How Are Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinets Rated

    If you are remodeling your kitchen with an intention of selling, you need to find the perfect color for your cabinets. Buyers are always interested in the kitchen and the color of the cabinets would be their first attraction. Dark blue kitchen cabinets are becoming popular in the real estate market. You can consider this color scheme among many others that are rated highly.

    Is dark blue a good choice?

    Yes, it is a perfect choice for homeowners intending to stay or sell. The reason why this color is great is that it is a contemporary color option that appeals to modern homeowners.

    You just have to ensure that the size of your kitchen fits this color. As a bold color, you need a sizeable kitchen floor that will make this color appear great. You also need lots of natural lighting to lighten the kitchen and make it look lovely. You don’t have to worry about creating warmth in the kitchen because the colors are warm.

    Are there other color options?

    Of course, there are many other color options that you can use in your kitchen remodeling. If you are uncomfortable with dark blue kitchen cabinets for one reason or the other, you should try these options:

    White cabinetry

    White is a color that is always trending. You can never go wrong when you choose this color because it is timeless. It is a color choice that allows you to enjoy flexibility in the kitchen because it rhymes with almost every color that you can have in the kitchen. It is a perfect color choice for a person seeking a minimalistic design in the kitchen.

    The drawback is that it requires a lot of commitment in maintenance. It attracts and shows dirt very easily, meaning that you have to clean it all the time to make it look clean and crispy.

    Gray cabinetry

    This is a good middle ground. If you don’t want bright colors like white or dark colors like dark blue kitchen cabinets, you can opt for grey. It has many tones from which you can choose the right one. It is also a contemporary color that is trending.

    On the downside, gray might not sustain its trend. Therefore, you should only be comfortable with it if you are going to stay in your home. For selling purposes, it might not work in the future, though nothing is certain about this.

    In between these highlighted colors, many other color options are present that can replace dark blue kitchen cabinets. Explore all colors before deciding.


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