Nastaran Queen A Multi-Talented Singer, Model, Actress And Her Way To Gain Success

The global music market has grown a lot in the last ten years, but there were many talents who have contributed a lot to the world of music, Artists who have made the world of music more beautiful with their innate talents such as Nastaran Queen. People have been entertained by music from the beginning of time. Due to its magical abilities, music has provided peace and entertainment to humanity by stirring up emotions and sentiments. Because their songs represent their sentiments, most people like singing, composing and performing music, The music of the last century has many talents that have made people interested in their music, Nastaran Queen is one of these artists.

Early Life
Nastaran Afshar with the artistic name “Nastaran Queen”; She is from the royal family of King Afshar (Nadir Shah Afshar) and was born in Ahvaz, Iran; As a child, she was very interested in music; Nastaran performed singing and had many talents also practiced singing music in her spare time, Nastaran Queen graduated as a software engineer from Tehran and then emigrated to Turkey, She met many artists in Turkey and decided to pursue music more seriously. Finally, after living in Turkey for a year, She moved to Los Angeles, California.

Actually dream of every artist is live life alone and to do music and travel and record album or songs. After imagrate to USA; She got inspired to be a musician and live life like an Artist. Nastaran Queen is live in California now. She had a passion for Guitar during her childhood days but with coming into her teenage she got inspired to do music and sing.

Nastaran Queen chose Hollywood for living, And because of its appearance She was able to climb the ladder of success one after another, She started her first TV show as a host, Her show gained many fans and viewers from all over the world, She also performed an amazing popular show “Hollywood zone with Nastaran” and was able to gain a lot of fans in this TV program.

Nastaran went to acting school at the same time and later became known as a model and actress, On that year she had many offers from great composers to make music, but because her taste in music is very special, She was finally able to collaborate with international composers Cartio Bros (Cameron Cartio and Alec Cartio). She was started her new study as a Doctor in Los Angeles, CA; in the same year.

Her first music, called “Shabihe To”, finally hit the music market in 2016; And gained many listeners, She was also nominated for several international awards for that music and decided to make a music video for the song with the collaboration and direction of Alec Cartio, which became very special and wonderful.

Although Nastaran Queen is fluent in 4 languages (Persian English, Armenian, Turkish), She chose Persian to sing her musics, She is not just a singer, Nastaran Queen is a woman with a lot of talent in acting and modeling; She is an artist also a celebrity who caresses the human ear with her amazing sound and her lovely songs.

Several of her other songs are called “Heyfe Man” and “VayFaghat To” got unexpected love from the audience and was trending on “Spotify” and “Radiojavan” which is the biggest Iranian music platform in the world. This love from her fans all around the world gave an ignition to her talent and encouraged her to improve her skills and present more great tracks on international music market.

The Way Of Music
She never looked back after realizing her skill to compose and sing musics. She knew that was the right route for her and that it would continue to be so in the future. She put forth a lot of effort and pushed herself to the maximum to make amazing tracks. Some of the finest vocalists in history have influenced her, This fame did not come easily; She had to work hard for it, and she frequently falls but always gets back up. She never stopped making music.

Nastaran Queen is a multi-talented singer, model and actress, She will organize her concert tours soon, We will defınıtely hear a lot from her very soon, We cannot wait to see what she brings next to the table in future.


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