Iran-US Tensions: All You Need to Know

Fears of a war between Iran and the United States continue to intensify after Iranian forces shot down a US drone. On Thursday, Iran said they had successfully downed an unmanned aircraft in Iranian airspace. However, the US said their drone was in international territory before it was finally hit by a surface-to-air-missile. The quick developing events have activated international alarm and impelled concern the standoff is eventually going to escalate into a major open confrontation between the two nations.

Latest Happenings

On Monday 24th, the Iranian government said they will not be shaken by the new US sanctions as it will have “no impact”. “We really do not know what the new sanctions are and what they want to target anymore, and also do not consider them to have any impact,” said Abbas Mousavi at a press conference in Tehran.

Since the escalation of these tensions, the US has already imposed a robust slate of punitive sanctions on Tehran. These sanctions were aimed at choking off Iranian oil sales while at the same time crippling its economy. On Monday, Hesamodin Ashna, the advisor to President Hassan Rouhani twitted “America’s claim of readiness for unconditional negotiation is not acceptable with the continuation of threats and sanctions. We consider war and sanctions to be two sides of the same coin.

US Secretary of State Meeting withSaudi Arabia’s King

On Monday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo twitted that he had discussed the heightened tensions in the region with Salman, Saudi Arabia’s King during a meeting in Jeddah.He also said that they talked about the need to promote maritime security in the region following attacks on oil tankers in Gulf Waters which Riyadh and Washington are blaming Iran. However, Tehran has completely denied these charges.

President Trump Willing to Talk to Iran

A senior US official said President Donald Trump is ready and willing to talk to Iran concerning a deal that would lift American sanctions but Tehran would have to close its nuclear and missile programmed as well as its support for proxies. On the other hand, US Special Representative on Iran Brian Hook told reporters that Iran could ‘come to the table or watch its economy crumble”. He however, refused to give more details about the new US sanctions that are expected later on Monday. Hook was speaking by telephone from Oman where he is currently touring Gulf countries before heading to Paris.

Iran-US tensions are set to escalate even further as more sanctions continue to be imposed by the US government on Iran.  Saudi Arabia’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs has warned Iran about more sanctions if it continued its “aggressive policies” but said Riyadh had no intension of going into war. For now we only have to wait and see what new sanctions the US is going to impose and how Iran is going to respond to these sanctions. It is only then that we can know how this tension will fair on.

NASA’S New Atomic Clock: An Innovation That is set to Make Deep Space Travel Safer

NASA is set to begin the testing of their new one-way navigation system by making use of a small atomic clock.  With thisnew NASA’s Deep Atomic Clock, a spacecraft can safely fly themselves to far off destinations such as Mars and the Moon. Before the introduction of this one of a kind invention, a spacecraft could go by calculating its current location in relation to the Earth.

Now that we have the Deep Atomic Clock, data can be sentvia a relay system that has the ability to take almost everything from minutes to hours passed along. Even though this system is currently working quite well with close-to-earth missions, we will still need a new invention in order to navigate the deep-space projects.

Launch Date

NASA is expected to start testing the Deep Atomic Clock in June once it has already been launched on the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket into the orbit of Earth for one year.  The Atomic Clock will be tested rigorously to check whether it will be able to give a helping hand to spacecraft whenever they want to locate themselves.

If the test goes as planned, it could prove beneficial to space exploration since the doors to a one way navigation will be opened. This action is then set to allow both crewed and autonomous spacecraft to fly into deep space without encountering any problems on the way. At the moment, spacecraft that explore deep space are controlled on Earth by navigators. With the Deep Space Atomic Clock, this will be a thing of the past as it enables onboard autonomous navigation according to Jill Seubert, the deputy principal investigator.

GPS and Smartphones are Inaccurate for Deep Space

GPS and Smartphones have proved inaccurate for deep space exploration. This is because they tend to determine their location by sending data to atomic clocks on satellites that are currently orbiting the Earth. In order to determine the position of the device, we would then have to triangulate its position in relation to the atomic clock.

