In September 2018, Zaif experienced a cyber attack that stole sixty million dollars in crypto coins. Notably, it was also licensed by the Financial Service Agency.

The exchange was established in April 2016. After the hack, Zaif got new management and started operating.

Another platform, Coincheck, was attacked the same year and NEM coins worth over five hundred twenty dollars were stolen. The reason was the deficient safety of the exchange’s hot wallet. The hack turned into one of the largest cyber attack thefts throughout history. The exchange held a press conference after the incident stating that they’d repay the losses.

Coin check was established in 2014 in Tokyo by Koichiro Wada and Yusuke Otsuka. The exchange traded Bitcoin, Ethereum and fiat.

All in all, the total loss was around four hundred twenty million dollars. According to many people, this hack was among the reasons why the Japanese government decided to regulate crypto exchanges strictly.

There were many other crypto trading platforms outside Japan like Mt. Gox, Finance, Bitfinex and more that experienced similar attacks. Other crypto platforms shut down, disappearing and taking the funds of crypto investors with them.

Despite all these hacks, crypto trading has been at peak and if you want to enter the crypto trading sphere being successful in it, check out this crypto portfolio tracker guide.

Why You Should Strive To Achieve Financial Independence

Chances are you may have already heard about financial independence from the numerous finance blogs out there.But how well do you know financial independence and the reasons as to why you should strive to achieve it?  If you have been asking yourself these questions then you have come to the right place. In this post, we are going to have a look at some of the reason as to why you should try your level best when it comes to achieving financial independence.

  • Freedom To Choose What You Want

Am pretty sure you will agree with me that most people would love the thought of an early retirement. This is especially the case when you can make this decision without affecting your source of income. That is where financial independence comes in as it gives you the freedom to start a company or venture in another business.With enough money in your savings, you will not feel the pinch even after retiring as there will be something else to cater for all your needs.

  • Security

It is without a doubt that any person who has achieved financial independence is able to feel safe from any occurrence that may lead to a large loss of income. For instance, if your employers go bankrupt, you will no longer be able to work anymore thus encountering difficulties when it comes to sustaining your lifestyle.  However, with financial independence, you are sure to withstand any issue that may come your way. Whether you are fired or find it hard in working, your financial independence is destined to make life better.

  • Learn Important Values

The path to achieving financial freedom will go a long way in helping you achieve important values in life such as wisdom. When investing your money, you will be forced to think hard if you are to make better decisions. To make it even better, you will get to learn from mistakes thus increasing your knowledge base in the long run. However, it is important to seek the help of financial experts if you are to gain the knowledge that you badly need.

  • Live a Stress Free Life

Living from paycheck to paycheck may end up making your life a living hell. This is especially the case when you are in an emergency situation and do not have enough money in your savings account. However, with financial independence, you will be able to cater for all your needs without having to go through a lot. You are thus sure of living a stress free life since you have everything that you need.

It is very important that you try everything possible if you are to achieve financial independence. This will mean cutting down on unwanted spending and putting more focus on your savings. It is only then that you will be able to enjoy life after retirement since you have the money to make end meet.

Tips That Can Help You Achieve Personal Financial Success

Have you ever wondered why some people are successful financially whereas there are those who are not? If so, chances are you may be among those who are not achieving financial success. However, there is no need to panic since there are so many ways in which you can achieve financial success without having to go through a lot. Actually, personal finance is not that complicated as most people may think. In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the tips that can help you achieve personal financial success thus impacting positively in your life.

  • Know Where You Are Taking Your Money

One of the things that you need to put into consideration if you are to achieve financial success is knowing where your money is going.  To do this successfully, you need to create a budget that is going to govern how you spend your money. With a good budget in place, you will have total control over how you are going to use your money. Despite being important to come up with a good budget, it is also advisable that you track your expenses. This action will come in handy whenever you wish to know whether you are sticking to the set budget.

  • Make Sure You Spend Less Than Your Paycheck

The most important financial rule that each and every person must adhere to is spending less than they earn. No matter how much money you make in a month, you will never move forward if you spend it all.  Worse, you may find yourself with huge debts to clear simply because you are living a life that you cannot afford.  To be on the safe side, you should try to minimize your expenses while at the same time focusing on investments and savings. It is only then that you will be able to achieve the financial success that you so badly need.

  • Get Rid of Debts

Debts is among the most common financial problems that most people face regardless of the money they earn. This is especially the case when you are having high interest debt such as a credit card debt. Paying off all your debts will save you big time as it tends to free up some money from your monthly budget.  To pay off your debts perfectly, you can consider starting with the smallest debts after which you can shift your focus to the huge ones. Once you have cleared everything it would be better if you avoid getting yourself into more debts. It is only then that you can be able to secure your finances.

