Music has an important role to play in our lives. Regardless of the type of music you choose to listen to, you will always find something that inspires your life in one way or the other. Among the most widely followed and listened music genre is Hip Hop. Actually, Hip Hop enjoys a huge following all around the world thus explaining the growing number of artists joining this genre.

Even though there are so many hip-hop artists out there, not many can reach greater heights as is the case with PBE Pluto. A hip-hop recording artist, writer, and producer, PBE Pluto continues to win over a huge following as he never disappoints with his work. In fact, he is a true embodiment of artists who set the sky as the limit in everything they do.

Who is PBE Pluto?

Before going any further, it is important to know who PBE Pluto is and what he stands for. To cut the long story short, he is one of the few hip-hop recording artists whose light continues to shine. Ever since he first joined the music industry, he has traveled and performed as a hip hop artist in different parts of the world.

If this is not enough, he has opened shows and performed with leading names in the industry including Rick Ross, Yo Gottt, 2 Chainz, Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Future to mention a few. Better, his musical influences include Lil Baby, DaBaby, Gunna, MoneybaggYo, Boosie, and UGK. No wonder he is a force to be reckoned with in the hip hop and music industry in general.

Latest Work

Regarded as one of the most successful recording artist and businessman, PBE Pluto recently released his new single ‘Soak Up the Drip” early in the summer. The new release created a buzz in the hip hop circuit to the extent that it was picked up on Sirius XM. What is even better, the single is now going for radio ads on reporting stations in its official promotional campaign not only in USA, but also worldwide.

‘Soak Up the Drip’ was released through Parker Boy Entertainment, LLC where he is positioned as an active music producer, artist, and songwriter. As an Alabama rapper, he is on a mission to elevate and energize new original beats and lyrical trends in Hip Hop culture. Well, this is just what the hip hop fans need from their favorite artists.

In Conclusion

PBE Pluto is already making it big in the hip hop industry and more is expected from him in the future. If you are yet to listen to the latest single from the renowned Atlanta rapper, then it is high time you do so.  All you have to do is to watch the official video for ‘Soak Up the Drip’ on YouTube hassle-free. Alternatively, you can find the single on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and other major outlets.