The feng shui of a home is made up of the various spaces within the home, such as the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room. The kitchen is almost an integral part of the modern home, not only is it the place to cook, but it also represents the location of wealth and prosperity in the home. So what are the feng shui precautions for the kitchen? Here’s a look at it with this edition of the Feng Shui Knowledge Book.

(1) The location of the kitchen has to be careful, the kitchen in an auspicious direction, can enhance our fortune, career luck, noble luck, etc.. East four houses auspicious direction in the east, southeast, north, south, west four houses auspicious direction in, west, northwest, northeast, southwest. If the kitchen cannot all be in the auspicious direction, then the cooker placed in the auspicious direction is also possible.

(2) The direction of the kitchen faucet has to be careful, the faucet is an item that controls water, and water in feng shui is representative of wealth, the direction of the faucet, that is, the direction of wealth to go. Therefore, the tap should be directed towards the interior of the kitchen, or other spaces, and not towards the door or window.

(3) The location of the kitchen door has instructions, the kitchen door and the door, bathroom door, bedroom door should not be opposite, otherwise it will cause us gastrointestinal discomfort, health, personality is affected.

(4) The location of the kitchen refrigerator has a point, the refrigerator door against the kitchen door, will cause people’s mouth and tongue. Refrigerator door against the cooker will also form the phenomenon of water over fire, and affect people’s health, fortune.

(5) The kitchen sink should not be located too close to the cooker, otherwise it will form the phenomenon of water against fire, which is detrimental to the heart and blood, and has bad luck.

(6) The interior of the kitchen should not be set up bathroom, that is, to enter the bathroom through the kitchen space, such a pattern will lead to problems with the digestive system.

These are some of the feng shui precautions for the kitchen, so this is the end of this edition of the home Feng Shui knowledge book.