There are so many other tips that you can rely upon whenever you want to achieve personal financial success. Remember to seek help from professionals who have achieved financial success if you are to go the same line. Whatever the choice, you should ensure you follow all the tips given to the letter if you are to increase your chances of achieving success.

A Look at James Richman: Perhaps one of the Greatest Investors of our Time

James Richman, the secretive billionaire responsible for the decade-long success of his managed private investment fund, has made amazing decisions when it comes to where to put his fund’s assets.

His natural skill in recognizing patterns has really let the private fund’s money to flourish through a sustainable year-to-year growth.

Aside from looking at the investments, he has made with his private investment fund, JJ Richman, let us take a closer look at some of his life investments, choices that he made which made him the great man he is today. Let’s take a look at James Richman’s greatest investments yet.

  1. A firm foundation

To build something great, your pillars must be flawless. This is something James is known to have been implementing when it comes to choosing his investors. Aside from working mainly with ultra-high net worth individuals, James carefully handpicks the individuals and investors who can have access to the fund.

Not as an elitist, but the billionaire simply wants to make sure that potential investors have no criminality issues and tendencies for money laundering activities. His main principle is that fund must be managed only in accordance with the rules and regulations. This firm foundation removes unnecessary risks and ensures that the profits are earned fairly.

  1. Never be afraid to take calculated risks

He invested in his firm decision-making at a very early age. He had already recognized patterns as a child, and he saw that formal schooling and living in his parents home come as slowdowns for unleashing his true potentials. This decision was very difficult to execute especially at an early age of 15, but James stuck with his choice and developed himself through experience.

  1. Finding inspiration

The Latvian-born billionaire has gone through several backbreaking turns of events in his life. Amazingly, he is a person with such a strong resolve. Instead of dwelling on his losses, such as the early passing of his daughter, he had used them as his inspiration. To this date, his investments in health care systems, and medical research and development are inspired by his late daughter. He hopes to spread this inspiration for socially deprived communities globally.

  1. Building on your strengths

Asperger’s syndrome is high functioning autism which includes symptoms such as impaired verbal and non-verbal communication skills, but increased cognitive skills. It is said that successful legends have it, including billionaire Bill Gates. It is also said that people who have it have a knack for recognizing various complex patterns, typical of James Richman.

Seeing patterns became his passion, and upon recognizing it, he had made a way of taking his passion into good use by entering the financial world and taking it by storm.

  1. Cultivating trust

The best way to earn the trust of an investor is showing that you know how to put your money where your mouth is. This is what James Richman accomplished by continuously investing his own personal money in his private investment fund. This shows the pool members that making sure the fund prosper is Richman’s best interest.

  1. A private life

James has been a very shy person all his life. Sources close to him say that he enjoys this anonymity. He can still enjoy the things he loves without publicity. His favorite hobby is philanthropy, as evidenced by his numerous investments in the Middle East and North Africa. These investments aim to give a semblance of balance to the region’s with the highest society gap in the world.

  1. Indefatigable resiliency

He may be a successful financial investor now, but James Richman had more than his fair share of hardships. He experienced being in the lowest of social classes, aside from losing his home, his wife and his child. Any other human being could just folded up and gave up considering the circumstances, but not James Richman. He managed to muster up what he had left, rely on his talent and strong suits, and keep on going. Look at him now.

James Richman is simply an amazing true to life story. His streak of more than ten years of constantly increasing returns from his private fund investment is just remarkable. Add to the equation the road that he traveled getting there makes one look for attributes to emulate from him.

Methods for Dealing with Inflation Risk

Relevant to the following CISI qualifications: ICWIM,ICAWM, Securities, Risk in Financial Services


Inflation risk can be defined as the risk that the value of physical or financial assets will be eroded by inflation. To protect against that loss, investment managers need to employ one or more of several tried and tested methods.

Investors generally choose investments that offer “insurance” against inflation risk.However, it is important to remember that the overall risk of an investment comes from all risk sources, not just the risk of inflation.

Inflation hedging, which takes into account the co-movements of inflation rates and asset returns from period to period, is one of the most commonly used methods for managing inflation risk. The less influence the rate of inflation has on the real return of an investment, the more effective the inflation hedge will be for the investment.

Popular hedges against inflation include property, equities, or commodities that generally have a rising value. Studies of periods of high inflation in the 1970s and1980s show that, in the mid-term, earnings and the dividend growth rates of equities atleast kept pace with inflation.