Spacecraft can no longer make use of GPS since any small inaccuracy will mean vast distances. Therefore, a spacecraft is forced to use giant satellites to send signals which then bounce back to Earth. With accurate clocks on the ground, they are able to measure the duration that the message takes, to send and receive. It is then that navigators can tell how far away the spacecraft is. Furthermore, they can also detect how fast it is travelling. However, despite the system being sound, it may take a long time for the messages to be sent and received. Fortunately NASA is already working on this.

NASA’s new Deep Space Atomic Clock is set to change space exploration completely once it has been fully tested. As more tests continue to be done, we will wait and see how the Deep Space Atomic Clock is going to change space exploration.

MSI GE75 RAIDER 8SG: The Best Laptop for Video Game Lovers

If you love playing video games on your Personal Computer, you will need to make use of the best machine available in the market. With the many options available, you can find it hard in choosing the best gaming laptop. However, this is no longer a problem since you can now make use of the MSI GE75 Raider 8SG gaming laptop.This feature packed laptop is designed to make your gaming life enjoyable as it contains the latest technological inventions.

The MSI GE75 Raider 8SG gaming laptop makes use of NVIDIA GeForce RTX to deliver the ultimate gaming experience.To make it even better, the smart rigs contained in this state of the art gaming laptop are powered by the new NVIDIA Turing GPU architecture together with a revolutionary RTX platform. In addition, you will get a clear view of the game at any angle thanks to the IPS-Level Display True-to-True visual.

Another notable feature of the MSI GE75 Raider 8SG gaming laptop is the Per-Key RGB gaming keyboard. With this keyboard, you can customize each key to your liking while also receiving real-time-in-game status.You can even dance to the tunes as you enjoy your favorite video game. This is made possible through the keyboard lighting.

With the many features contained in MSI GE75 Raider 8SG gaming laptop, you must be ready to dig deeper into your pockets if you are to lay your hands on one. This gaming laptop is readily available in online stores such as Amazon at a starting price of 2,699 Euros. The price is worth it since you are sure of getting an all-round performance together with a 17.3-inch diagonal display. Furthermore, the gaming laptop will be shipped directly to your country of residence thus saving you on transport and shipping charges.

Fitbit Alta HR: A Fitness Tracker You Should Consider Having

Maintaining your physical fitness is one of the things that you need to consider if you are to live a long life.This is because your health really matters a lot if you are to avoid developing complications which may at times prove difficult to handle. In order to ensure the safety of your health you will have to get yourself a fitness tracker.Unfortunately, not every fitness tracker that you come across will help you in checking your overall fitness. To be on the safe side, you will have to choose the very best. At the moment, Fitbit Alta HR is the fitness tracker that you should be having.

Fitbit Alta HR is feature packed making it one of the best trackers in the market. With this tracker, you can track all your steps, distances and calories burned while at the same time getting motivation whenever you are achieving your fitness goals.  Additionally, you can also track your sleep and see your time spent in light, deep and REM sleep stages. This action is powered by PurePulse heart rate.

What makes Fitbit Alta HR, a good fitness tracker worth considering is the fact that you can stay connected with text, call and calendar notifications on display. Unfortunately, your phone must be nearby if you are to get the most out of this feature.All this is made possible without having to recharge it each and every time like a smartwatch. This is because a fully charged battery of the Fitbit Alta HR fitness tracker lasts the whole week. Any person who wants to lay their hands on the Fitbit Alta HR fitness tracker must be ready to part with 80 Euros. This is quite cheaper considering the numerous benefits that you are set to enjoy.

Narendra Modi Secures Landslide Win in India’s General Elections

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has secured another five year term in office after winning a landslide victory in India’s general election. Mr. Modi’s party, Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) looks set to win close to 300 parliamentary seats out of the 543 in what Mr. Modi hailed as a historic mandate. Indian main’s opposition party, headed by Rahul Gandhi has already admitted defeat in the general election which had more than 600 million people voting in a period of six weeks. Speaking at a press conference in New Delhi, Mr. Gandhi conceded losing the general elections together with his Amethi seat in Uttar Pradesh which has been held by his family for many decades now.

