Jacob Blake Protests: Clashes Continue in Wisconsin after Shooting

    There have been continuous clashes for a second night running in Wisconsin following the shooting of a black man on Sunday by the police. Buildings and cars were set alight during the protests as they seek justice for the shooting. Jacob Blake, 29, is in a stable condition after he was shot several times. This happened as he went to a car and opened its door in the city of Kenosha.

    Video footage of the shooting, taken from across the street was shared on social media. In the footage, Mr. Blake is seen leaning into the car and an officer grabbing his shirt. Several shorts were then heard. Since the footage went viral, there has been increased protest despite a curfew that has been in effect in Kenosha from 20:00 local time.

    The demonstrators are calling for justice for Jacob Blake, and were initially pushed back and dispersed using sound bombs and strong tear gas. ‘It is a breath of fresh air,’ one protestor said. ‘I am tired of being scared of the police killing me. Tonight they are going to listen.’

    In a press statement, Governor Evers said he was deploying 125 members of the National Guard on Monday night.  Earlier on, a number of protesters tried to make their way into Kenosha’s public safety building demanding for the arrest of police officers involved in the shooting. It was not until officers in riot gear used pepper spray that the crowd was dispersed.

    The police said officers had been responding to a ‘domestic incident’ but did not give any additional details regarding what led to the shooting. They have also not disclosed the number of officers involved and no names had been given. Ben Crump, a civil rights lawyer representing the families of George Floyd and many more pursuing actions against the police, has announced he is representing Mr. Blake family.


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