Sudan’s Coup Leader Awad Ibn Auf Finally Steps Down

Sudan’s Defense Minister Awad Ibn Auf has stepped down after leading a coup to oustlongtime leader Omar alBadhor   This came as a wave of protests continued to hit the streets with protesters claiming he was too close to Mr. Bashir. Announcing his decision on state T.V, the head of Sudan’s military council named Lt-GenAbdel Fattah Abdelrahman Burhan as his successor. Mr. Bashir’s downfall comes after months of protests in the country which began in December amid the rising prices. The army is expected to stay in power for two years before eventually holding free and fair elections.

Mr. Ibn Auf who served as head of military intelligence in the 2000s during the Darfur conflict is facing sanctions from the US which were imposed on him in 2007. His resignation was followed with chants of t fell again” from protesters who had refused to leave the streets. The Sudan Professionals Association, a group behind the protests termed Mr. Ibn Auf’s decision to step down as a victory for all the demonstrators. They are also demanding for a smooth transition of government from the military to civilian rule before they can finally come back home.

Lt-Gen Abdel Fatteh Abfelrahman Burhan, the man in charge is believed to have a clean record as per reports from the AP. He has even made an effort to meet with the protesters in order to hear what they have to say. Despite the ousting of President Bashir on Thursday, protesters refused to disperse, with most of them setting camp outside the army’s headquarters in Khartoum. This was done in defiance of a curfew which had been put in place by the military. On Friday, Sudan’s military council spokesman said the army was not planning to stay in power but instead would listen to the views of protesters. Whether this is going to be put in place is still a mystery to the many protesters who wanted change.

Lenovo Z5: Feature Rich Smartphone with an iPhone-x Like Design

Lenovo smartphone lovers now have a reason to put a smile on their face since the company is planning to launch a feature rich smartphone, Lenovo Z5. This high-end Smartphone comes fully equipped with a 6.2 Inch full-HD + IPS displays which bears an 18.7:9 aspect ratio. Lenovo Z5 is expected to give other smartphones competition since it has every feature that you may need be it high quality cameras, security features just to list a few. You will, therefore, never regret buying one since it fits everything that you are for in a smartphone.

If you are into pictures and videos then the Lenovo Z5 will be a good catch since it boasts of a 16MP+8MP dual rear camera together with an 8MP selfie snapper at the front. These cameras are designed to offer maximum results that will leave you yearning for more pictures and videos.

Lenovo Z5 is powered by an Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset which comes fully equipped with 6GB of RAM together with an internal storage of 64GB or 128GB depending on the model that you wish to buy. Unfortunately, the phone does not have an expandable memory option and hence you have to make do with the 64GB or 128GB variants. In addition to this, the handset does not have a powerful battery although it allows fast charging that is meant to make up for its defect.

Lenovo Z5 is expected to be launched on 31st May 2019 at a starting price of Rs.13, 600 in the Indian market.  This is cheaper considering the numerous features that Lenovo Z5 brings. As Lenovo lovers continue waiting for the launch date, we hope that it will come with every mentioned feature thus giving users the best experience ever.

2 Indian Air Force Personnel Killed in a Road Accident

Two people working with the Indian Air Force (IAF) including a squadron leader have lost their lives as many more sustained injuries in a road accident that occurred on Thursday near Awantipora’s Air Force in Jammu and Kashmiir’s Pulwama as per reports from a defense official. According to the official, the two Indian Air Force personnel who were killed are Squadron Leader Rakesh Pandey and Corporal Ajay Kumar. Other two personnel including an airman and an officer have been rushed to hospital in order to get medical attention after sustaining injuries during the accident.

The real cause of the accident is yet to be known since the two IAF personnel were traveling in a vehicle before the accident took place. However, the Indian Air Force is looking into the matter to determine the reason behind this accident which has stolen the lives of two Indian heroes.

This latest accident comes at a time when India has seen an improvement in the quality of their roads thus impacting greatly on safety.  However, quality and safety are still an ongoing progress and the Indian government cannot take their eyes off the roads. This is highly evident in the increasing quality of India’s roads with the number of lanes separated by a median now rising.

As we await the report on this latest accident, drivers are advised to exercise caution in order to reduce the number of accident on roads in India. This can be achieved by observing all road rules to the letter. In addition to this, drivers should make sure that their vehicles are in good condition before embarking on a journey. Once this is done, we will no longer here about lost lives as a result of accidents which would have otherwise been avoided if the correct measures were put in place.

Taliban Storms Bala Murghab District Killing Dozens

Bala Murghab district in Afghanistan’s Western Badghis province was stormed by Taliban fighters, with both the insurgent group and Afghan government forces troops suffering from dozens of casualties as per reports from a provincial official. For the past two months, Bala Murghab district has been a war zone between the Taliban and Afghan government forces. Officials have even warned that the district might end up falling in the hands of Taliban forces if they do not receive reinforcement soon enough.