Narendra Modi

As per the announced results, Mr. Modi’s BJP is expected to clinch about 300 parliamentary seats. This number combined with the close to 50 seats won by BJP’s allies means the party is set to have about 350 seats in parliament. On the other hand, India’s main opposition party, the Congress Party, is only expected to win not more than 55 parliamentary elections. Mr. Modi has not only exceeded the poll predictions but has also won more votes when compared to the 2014 partial elections.

In order for a party or coalition to form the government in India, it needs to have at least 272 seats in the 53-member lower house of parliament or Lok Sabha. In 2014, Mr. Modi’s BJP party won 282 seats making it the biggest victory by any party in 30 years. The congress party also suffered the worst defeat during 2014 general elections after only winning 44 parliamentary seats. During this year’s elections, close to 900 million people were eligible to take part, making it the largest elections to have been witnessed worldwide. These elections were done in seven rounds of voting.

The historic win has proven that people are not blaming Prime Minister Modi for the issues experienced during the last years while in power including an increase in unemployment rates. This means people have faith in his leadership and are willing to let him lead the country until the next elections.

Samsung Galaxy S10 plus Olympic Games Treatment

Over the last couple of months, Samsung has launched Olympic Editions of multiple flagships ranging from Galaxy S to Galaxy Note series. These gadgets have been proven to be a force to reckon with ever since they were first introduced into the market. Following the success of these high-end smartphones, Samsung has now made things even better by launching Samsung Galaxy S10 plus Olympic Games Treatment. This unique phone which was announced in partnership with telecom operator NTT Docomo is entirely based on the flagship’s Prism White variant.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 plus comes fully packed with features such as a 6.4 inch QHD together with a curved AMOLED display. In addition to this, it also has a Snapdragon 855 which powers the phone while paired with 8GB of RAM. For those who like taking pictures and videos, the Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusOlympic Games Treatment comes with a camera hardware which includes a 16-megapixel ultra-wide angle lens,12-megapixel wide-angle lens and a 12-megapixel megaphoto.

For those who wish to lay their hands on this phone, you will have to visit Docom’s online shop. Unfortunately, Samsung will onlyrelease 10,000 units of the limited edition phone in commemoration of the 2020 Olympics which will be held in Tokyo, Japan. It is not clearly known when Samsung will start selling the phone officially although some speculations say they will be made available at some point in July. As for the global markets, nothing is known about the release of Samsung Galaxy S10 plus Olympic Games Treatment.

However, you should not expect this phone to come at a throw away price since it is specifically designed to make your experience better. You should, therefore, make sure that you have set aside enough money if you are to get hold of the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus Olympic Games Treatment.

Translating Your Tone As well As Your Words Using Google’s Prototype Al Translator

It is with no doubt that communication depends on more than what a person has to say. The manner in which you say it is just as important as what you wish to say.It is for this reason that Google has now introduced the latest Prototype of Al Translator which not only translates the words that come from your mouth but also the cadence and tone of your voice. This system commonly referred to as the Translatotron has taken the world of communication by storm ever since it was first put into use.

What makes the Translatotron a force to reckon with is the fact that it translates speech directly from input to audio without necessarily having to translate it into the normal intermediary text. This Al model is well-known to enhance performance by getting rid of stops for subsidiary actions and tasks. In addition, the Translatotron guarantees faster results without necessarily having to encounter the possible risks of introducing multiple errors whenever you are going through multiple translation steps.

When it comes to translating speech from one language to another, the Translatotron makes use of spectrogram data or in other words a detailed visualization of sound. This is unlike most translators which only process raw audio hence you can never experience the mind-bogging pictures that are common withthe Translatotron.

However, just like most Google translation inventions, we will have to wait and see whether the Translatotron is worth using. This is because some Google translation efforts have not worked out as most people would expect.  It is for this reason that we should be skeptical about how systems like the Translatotron will work in the future. Despite this, the Translatotron by Google is still a good system that you can consider using when translating languages.

