Wool jackets are a stylish choice for keeping away the chill of winter. Even though care for wool jackets is different from jackets of many other materials, it is not difficult or time consuming as some people make it sound. What is even better, this type of jacket will serve you for many years to come as long as you prioritize proper care and maintenance.

Good care for your wool jacket entails following a few rules, which tend to be the same for all wool garments. This post will take you through some of the things to consider if you are to take good care of your wool jacket.

Hang Wool Jackets on Hangers between Use

For you to get good value for your money after investing in a wool jacket, it is highly advisable that you hang it on plastic or wood hangers between use. Ensure the hangers are sturdy and broad so the weight of the coat does not stretch the shoulder areas out of shape. Furthermore, you should hang the jacket in an area with good air flow. That way you will keep the jackets in good shape at all times.

Dry Clean Your Jackets

Most wool coats need to be dry cleaned if they are to continue looking flashy. If the jacket can be hand washed, be sure to use only cold water and a mild detergent made specifically for wood. To pull this off successfully, you will first have to soak the coat in the water for ten minutes. You will then have to rinse out the detergent using clean cold water.

It is highly advisable that you avoid ironing a wool jacket if possible. For those that bring the jacket out of storage, allow it to hand dry for a while. If it still has wrinkles, you can iron it on a cool setting. That way, you will avoid causing damage to your wool jacket.

Hopefully, these tips will come in handy when taking care of wool jackets making sure you get good value for your money without the hassle.