Fighting in Afghanistan appears to have reached new heights ahead of the usual spring season with both parties looking to increase leverage before reaching a peace settlement agreement. The attacks which began on Wednesday night has led to the killing of 36 members of the Afghan government forces. Bala Murghab district governor, Waris Sherzad said the Taliban captured several security checkpoints during the attack. The Taliban also suffered setbacks during the attack with close to 30 Taliban’s being killed.

Taliban spokesman Qari Yousuf Ahmadi said that they attacked the district from four different directions, capturing five key checkpoints as a result of the attack. The recurring conflict in Badghis is very intense in the Helmand province and along the northern Kunduz province. In last month’s attacks, the two sides suffered heavy casualties and at one point 50 members of the government forces were forced to surrender to the Taliban.

Afghan citizens have also been the biggest losers with The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) placing the number of displaced people in Kunar and Nangarhar provinces at 21,000. The latest round of peace talks between Taliban officials and the U.S ended last month with both sides claiming that they were making proceeds. However, the latest series of attacks does not seem to show this since more lives are being lost.

NASA Terms “Mission Shakti” Unacceptable After Creating 400 Pieces of Debris

India’s destruction of their own satellite has caused concern to world bodies with the head of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) terming it a “terrible action”. According to NASA head, Jim Bridenstine, the destruction has led to creation of close to 400 pieces of orbital debris. In addition to this, it has also endangered the lives of astronauts who are on board the International Space Station (ISS). Jim Bridenstine, the head of NASA was addressing employees after India had shot down one of their low-orbiting satellite. This action was intended to showcase how India has emerged as one of the world’s advanced space powers.

The low-orbiting satellite was destroyed at an altitude of 300 kilometers. This is way below the International Space Station and many satellites present in orbit. NASA is at the moment tracking the pieces left behind by the missile although not all of them are big enough to be tracked. At the moment, close to 60 pieces of orbital debris have been tracked by NASA with majority of them measuring 10 centimeters or more.

Even though India has joined the likes of USA and China as the most notable space powers, their missile launch is still a thing of concern. The launch which has be given the  name “Mission Shakti” by the Indian government is viewed as unacceptable by NASA considering the impact that it will have on the lives of human beings. However, it is still a step in the right direction considering not many countries can be able to pull off such a stunning show.

At the moment, NASA and the US military are tracking objects available in space in order to determine whether they might cause a collision risk for satellites and ISS. Most of these objects are bigger than ten centimeters. As the tracking continues, we will have to wait and see how the mission will impact on the lives of astronauts and the human race in general.

SSC CHSL Online Registration to be Closed Today

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is today (April 5) expected to close their online registration for the combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) exams. Candidates who have attained a 10+2 pass qualification are eligible to register for the exams. However, candidates must be between the age of 18-27 years if they are be allowed à chance of applying for the exams. The Combined Higher Secondary Level exam is usually held yearly to determine appointments in different positions including Junior Secretariat Assistant/Lower Divisional Clerk and Postal Assistant or sorting assistant. Applicants who are also interested in data entry operator posts in the different Ministries. Departments and offices can also fill the application form.

The current SSC CHSL exam is meant for the 2018 edition with the official notification for the CHSL exams set to be released in December. At the moment, the officials have not offered any information about the vacancies with the details expected to be made public via an official notification.First tier SSC CHSK exams will be held as from July 1 to July 26 with the second tier exams taking place in September.

Candidates who expect to partake in the exams must be ready to part with RS.100 as the application fee. Even though the application will be closed today, candidates can still make their payments online on or before 7th April.  Candidates who rely on offline methods of payment have until 9th April before they can complete the transaction. Women candidates and any candidate who belongs to SC, PwD, ST and ESM eligible for reservation do not have to pay the application fees. The online application SSC CHSL Exam is a step in the right direction since applicants can do it from any location without necessarily having to worry about time. Make sure that you fill the application before it is too late.

Marvel Decides Whether to Tie Up Both Iron Man and Spiderman in Same Universe or Not in PS4

Iron Man VR

Sony is handling the Iron Man PS for PS VR, and Republique creator Camouflaj handles the development duties. At a recent press show conducted to discuss the game, the press asked whether both Iron man and Spiderman share the same universe or not in this PS4 game. This is a logical question as Marvel always mixes up various superhero movies in its cinematic universe resulting in several crossovers. But it isn’t sure yet whether it will be the scenario with this PS4 game. The decision of mixing up both worlds entirely depends upon Marvel now, and Camouflaj cannot make a decision on its behalf.

In Spiderman PS4 game, the Avengers tower was noticed, and Sony is going to publish both the games too. So the Game Revolution, a gaming site is wondering whether Tony Stark and Peter Parker will cross the paths or not.

