Shaving your beards does not have to be boring or painful. This is because technological inventions has led to the development of more sophisticated gadgets like the Gillette Heated Razor by Gillette Labs. The heated razorgives guys a comfortable hot towel shave as it features a warming technology which heats in less a second. With this heat, the razor is able to offer a continuous soothing warmth on your skin.

The Heated Razor maintains a consistent and comfortable temperature which distributes heat evenly. In addition to this, it also contours to your face throughout the entire shave. You may be asking yourself why the razor uses heat. However, this heat is necessary since your morning routine is meant to be a time of restoration and preparation. Therefore, it will get you ready for the day ahead by taking back any bad morning that you may have had.

With this Gillette Heated Razor, you are set to benefit form a host of features. Some of the features that the razor comes with include a warming bar, wireless magnetic charging, intelligent heat safety control system and an adjustable temperature level feature. It also boasts of a Li-ion battery which is set to last for a long time.

To use this unique Gillette Heated Razor, you will first have to turn it on with a one-touch in order to activate the heat in one second. You will then have to adjust the heat to your preferred temperature setting before shaving. For hygiene purposes, you should rinse it after use since it has a fully waterproof design that enables you to use it in the sink or shower. You should not expect the Heated Gillette Razor to come at a throw away price since it has features which are hard to come by.