A popular method for managing inflation risk is the use of inflation protection, which examines the inflation risk of an asset and assesses whether that asset’s real return will be lower than a specific target return(such as zero) at the end of a determined investment period. One downside to using this risk metric is that it only takes into consideration the probability of negative deviations from the target return, but not the amount of them.

The third main method is the inflation swap. Here, the swap involves the use of inflation derivatives (or inflation-indexed derivatives) to transfer inflation risk from one party to another and protect against future liabilities. The derivatives used maybe over-the-counter or exchange-traded derivatives.


  • Check that the dividend yields and payout ratios of your chosen method are suitably high and at least in line with inflation.
  • Assess each method thoroughly to determine which is likely to give your assets the best protection against inflation.
  • Run full risk management scenarios that take into account all risks, not just inflation.

Dos and Don’ts


  • Take into account all risk factors, not just the risk of inflation.
  • Calculate the probability and amount of any shortfall when making inflation-proof investment decisions.
  • Review your decisions if the global economy starts shifting unexpectedly, as you may need to adjust your portfolio for the best protection.


  • Don’t assume that traditionally inflation-proof investments such as property are a safe haven. For example, during the credit crunch of 2007–08, the real value of both property and equities fell steeply while inflation rose sharply.


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How the Binance Hack Would Never Have Happened

EZO stablecoin

A new stablecoin, Element Zero, eliminates the need for any kind of wallet in a digital currency transaction. Last week’s Binance hack sent the crypto world’s pulse running: the idea that one of the largest digital coin exchanges could suffer a hack of such magnitude rattled the market.  But the Binance hack would never have happened if the BTC was never stored in a hot wallet.

Let me explain: In the current digital coin transaction models, coins are moved into two types of wallets.  One is a hot wallet, which is similar to a bank. The other is a cold wallet, which is like a safe in your house.  In either scenario, during the transaction, the digital currencies are not in the hands of the coin owner, putting them at risk for a hack.  These wallets, which like the bank and the safe in your house, can be cracked wide open by experienced hackers. Assets are stolen and trust of the system is broken.

The good news is, a new stablecoin is about to eliminate the need for any kind of wallet in a digital currency transaction. I recently came across the Element Zero Next-Generation Payment System which was developed with the input of financial industry giants like Dee Hock of Visa, and Nobel Prize winners, who recognized the value of creating a truly decentralized cryptocurrency. A key to creating a truly stable coin was to develop a transaction model that does not use a wallet of any kind. Instead, Element Zero developed a proprietary SmartSwap contract that keeps the transaction between the sender and receiver.

So, all transactions conducted on the Element Zero platform are performed using SmartSwap, which places the Smart Contract as the higher authority in the process. Think of the SmartSwap contract as a trustee that oversees assets, but does not have any direct control over them. These contracts are immutable, meaning they are fixed and permanent.


EZO stablecoin


Underneath this powerful swap is a payment system based on Element Zero’s Stability Protocol that eliminates the possibility for any volatility in the first place. This is achieved because its EZO stablecoin value is truly decentralized and is not pegged to any asset or algorithm, and therefore, is not subject to market fluctuations or inflation. The P2P transaction conducted on the Element Zero platform uses the SmartSwap contract to ensure that the value of the assets exchanged remains the same for the sender and receiver. Plus, this network is a not-for-profit organization, so ownership – and control – is in the hands of those who hold the coins.

So look what happens when the wallet is eliminated from the digital coin transaction. For coin users, knowing that the $500 you hold today will be worth $500 tomorrow and won’t be hacked will be a driving factor in the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.  Only when coins are truly stable and transactions are conducted P2P will crypto live up to its promise as the first truly decentralized currency and make the world a better place for all.


An Insight of the Singapore Nifty (SGX Nifty)

SGX Nifty is one of the most popular terms that you will come across especially if you are a beginner in the Stock Market. This term stands for Singapore Nifty and is basically a derivative product of the Indian Nifty Index which is traded in Singapore stock exchange. For this reason, any movement by the SGX Nifty is highly correlated to Indian Nifty Index. However, this does not necessarily mean that every stock that comprises of the Nifty is traded in SGX.

Knowing how the SGX Nifty operates is of great importance since the Singapore stock exchange is currently ranked among the leading stock exchange in Asia. In addition, it has also proven beneficial when it comes to providing flexibility trading in some of the most important indices of the world. Therefore, with knowledge on the SGX Nifty, you will get to learn different aspects of other stock exchange from different parts of the world.

