By now you may already be aware of the fact that networks and the internet do not identify computers or Smartphones by the name you give them. Instead, computers prefer numbers and identifiers and this is what we refer to as IP addresses. IP stands for Internet Protocol, a part of Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TPC/IP). All computers on the internal networks be it Ethernet of Wi-Fi have their own individual IP addresses.  Either way, there may come a time when you have to know the IP address of your router. The good news is that these numbers are quite easy to find as long as you know where to look.

When you figure out how to find mobile Public IP, you will realize that there is a lot of information that is attached to it. The internet is going to prove beneficial in this regard considering there are plenty of sites that make it easy for you to see your IP. All you need to do is visit the site, your router has made a request, after which it will display both public and local IP. One of the most notable sites you can consider checking out is making it the fastest way to find IP.

For those who are looking forward to checking the IP address of other devices on their network, then you will have to go into the router. However, the way you access the router depends on the software or brand.  To cut the long story short, you need to type in the router’s gateway IP address into a web browser on the same network thus accessing it. Once you do this, you ought to navigate to the “attached devices” section from where you can get a full list of all the devices. Actually, this basic way to Display IP Address will save you big time.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, some of the things you need to know about finding IP address. Keep in mind there is a lot of information that is attached to the IP address, specifically your general location and ISP’s name. Fortunately, figuring out you general location and your provider on IP address is a walk in the park and can be compared to consulting a public list. What is even more fascinating is that you will save time when using the only IP tool that displays both public and local IP.