Black is a color that scares many homeowners, more especially if it were to feature in the kitchen. There is a general perception that kitchens should not have black kitchen cabinets. But this perception hasn’t influenced some people against black cabinetry.

Would you install black kitchen cabinets? This question is the focus of the discussion where we’ll explore the color in depth.

Is black a good color in the kitchen?

The answer to this question can go both ways. It depends on the kind of kitchen that a homeowner has. Otherwise, black is a normal color just like many other color options. It is a bold color that needs special attention.

You cannot just decide to install black kitchen cabinets and do it. You need to conduct due diligence and analyze the practicality of dark cabinetry in your kitchen.

Factors to consider before installing black kitchen cabinets

  1. The size of your kitchen

If you don’t have a large kitchen, you should not consider black cabinetry in your home. The size of your kitchen is the most important factor that you must consider. The reason is that black ‘kills’ space in the kitchen. The color absorbs light instead of reflecting it. This makes the kitchen appear smaller than it is.

  1. Amount of light in your kitchen

Since black absorbs light, you should have more light in the kitchen to replace the absorbed. You can do this by adding more light fixtures in the kitchen. The better option is to open up the windows and have large windows that allow more light to the kitchen.

  1. Overall color scheme

You must consider the overall theme of the kitchen before you install black kitchen cabinets. If you have a theme that is receptive to black, you can go ahead and add black cabinetry. But you should consult an expert to do the analysis for you. The other option is to check out color ideas online.

  1. Kitchen accessories

You need to have kitchen accessories that contrast well with your black kitchen cabinets. For example, white or silver could be good contrasting colors for your kitchen appliances. If your appliances are also black, you might want to opt-out of black kitchen cabinets.

Final verdict:

If you consider all the factors presented above, you can proceed to install your black kitchen cabinets. Don’t install these cabinets if you are unsure about their final look in your kitchen.