In order to learn more about SGX Nifty, you will need to look for a site that offers accurate and up to date information. This is because any wrong information that you will get may end up impacting negatively on how you view the SGX Nifty. Fortunately, you can opt to visit Smart Trading Tips,a site from where you can learn more about SGX Nifty and what it entails  Some of the things you may come across include time schedule for SGX Nifty,  rate of SGX Nifty,features of SGX Nifty to mention a few.

Every information you get from Smart Trading Tips will come in handy especially if you are into stock exchange trading. To make it even better, you are sure of getting daily tips on how to trade without making huge losses.  In order to ensure that you are on the right track, the site gives out one tip per day.In addition, you are able to follow the SGX Nifty live to catch a glimpse of how everything is faring on.This action guarantees a successful trading since they have been clearly examined by their team of experts who are experienced in the field.

SGX Nifty Opening and Closing Time

Before trading, it is important that you know the timings of SGX Nifty. This information is beneficial as it will help you know everything which takes place from the time it is opened to the closing time. Unlike the Indian Nifty which starts at 9:15 am and closes at 3:30 pm, the SGX Nifty is operation for 16 hours (6:30 am- 11:30 pm). This timing is quite favorable and helps so many investors especially those who really want to invest in the Indian market but cannot do it successfully.

Investors are highly advised to trade with discipline if they are to achieve their goals. This is because then stock exchange can at times be very tricky thus you may not get what you need. However, by trading with discipline, you will never again have to count your losses.

Paydayiom Offers the Most Trustworthy Payday Loans UK Online For Up To £5000

BRGM08 Girl with Cash

Bournemouth, Dorset (April 18, 2019) – The need for funds hits families at inappropriate times. But, the thing they find is that they cannot escape from the situation and they have no other option other than spending money. The question that arises in their mind at such a situation is where to get funds? If they are in the United Kingdom and if they get income regularly on a monthly basis, these individuals in immediate need for money can knock at the doors of Paydayiom. The company stands the best choice for trustworthy payday loans UK Online.

The company with the right understanding of the financial struggles faced by people offers them the facility to apply for short-term finances online within a short period. The company offers this financing as the easy and the quick solution to address the challenging financial situation that can hit breadwinners at any time of their lives.

The good thing about relying on this company for short-term financial needs is that the rates charged by them on these loans start at 35.9%. Moreover, they have clearly stated that the utmost APR on their financing is 1304.0%. With a minimum loan term of three months, the borrowers can get some time to repay the funds borrowed. Also, the company gives a maximum period of 36 months for repayments. So, borrowers need not have to worry about paying back the borrowed money on the very next payday.

When it comes to short term loans UK, Paydayiom is the best choice because they are responsible, convenient and safe to borrow. Also, the company makes connecting a lender easier for borrowers as compared to what they were thinking for so long. Even though the company offers payday loans, they do not ask the borrowers to submit their bank statements, pay slips, references or even a personal guarantor for allocating the funds they need.

Even though the company does not guarantee to fund individuals, who are not employed and who have bad credit, still they can apply for a loan with Paydayiom. The company will try to do its best to find a good solution for such a person. The primary goal of the company is to match the person requesting for funds with a lender, who can rightly meet his/her, needs.

In addition to all these reasons the company claims “You don’t have to travel far to get the secured loans you need. With us, the entire process is online”. In short, the reasonable pricing, association with direct UK Lenders, fair treatment and electronic handling of the entire process all these things make this company the right choice for payday loans.


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Easy Way to Book your Flight Tickets

The internet is playing a very important role when it comes to offering services and selling goods. We can now rely on the internet to access various services like booking air tickets at any time of the day. To do this successfully, you will have to depend on an online website that offers the best flight deals.

One of the most notable online sites when it comes to booking air tickets online is Airpaz. With Airpaz, you no longer have to worry about missing a flight since they offer the best flight deals from the different favorite airlines. This is regardless of whether you are using Malaysia Airlines, Malindo, Air Asia, Jetstar just to list but a few. The good thing about Airpaz booking online is that you can have a look at the different prices that various flight operators have to offer. With this information, it becomes easy to get the cheapest flight deal without having to break a sweat.

Airasia booking online has made it easy to book for a flight regardless of your current location. All you need to do is access their website and follow the three simple steps. In case of any problem, you will get assistance from highly trained personnel who are always available. After booking an air ticket online, you can check the status of your bookings and payments. This action ensures that you do not miss your flight after making a booking online.

When it comes to making the payments, you will not go through any difficulty. This is simply because Airasia booking online works with different financial organizations to ensure that you do it easily. You can decide to use bank transfer, internet banking, credit or debit card. After doing this successfully, you will have to wait until your flight is ready.