The Indian Railways “Passenger Name Record” (PNR) is a unique 10 digit number that is issued against every booked train ticket. This number is provided to passengers regardless of whether they have booked the ticket online or physically through the railway station ticket counters. One single PNR number can be relied upon by a maximum of six passengers. However, you will first have to request for group booking if you are to benefit from this type of PNR Number. That aside, today we are going to discuss how often you should check the PNR Status.

Where Can You Check Your PNR Status?

Before examining how often you should check your PNR Status, it is important for you to know how you can access the status in the first place. Luckily, this is something that should not be giving you sleepless nights since there are numerous ways in which you can check your train PNR Status. Of all the methods available, the internet seems to be the best route to take. All one has to do is visit a site such as from where you need to enter your PNR Number on the text box before clicking on the “Check PNR Status” button.

If you are not fond of the internet, you can simply check your PNR Status via SMS. To pull this off successfully, you should type: PNR (your PNR number) and send it to 139. You will then receive the PNR Status as soon as your message is received. Frequent rail travelers are advised to install the mobile application for faster PNR Status change updates.

How Often Should You Check Your PNR Status

Checking the status of your PNR Number is of great importance especially when your ticket is on the Waiting List or Reservation against Cancellation. It is highly recommended that you check the status of your PNR Number at least once before you board a train. Doing this will ensure you have every piece of information you need to know regarding your train, seat, your berth to mention a few.

The Railway Department does not inform passengers about the changes taking place most of the times. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to check your train PNR Status at least once before departing. This is mostly the case when you are on the WL or RAC List in order to determine whether your booking is confirmed or not.

The Bottom Line

There are no restrictions to the number of times you can check your PNR Status. In fact, you are free to repeat this action for as many times as you like. Through this action, it will prove quite easy for you to keep pace with everything that is taking place. Ensure you choose a method that not only cuts on costs but also ensures you check the status without having to go through a lot. It is then that you are set to get the most out of your PNR Number.