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Whatsapp has made a new announcement on Wednesday that it is rolling out new privacy settings which will help you in deciding who can add you to the groups. This will prevent the spam additions which has been an issue for so many users. This instant messaging app is going to bring an invite system which will necessarily give the users a choice of joining the group or not.

This new update is going to play a crucial role in India as the election season will be coming soon. Almost all the political parties are using platforms like social media and instant messaging apps to reach out for a wider section of the audience and influence many people at a time.

WhatsApp has released a new press note on Wednesday stating that with this new privacy setting and invite system, users will gain more control over the groups in which they can be added and the group messages that they want to receive.

A specific privacy setting feature will be incorporated into the app and the users have to select it to gain control over the groups. The users can access it by going to the settings menu of WhatsApp>Accounts option, go to privacy and then select groups.

You will be provided with three distinct options- nobody, my contacts and everyone. If you select nobody, you will be prompted with an alert every time someone tries to add you into a group, and you have the provision of accepting or rejecting the invitation. If you select my contacts, all the contacts present in your address book will be able to add you to the group, if you choose everyone, anyone with your number will be able to add you to the group. This new feature is available for beta users and for remaining people this update will come in a few weeks.