The colors that you pick for your kitchen set the mood for the entire home. The importance of the kitchen cannot be downplayed. You must get a good color for your kitchen for it to be a warm place for your family gathering.

How about grey kitchen cabinets? Can they work well in your kitchen? It is unfair to give this question a yes or no response. The choice of color in your kitchen depends on various factors. We’ll discuss these factors to give you a better perspective.

Tips to consider when choosing kitchen colors

Choose neutral colors

Most interior designers will always opt for neutral colors in the kitchen as opposed to bold ones. Using this singular criterion, installing grey kitchen cabinets is a good idea. Grey is a neutral color that can match with other colors in the kitchen.

The reason why interior designers prefer neutral colors is that they match with other kitchen elements. For example, grey or white can match almost all other colors in the kitchen.

Look at the bigger picture

Just before you settle on your kitchen colors, take time to reflect on the rest of your home décor. Is there an overriding theme of your home that you would want to achieve? You should consider the bigger picture before you invest in your kitchen colors. A perfect home is that which has harmony from the kitchen extended to other rooms.

Consider lighting ‘

Lighting is a big issue in the kitchen. It is a factor that you cannot ignore when thinking about kitchen remodeling. You must consider the amount of light that you have in your kitchen. This will impact the color that you choose for your kitchen.

Take the example of grey kitchen cabinets. Grey is a dull color that needs warm lighting in the kitchen to make it perfect. If you don’t consider color, a kitchen with grey cabinetry will be cold and boring.

Consider space

Just like lighting, space has a lot to do with the final outlook of the kitchen. The amount of space should influence the color options that you have. The rule is simple; light colors work perfectly with a small kitchen while dark colors with a large kitchen space.

The reasoning is that dark colors absorb light, thus, creating a perception of less space. So, you can’t use such colors in small kitchen spaces.

Choosing grey kitchen cabinets is a neutral decision that you can use if you are not sure how to get started.