Owners of Xiaomi devices can no longer get the most out of Google’s Nest Hub and Assistant after the company disabled it. This comes after a camera owner reported seeing unfamiliar still images, which apparently come from different cameras. Google spokesperson in a statement said, “We’re aware of the issue and are in contact with Xiaomi to work on a fix. In the meantime, we’re disabling Xiaomi integrations on our devices.” Well, this action is definitely going to impact negatively on people who own Xiaomi devices as they have to wait until a solution is reached.

As per reports, one user of Xiaomi’s device reported that his newly purchased Xiaomi Mijia 1080p Smart IP security camera was displaying still images from strangers’ home. This happened every time he tried to stream from the camera to a Google Nest Hub. However, the user is yet to receive any communication from Xiaomi despite raising concerns regarding the issue.

In October last year, Nest announced its device access program that put strict measures on which third party devices could be used with its system. At the moment, close to two dozen security cameras in different parts of the world can be used with Nest displays. Ever since its launch, a number of security cameras seem to struggle with security from the beginning. In fact, early models had a handful of easily exploitable issues thus giving users a hard time. Going back to just after Christmas, Wyze, a smart security camera manufacturer reported an insecure server had exposed data of about 2.4 million customers for over three weeks.

The underlying reason behind the latest setback suffered by Xiaomi is yet to be known since every piece of information available seems to come from Reddit. Google is however taking this issue seriously in order to prevent any future problems that might occur. Despite this, Xiaomi has not issued a statement regarding the issue. Furthermore, it is yet to be determined whether other users are also experiencing the same problem or not.