Frequently Asked Questions about Remodeling and Kitchen Cabinets

Home improvement is an emerging concern to many homeowners. Many people are concerned about the appearance of their homes, more especially the kitchens. This has made them more inquisitive about the kind of kitchen cabinets that they can have. This is not the only question; there are many others that you could have when planning to renovate your kitchen.

We have gathered a list of top questions and their appropriate responses to help you get started.

Q: Is kitchen remodeling expensive?

Yes, kitchen remodeling can be expensive. But this is not a definite answer because there are some projects that can be less costly. You just need to determine the scope to which you are doing your renovating. Once decided, you can get a quote for the cost of the kitchen cabinets that you want to use. This will help you gauge how much you will use.

Q: Must I get a license to start a renovation?

In most states, you have to get a license from the local authority to perform any major renovation. It is safer to consult about this before you get started. But if you are just moving your kitchen cabinets around, you certainly don’t need a license for that.

Q: Can I design on my own?

Yes, you can be your own designer when remodeling your kitchen. But this will mean that you have some skills that are applicable in kitchen designing. If you don’t have any skills, you can get started online using free resources such as Pinterest where you get ideas of how to design your kitchen cabinets.

Q: Are premade cabinets better?

This is a subjective question whose answer is based on personal preference. Both custom and RTA cabinets are great. You just need to decide which of the two options fits your needs.

Q: Which colors should I use?

The color choice depends on many factors. Don’t rush to pick the colors of your kitchen cabinets before considering the existing style and the sources of light. If you have a lot of light, then you can pick any color that you want. But if your light sources are limited, you will need to pick bright colors.

Q: Does the size of my kitchen matter?

Yes, the size always matters. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t get what you want with a smaller kitchen. You should know the options that you have with the amount of space before you get started.

These are the top questions about kitchen cabinets and home remodeling that you should know. If you have a question, always let a professional answer it before you start the project.

How Are Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinets Rated

If you are remodeling your kitchen with an intention of selling, you need to find the perfect color for your cabinets. Buyers are always interested in the kitchen and the color of the cabinets would be their first attraction. Dark blue kitchen cabinets are becoming popular in the real estate market. You can consider this color scheme among many others that are rated highly.

Is dark blue a good choice?

Yes, it is a perfect choice for homeowners intending to stay or sell. The reason why this color is great is that it is a contemporary color option that appeals to modern homeowners.

You just have to ensure that the size of your kitchen fits this color. As a bold color, you need a sizeable kitchen floor that will make this color appear great. You also need lots of natural lighting to lighten the kitchen and make it look lovely. You don’t have to worry about creating warmth in the kitchen because the colors are warm.

Are there other color options?

Of course, there are many other color options that you can use in your kitchen remodeling. If you are uncomfortable with dark blue kitchen cabinets for one reason or the other, you should try these options:

White cabinetry

White is a color that is always trending. You can never go wrong when you choose this color because it is timeless. It is a color choice that allows you to enjoy flexibility in the kitchen because it rhymes with almost every color that you can have in the kitchen. It is a perfect color choice for a person seeking a minimalistic design in the kitchen.

The drawback is that it requires a lot of commitment in maintenance. It attracts and shows dirt very easily, meaning that you have to clean it all the time to make it look clean and crispy.

Gray cabinetry

This is a good middle ground. If you don’t want bright colors like white or dark colors like dark blue kitchen cabinets, you can opt for grey. It has many tones from which you can choose the right one. It is also a contemporary color that is trending.

On the downside, gray might not sustain its trend. Therefore, you should only be comfortable with it if you are going to stay in your home. For selling purposes, it might not work in the future, though nothing is certain about this.

In between these highlighted colors, many other color options are present that can replace dark blue kitchen cabinets. Explore all colors before deciding.

