High-risk businesses that are unable to get a payment gateway through a traditional payment processor or their bank are often left looking for an alternative solution to processing credit card payments. In their search for the right payment gateway, most high-risk merchants end up coming across a wide range of high risk processing merchants to choose from. Below, we will take a look at some of the most important features you need to watch out for in a high-risk payment gateway. Read on and find out more.

Opt for a Payment Gateway That Accepts More Than Just Credit Cards   

Even though it is important to allow your customers to use credit cards, those who do not have one or are not into using credit cards might find it hard. This is mostly the case when they cannot pay in other ways. By making sure your high risk payment gateway allows you to accept major credit cards, mobile payments and debit cards, you will no longer have to worry about turning away paying customers. Of course, the type of payment you choose to use will depend on whether you are making sales online or in person.

Protect Your Business’s Best Interests

There are quite a number of features that some high-risk merchant account payment gateway includes to protect you against fraud and other damaging transactions. The best payment gateway should be fully integrated with anti-fraud software. In addition, the high-risk merchant account processing company should offer all-inclusive accounts that protect merchants. Some of the most notable features that can protect merchants include multi-bank processing and chargeback alerts. Through this action, you are definitely going to keep chargeback ratios low since you can alternate transactions in different supporting banks.

The Bottom Line

The best payment gateways are offered by companies that offer a full range of merchant services. This will include fair fees, chargeback alerts, fraud protection and 24/7 merchant support. If you are searching for such a company, then you should look no further than iPayTotal. With their help, you can easily create your high-risk international merchant account together with a customized credit card processing solution. If this is not enough, they will help you secure the lowest rate for your payment gateway high-risk business. Visit their official website today and find out more regarding what they have to offer.