Curcumin has been found to be helpful in preventing or preventing stomach cancer due to its roots from the roots of turmeric plants. Researchers have provided this information. In addition to curcumin, other compounds that play a significant role in modifying the histone activity were major ones of colcalciferol, resveratrol, quercetin, garsnol and sodium butitrate.

In India, approximately 62,000 cases of stomach cancer are diagnosed annually. About this, Padmashree Dr K. K. Agrawal, President of Health Care Foundation said, “Stomach cancer develops slowly in many years, so there are no obvious symptoms in the beginning.”

Common symptoms include loss of appetite, weight loss, abdominal pain, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, swelling of the stomach or formation of fluid, and blood in the stool. Some of these symptoms are treated because they are visible and disappear, while other symptoms continue despite treatment.

Stress, smoking and alcohol may be responsible for high rates of disease. Smoking promotes the likelihood of this condition in particular. In many places in India, dietary fiber content is low. More spicy and non-vegetarian food can cause swelling of the stomach, which, if left untreated, cancers It is possible.

For adequate follow-up and post-treatment care for colon cancer, it is important to be in touch with the health team for regular check-up. For the first few years, It is recommended to meet in 3 to 6 months, after that it can be mixed annually. However, after stomach cancer diagnosis, life becomes stressful, but correct treatment, lifestyle changes and the support of doctors and well wishers, patients can be cured.