Top Kitchen Ideas with Blue Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Enhancing the look of your kitchen should be a concern if you want to catch up with the latest trends in the kitchen. Cabinetry is one aspect that can help you to achieve this desire. For example, you can decide to light up your kitchen by having blue grey kitchen cabinets installed. If this was your previous cabinetry style, you can opt for other options.

If you want to get started, we can share some great ideas of how to improve the look of your kitchen using cabinetry.

Amazing ideas to improve your cabinetry

Paint them

The first option, which is affordable to many homeowners is to paint the kitchens. You need to choose a new color that will excite you and still fit the overall theme of the kitchen. Blue grey kitchen cabinets have been working well for many kitchens though you can choose a different color if this has been used before.

Put under cabinet lighting

Another great idea that you can borrow to improve the look of your kitchen is to add lighting to your cabinets. You can use the modern LED lights and choose the right colors that will blend with your cabinets. This feature will make your kitchen look great, more especially at night when there is no natural light getting to the kitchen.

Make room for wine

How about adding some room for wine in your cabinetry? This is an amazing tip that makes the kitchen look elegant. Just ensure that you pick the right wine bottles to display in your kitchen to make themlook amazingly beautiful.

Build a butcher-block island

You can spice up the look of your blue grey kitchen cabinets by adding a butcher block island. Forget about the traditional smooth island; get a rough working top as your island. It will create a diversion from the cabinets to make your kitchen all beautiful.

Build a window seat

If you have large windows in your kitchen, you can build great window seats using cabinetry. It is a beautiful addition that makes your kitchen appear stylish. It also increases storage space in the kitchen.

Install crown molding

A beautiful crown molding will add a bit of sophistication to your kitchen. You will need to hire a skilled carpenter to do it swiftly so that you don’t spoil the cabinets.


These simple tricks work and can enhance the appearance of your blue grey kitchen cabinets. You can check the designs online to see how they look before you use them in your kitchen.

The Benefits of Remodeling Your Kitchen Using Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen remodeling is a necessity that some homeowners don’t know. If you want your home to stand out, always ensure that you have an amazing kitchen look. If you have grey kitchen cabinets, you can remodel them to suit your needs.

What most homeowners don’t realize is that remodeling the kitchen has many more benefits than they can imagine.

6 Benefits of kitchen remodeling

Whether you are doing partial or full remodeling, you stand to gain a lot. Here are the top six reasons why kitchen remodeling is beneficial.

  1. Save money in the long term

If you are stuck with outdated grey kitchen cabinets, appliances, and inefficient kitchen fixtures, you are overpaying for the basics without knowing. The cost of power and water will always go up when using an outdated kitchen. Therefore, you can remodel your kitchen and install modern fixtures that will save you money ultimately.

  1. Increases the value of your home

Kitchen remodeling has a great return on investment. As soon as you are done remodeling the kitchen, the value of your home goes up. A home with an increased value is always better for whatever reason you may want to use it.

  1. Sells your home faster

If you are planning to sell your home in the future, you should attempt to install new grey kitchen cabinets when remodeling. Such an improvement will make your home marketable than it is now. You will be surprised how fast you can sell your home if you improve the kitchen’s look.

  1. Get a higher price when selling

Not only will you be able to sell your home fast, but you will also get some good money out of the sale. Buyers have a high affinity towards homes with attractive kitchens. Therefore, you have to ensure that you get the best grey kitchen cabinets during the renovation if you want to get a higher price for your home.

  1. Increases storage space

You also get the benefit of an increased working and storage space when you install new cabinetry. A kitchen with more storage space always looks organized because there is no disorganization that can be seen in the kitchen.

  1. Increases efficiency

It also makes you more efficient in the kitchen. With more space, you can work effectively in the kitchen, saving your valuable time.

Therefore, always choose to install the best grey kitchen cabinets or any other cabinetry that will be part of an important kitchen renovation that changes the look of your kitchen.

