Fujitsu has officially unveiled three new models of the cult-classic Happy Hacking Keyboard. For those who might not know, Happy Hacking Keyboard is an iconic ultra-compact keyboard having a layout that dates back to the 90’s. Even though the keyboard’s layout is still the same, the new models introduced at CES have been modernized is some key areas. All the three keyboards will now boast of a USB-C port, while two of them can also be connected over Bluetooth. To make it even better, there is a feature support for software remapping of their keys.

The latest launch is quite fascinating since Fujitsu rarely makes updates to its HHKB lineup. In fact, the last new keyboard in the lineup was the debut of Bluetooth model from 2016.  Before these changes were made, the keyboard had remained the same since 2011.  HHKB new lineup starts with the HHKB Pro 3 Classic, which happens to be a straightforward update of the existing HHKB Professional 2. Apart from this, there is a Bluetooth compatible Pro 3 Hybrid and Pro 3 Hybrid Type-S that now supports key remapping via a new Windows software. Unfortunately, the keyboards do not have rechargeable batteries.

According to Fujitsu, all the three keyboards use electrostatic capacitive key switches while the Type-S keyboard’s switches comes with an extra ‘buffer’ inside to make it quieter. Initially, HHK Brelied on electrostatic switches produced by Topre whereas the Type-S variants made use of the silent versions of its switches. For those who are interested in the new keyboards, then you are free to choose from the white or gray colors. Alternatively, you can opt for either the entirely blank keycaps for extra nerd cred or the dye-sublimated printed keycaps. When it comes to pricing, the non-Bluetooth Pro 3 Classic is available at $217, the Pro 3 Hybrid costs $264 and the Pro 3 Hybrid Type-S is $320. To make a purchase, you can decide to visit retailers like Amazon or Fujitsu’s online store. It is then that you are set to get the most out of these keyboards.