Camouflaj said that they always wanted to build a different game with an entirely new story. They didn’t want to build the game from already existing stories.

But there is definitely an opportunity to link two worlds, but they are still not sure whether they will be doing it or not. The decision lies with Marvel Games, and if they are ok with interlinking two worlds, then people will see Tony Stark and Peter Parker together in a game too. The advertisement of this game was very exciting as it cites “ You play the Iron Man, fly around the world and destroy foes in this superhero’s suit.”

Facebook Removes Some Millions of Exposed User Records Stored Openly on Amazon’s Servers


Facebook announced that it had removed some millions of public user databases containing its user data in’s cloud servers after the cybersecurity firm Upguard has discovered millions of the exposed records.

Upguard’s Cyber Risk team has announced in a blog post that Mexico City-based news website Cultura Colectiva used the Amazon servers to store nearly 540 million records of Facebook users openly this includes the identification numbers, reactions, account names, and their comments.

There is another database from an app named ‘at the Pool.’ It has names, email addresses and passwords of 22,000 people-Upguard added.

Cultura Colectiva has said in a statement that all of the Facebook records that have been stored in the database are extracted from the user interactions with the three pages of Facebook and this is the same information that has been accessed by the public.

It added” there was no sensitive data like emails and passwords in this database, we do not have such kind of user’s data, and there is no need to worry about the leakage of that data. We know the potential uses of the data these days, and this is the reason why we have reinforced our security. We are taking extreme measures to protect the data and privacy of our Facebook fan page’s users.

Alex Capacelatro, the chief executive officer of ‘At the Pool’ before it was shut down in 2014, did not respond to any kind of requests about this issue.

Facebook stated that it worked with Amazon and took down all the servers immediately as soon as it was aware of this issue. The company said that it is against Facebook policies to store the data of its users. Facebook has been hit by so many privacy-related problems lately, and this includes the glitch that has exposed passwords of some millions of users in a readable format. Amazon didn’t respond about the issue.

India’s Madras High Court Directs the Center to Ban TikTok Downloads


The Madras High Court in India has requested the central government to impose a ban on the Chinese video app-TikTok saying that it is encouraging the pornography. This Chinese video app was created by Beijing Bytedance technology, and it allows the users to create, share short videos with special effects. The app is popular even among rural India. Nearly 1.3 billion people from India are using TikTok now.

Most of the time people share clips, jokes and the other footage related to India’s movie industry. Apart from the movie related clips, they also share the memes; videos usually lip sync and dance for the audio in the background.

The IT minister of Tamil Nadu stated to Reuters that the suggestive dance content in TikTok app is unbearable. Another Hindu nationalist group which is close to the BJP has also asked to ban the app.

In February, the information technology chief of BJP, Amit Malviya has said that their party is tracking the TikTok conversations and calls it a “brilliant medium of expression.”

The Madras High Court was listening to the public interest litigation against the app on Wednesday and said that the children who are using TikTok are more vulnerable to be exposed to the sexual predators.

The inappropriate content present on the app is one of the biggest dangerous aspects of TikTok, and there is a high possibility that the children can contact strangers directly.

A spokesperson from TikTok has said that the company is happy to comply with all the rules that are imposed by local government and they are waiting to receive the official copy of the court’s order to proceed further.

Maintaining a safe and positive environment in the app is our top most priority- he added.

The IT ministry hasn’t responded to the requests of Madras High Court yet.

GameStop Plummeted after a lot of Struggle, Delivers a Grim Forecast


GameStop fell by 18 percent in the early trading after the predictions stating that the sales will tumble this year. This is the evidence proving that the company is struggling to adapt to the latest changes and transformation that is happening in the industry.

The retail chain projected on Tuesday that their sales will drop in the range of 5 to 10 percent this year. Though GameStop is incorporating some of the cost-cutting measures as a part of their turnaround plan, the investors are not so confident about it. The stock of GameStop has fallen to $8.70 in the pre-market trading. This adds to the twenty percent decline in the stock price so far in 2019.

GameStop has been the largest independent retailer in the video games for a long time now, but the company is unable to keep up with the pace of this fast-changing industry. The gamers once used to rely on the brick and mortar stores for purchasing the consoles and discs, but now the situations have changed, and they are able to get anything with just a click.

Last month, both Apple and Google announced that they are launching online gaming services. On Tuesday, the Activision Blizzard said that they would offer the battle-royale version of their famous Call on Duty game free for one week online in the month of April.

All these situations have increased the pressure on the management of GameStop. The company made an agreement with two activist firms who are seeking to get on the retailer’s board. GameStop will add two active board members from Permit Capital Enterprise Fund and Hestia Capital Partners.

GameStop’s comeback plan is to cut the costs as much as they can. The company is planning to achieve  $100 million in improvements in operating profit by the end of 2019.