How to Care for Black Kitchen Cabinets

If you are a real estate enthusiast who has visited most homes, you will notice a certain trend of homeowners avoiding black kitchen cabinets. Have you ever wondered why this color scheme would be a nightmare for most homeowners? Well, we’ll explore some of the reasons why black remains a feared color in the kitchen.

Black kills space

The top reason why most homeowners fear black kitchen cabinets is that the color kills space in the kitchen. As a dull color, black absorbs light instead of reflecting it. This means that the kitchen would appear smaller than it is. Therefore, a majority of homeowners with relatively smaller kitchens wouldn’t want a color scheme that would make their kitchens appear even smaller than they are.

Therefore, black remains a reserve for extremely large kitchens where homeowners have nothing to worry about space.

Black is dull

In modern homes, the kitchen has become a central place in a home, which plays an important role. Most family activities take place in the kitchen, as opposed to the traditional view of the kitchen being a cooking area. Some families have dining areas in their kitchens in form of kitchen islands.

In such homes, installing black kitchen cabinets can make the room appear dull instead of warm and welcoming. This is why homeowners prefer color schemes that are exciting and would make the kitchen feel warmer.

Requires more lighting

If you choose to install black cabinets in your kitchen, then you must also invest in lighting. Since black does not reflect light, you will need more lighting in the kitchen to make it look livelier. You can achieve this by adding more light fixtures, which will cost you more. Since homeowners do not want to overspend money during renovations, they opt for colors that do not need extra lighting fixtures.

No return on investment

If you are remodeling your kitchen for selling, then choosing black does not help to increase the value of your home. Most new buyers prefer color schemes that are trending with black not being among the top options. You will have to find a homeowner who appreciates the value of a dull color in the kitchen for you to maximize your home’s value.

Final say:

These are the top reasons why most homeowners fear black. Otherwise, black kitchen cabinets can be really amazing in the kitchen. You just need to check out a few homes with this kind of cabinetry to see if you will like it.

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets A Perfect Choice for Any Kitchen Style

One of the toughest decisions that homeowners have to make when remodeling their kitchens is choosing the right color scheme for their cabinets. White is always a top option in the kitchen that homeowners can fall back to when they don’t have any other ideas.

So, are white shaker kitchen cabinets ideal for you? The only way you can determine the right answer to this is by comparing the pros and cons.

The benefits of white cabinets

Here are some of the top benefits that you will get when you have white cabinets in your kitchen.

  1. A clean-looking kitchen

There is no doubt that white brings out the best of your kitchen. If you want the kitchen to appear clean, you should install white cabinets.

  1. Makes the kitchen look bigger

If you have a small kitchen space, you might benefit a lot from white shaker kitchen cabinets. The color white is known for reflecting light, which makes the kitchen appear larger than it is. It is a great benefit for homeowners with smaller kitchens.

  1. Elegant look

For many years, the white color has been used in the kitchen as a representation of elegance. This is not bound to change anytime soon as many homeowners still use the color as a show of elegance.

  1. Increases resale value

A majority of people still prefer a white kitchen. White shaker kitchen cabinets can work well in your kitchen to increase the value of your home since it matches the demand of the market. If you are planning to sell your home, you can get a lot of money by improving the look of your kitchen.

Drawbacks of a white kitchen

Some of the reservations that you should be aware of about a white kitchen include:

  1. Gets dirty easily

White shaker kitchen cabinets attract dirt easily. This means that you have to wipe or clean your cabinets constantly to keep them clean. It is an extra task that you must know before you decide to have white cabinets installed in your kitchen.

  1. Feels cold

The color white is very cold and most people find it too clinical. It needs a lot of warm lighting to make it a great place to spend time in.

  1. Show wear and tear

As your cabinets start wearing and tearing, the color white does not hide the unwanted wear and tear.

Final say:

You just need to consider these pros and cons before settling on white shaker kitchen cabinets as your choice for the next kitchen remodeling project.

How to Design the Best Mid Century Modern Kitchen

The kind of kitchen that you have in your house depends on your taste and personal preference. When planning for remodeling, you should consider a combination of factors that will keep you informed of the best kitchen options.

