If you are thinking about using technology in every household item that you own, then getting yourself the Gravity Blanket is the first thing that you should do. This latest addition to the market is worth considering since it is packed with lots of cool features. Any person who has had a chance to use it will tell you that it is larger than other blankets which have been designed for kids with autism and adults with insomnia and anxiety.

The Gravity blanket is enormous when compared to other types of blankets and will thus cover the entire body of an adult. To make it even better, the weight is spread out and less concentrated thus giving you the comfort that you badly need. For those who are having problems in finding sleep, then trying out the Gravity blanket out will help you out. This is because it is warmer and comfortable and hence you will easily find the sleep that you are looking for.

Unfortunately, just like any other tech gadget, you may encounter some cons when using the Gravity blanket. One of the biggest disadvantage that comes with using the Gravity blanket is difficulty in transportation. The cost of transporting the blanket can even end up being higher that the cost of shipping. To make it even worse you may experience problems when hauling the blanket up the stairs unless you seek help.

The Gravity blanket is also quite expensive as it costs around $279. This is way higher and people who are running on a low budget may not be able to lay their hands on one. However it is still worth exploring especially if you are facing anxiety. You should make sure that you buy it from a well-known dealer if you are to get one that has all the features.