Xiaomi is about to launch it’s one of the best ‘S’ series Smartphone

Have you been looking for the best featured mid budget smartphone? If so, then this news is for you. Yes, Xiaomi is now going to launch its one of the best S series smartphone at a very pocket friendly prices. Xiaomi is one of the leading and trusted brands in Indian Smartphone Market. It has earned it’s big fame in the smartphone world in India and offering the low budget smartphones with very exclusive features.

Soon, you will see the new Redmi Note 7S series smartphone as company is going to launch this smartphone on 20th may. It is said that the Redmi S series smartphone has the same 48 MP rear camera like the Redmi Note 7 Pro. This is the very first time, when Xiaomi is going to launch it’s  S series in India.

The MD of the Xiaomi India, Manu Kumar Jain has twitted this news and informed about this S series Smartphone launch date. It is being expected that it’s most of the features are similar to Redmi Note 7 like it will have the dot drop notch, glass body and so on. But, there is no information about the price of this S series smartphone. It is expected the price would be under INR 16999 only, as the Redmi Note 7 series starts at price of INR 9999 only.

As the market cap of the Xiaomi is consistantly increasing so it is important for the company to launch the new featured Smartphones. You will love the beauty of this smartphone as it is not good, but it is the best smartphone in this price range. You can buy this smartphone from MI official website after some days of launch. So, stay tuned with us to read more information on latest Technological Gadgets.

The Prodigy of Computer Vision Technology in Camera Based Augmented Reality Systems

Technology has greatly impacted in our lives to the extent that we can no longer stay happy without using a technological invention. For the very first time,technological innovations have changed computing since we can now enjoy thebeauty of both the physical and virtual world.  All this has been made possible thanks to Augmented Reality (AR), an invention that has the capabilities of instilling wonder and awe. Nowadayswe have a new creative economy, where digital media is given life thus interacting with the normal world.

Augmented Reality can be made visible in so many devices including mobile phones, head-mounted displays, glasses, screens to mention a few. To make it even better, AR has been designed to involve other high end technologies like the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping commonly abbreviated as S.L.A.M and depth tracking which is responsible for tracking distant objects.

One of the areas in which Augmented Reality is now being used is in the design of cameras. Camera based AR systems have the ability to collect enough data about the interaction of a user and sending it for further processing. All it takes is for the cameras on devices to carefully examine the surroundings before eventually using this information to locate physical objects. Once the object has been located the camera based AR system will then generate 3D models of the same. This may take place in a common camera like the one on your smartphone or more advanced cameras such as the one by Microsoft HoloLens.

With Augmented Reality, you can easily enjoy both the digital and real world thus creating a memorable experience. It is expected that AR will be made even better in the coming years as more and more research continues totake place. Once this happens, we will be able to greatly benefit from what Augmented Reality has to offer.

Redmi Note 7 Pro, Sale is on now!


Redmi Note 7 Pro, the new smartphone of Xiaomi, is going to resume today. This smartphone will be sold through Flipkart, and This smartphone was launched by the company in late February and its first sale was in March. The most remarkable thing in Redmi Note 7 Pro is that it has a 48 megapixel primary rear camera. It can be estimated by the fact that more than 2 lakh units were sold during the first sale. If you wish to purchase this phone in such a way, then log in and keep the phone in your cart.

The double benefit of this cell can be availed. If you bought Redmi Note 7 Pro in the sale and you are using Reliance Jio, then there will be double data benefit on recharge of Rs. 198 or above. If you are an Airtel Subscribers then you will get data for up to 1120GB free. Apart from this, the company is also giving benefits to Unlimited Calling and Airtel Thanks Benefit.


Redmi Note 7 Pro has a 48-megapixel rear camera. Its 4GB + 64GB variant is priced at 13999 rupees. The price of 6GB + 128GB variant is Rs. 16999. This smartphone has a Waterdrop Style Note. It is present in Mobile Space Black, Neptune Blue and Nebula Red Color Option. This smartphone is only available in India and China.

Its display is 6.3 inches. Both the front and back have been protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Talking about the processor, the Octa Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor has been used. The Adreno 612 graphical processing unit is equipped with gaming features. The selfie camera is 13 megapixels. The battery is 4000mAh. This smartphone comes preloaded with Android 9 pie-based MiUI 10.