Is a mid-century modern kitchen a good option?

The mid-century modern kitchen can be an excellent option for your next kitchen remodeling project. You just need to base your decision on a few factors that would help in enhancing the look of your kitchen.


You will know that the mid-century kitchen is for you if you have enough space in your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, the design might not work for you as it requires a lot of space in the kitchen.


The amount and type of lighting that is needed is also a major concern that you need to fulfill to make the best out of your remodeling project. A mid-century modern look requires a lot of lighting in the kitchen. The light fixture added should be warm to make the kitchen feel welcoming.


Mid-century modern kitchens have clean lines. The kind of organizational structure that you adapt to should be clearly neat. This means that you need to consider function as a key approach to renovating your kitchen. The added cabinets should be functional to avoid having extras that make the kitchen look overloaded.

Where to find great ideas

If you want to have a mid-century modern kitchen, you must be precise. This means that the ideas you get must be legitimate. You can start by checking out the following:

Online retail stores

Multiple online retail stores have mid-century modern kitchen cabinets for sale. You just need to observe the features of the cabinets they are selling and ensure they fit your personal taste and the requirements of a mid-century modern kitchen.

Compare furniture from different online stores before settling on a single one. This will expose you to more options and great deals.

Physical stores

You can also schedule a quick walk to the local furniture stores to find your kitchen cabinets. It is always simpler if the local store is bigger because there will be variety for you to choose from.

Work with an interior designer

You can also work with an interior designer who will help you find the best kitchen cabinets that fit your needs. You’ll pay for consultation but there is a guarantee that you will find the perfect furniture for your mid-century modern kitchen.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets Brings Classic Flair Into Your Home

The decision to improve the appearance of your kitchen is one of the best things that you can do in your home. This is true because you spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen. One of the remodeling options that you have is to paint your kitchen cabinets. Painted kitchen cabinets are increasingly becoming popular among homeowners. So, is it an option worth exploring?

Top 6 benefits of painted kitchen cabinets

Opting for painted kitchen cabinets can be an amazing decision. Here are six reasons why you should do so.

  1. Cost-saving

You will know that painted cabinets are a great option for you if you are working on a budget. It is an excellent way to save money since it doesn’t require much like when buying new cabinets. Therefore, you will be saving a lot of money and achieve near-same results like buying new cabinets.

  1. Quicker turnaround

If you are looking for a solution that can be implemented within a day or so, then painted kitchen cabinets are the best. This kitchen remodeling solution has a quicker turnaround compared to other options such as buying, which involves a lot of procurement and installation.

  1. Instant new look

The idea behind kitchen remodeling is to give your kitchen a new look. If you target the cabinets and paint them, they will give your kitchen an instantaneous new look. You can enjoy the new look for many years to come.

  1. Unlimited color choice

You can choose whichever color that you want in your kitchen if you are opting to paint your cabinets. This is unlike buying new cabinets where you are limited to the specific colors that are available. When painting your cabinets, you only need to buy the paint color that you want then you are good to go.

  1. Increases your home’s value

One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is by giving your kitchen cabinets a fresh look. A painting job is very cheap but can go a long way to help in raising the total value of your home. Therefore, if you are looking for ways of making more money when selling your house, you should opt for painted kitchen cabinets.

  1. More ecofriendly

Finally, if you are concerned about the environment, then you should opt for painting your cabinets. This option ensures that nothing goesto waste.

Final say:

You should opt for painted kitchen cabinets if all these benefits are great to you. Otherwise, take time to research other options before committing to painted cabinets.

Great Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Flatpanel kitchen cabinets are gaining popularity amongst modern homeowners. Just as the name sounds, they don’t have a detailed appearance like shaker cabinets but look like flat slabs. It is a relatively new style that homeowners are yet to accept fully. However, if you are interested in this cabinetry option, we can share ideas that will help you improve your kitchen’s appearance using flatpanel kitchen cabinets.

