Hip Hop recording artist PBE Pluto latest release ‘Soak Up the Drip’ is not only getting airplay in the USA, but also around the world.  Ever since the release of the single, it has been earning enormous popularity by their fans. PBE Pluto aka Brent Parker formed a music duo together with his brother Dekembi Parker (Kid Kembi) and concurrently have worked on many singles including ‘Get Low’ and hit mixtape ‘Da Future.’

The single initially released in the early summer created a buzz in the hip hop circuit. Of course, this was for good reasons as it is regarded as one of the best hip hop releases. No wonder it has already been picked up on Sirius XM radio show Shady 45 by DJ Superstar Jay in New York. What is even more fascinating, the single is going for radio ads on reporting stations in its promotional campaign in the USA and all around the world.

‘Soak up The Drip’ is also doing well on platforms such as YouTube where it has more than 200K views and 20k monthly listeners on Spotify.  In addition, it has brought MTV-USA top hip hop charts on Spotify. PBE Pluto has also released an iconic cartoon music video that showcases the essence of his new single. If you’re yet to watch the cartoon music, then you can check it out on his YouTube music channel.

His new single ‘Soak up The Drip’ was released through Parker Boy Entertainment, LLC, where he positions himself as an active music producer, artist, and songwriter. In fact, he releases all his songs under Parker Boy Entertainment, which happens to be his own certificate label. It is also through his certificate label that he helps aspiring Hip Hop artist to take their songs to the realm. Despite being a recording artist, he also doubles up as a businessman. He currently owns a clothing label called ‘XROSSED-KULTURED” that deals in a variety of apparel attitudes.

Hip Hop music fans who are yet to listen to ‘Soak up The Drip’ can find it in platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and other major outlets. As for the official music video, you will have to check out his YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to his channel and be among the first people to know whenever he has a new song.

Final Thoughts

PBE Pluto is one of the names you will hear from time to time whenever you talk about Hip Hop music. Not only has he traveled and performed as a hip hop recording artist in the USA, but in different countries around the globe. He has also performed at Club Monoco, one of the best clubs at the moment. For PBE Pluto, the sky seems to be the limit considering he did not have a good early life. Check out his YouTube channel and watch his new release single and previous hip hop song releases.