Flat-panel cabinets in a white kitchen

Have you ever considered an all-white kitchen? This is an exciting idea that can work well with flat-panel cabinets. Adopting this style will give your kitchen a fresh and stylish look. The cabinets will be at the center of attraction in the kitchen. You just have to ensure that the color is always sparkling.

Create drama with a little black paint

You can add some drama to the kitchen by painting black in the kitchen cabinets. You don’t have to all black, you just need to add a little paint of black in your cabinets. Ensure that the dominant color is shining so that the black can be used for creating drama.

Create a welcoming mood

You can use flatpanel kitchen cabinets to create a welcoming mood in the kitchen. The first thing that you must do is to use softwood in your cabinets. Wood is an excellent choice for creating warmth in the kitchen and it will always be welcoming. You can also add some recessed light in the kitchen to give it a completely welcoming mood.

Choose eye-catching hardware

The kind of hardware you choose for your kitchen needs to be eye-catching. Since the flatpanel kitchen cabinets are minimalistic, you have a chance through the hardware to show off what you have in the kitchen.

Don’t clutter

You should go fully minimalistic when using flat-panel kitchen cabinets. This is an exciting idea because it makes your kitchen appear modern as well. A minimalistic kitchen looks very beautiful and well-thought. So, you should not use your cabinets to store many unused things. Be very selective on what you put on the cabinets; they need to be purposeful and attractive.

Be geometric

Finally, you should strive to be as geometric as possible by using geometric pulls to pair your flat-panel kitchen cabinets. This idea works well for a minimalistic kitchen.

Final say:

These are excellent ideas that you can use to enhance the appearance of your flatpanel kitchen cabinets.Always ensure that the style that you choose is what makes you happy.

What Determines Cost of New Kitchen Cabinets

Cost is one of the key considerations that homeowners have in mind whenever they are planning any home renovation project that involves kitchen cabinets. Many homeowners do not have an idea of the cost of new kitchen cabinets and would easily fall prey to exorbitant furniture sellers.

There are both cheap and expensive kitchen cabinets in the market. So, how will you know the cost of new kitchen cabinets?

Factors that determine the cost of new kitchen cabinets

The cost of new kitchen cabinets should be determined by a combination of important factors. Therefore, next time you go shopping for your new kitchen cabinets, always look at the following factors:

Type of wood used

The first important factor that determines the cost of cabinets is the type of wood. Cabinets can have the same design and color but vary in the wood used. Wood is a raw material that varies in price, thus, the variation will reflect on the cost of the cabinet.

Hardwood is more expensive compared to softwood. However, other wood factors also come into play in determining the cost of cabinets.

Style and finish

The attractiveness of kitchen cabinets is also a major factor of consideration that determines the cost of new kitchen cabinets. If it is appealing to the eye, it is likely to be more expensive than a lesser attractive cabinet.


The color might also influence the cost ofnew kitchen cabinets. However, on its own, the color cannot show a considerable variation in the pricing of new cabinets. Availability of colors is what makes some colors more expensive and others less expensive.

Where you buy

You can also get the same quality of kitchen cabinets retailing at different prices. Therefore, where you buy the cabinets is also a factor that you must consider when thinking about the cost. Online retail stores are cheaper than local furniture stores.

How to get the best prices?

You should use the following tips if you want to get the best prices when buying kitchen cabinets:

  • Compare different stores: Determine the kind of kitchen cabinets and compare the cost in different stores, both online and physical retail stores.
  • Bargain: It is possible to bargain when buying new rtakitchen cabinets. You will be surprised at how significantly you can reduce the cost of new kitchen cabinets.
  • Assemble yourself: If you assemble the cabinets yourself, you will reduce the cost of purchase.


Always conduct due diligence when buying new kitchen cabinets. This will help you to get an idea of the cost of the new kitchen cabinets that you want.