PBE Pluto’s Journey to Success

    If you happen to be into hip-hop music, chances are you already know about PBE Pluto. A competent modern recording artist from Alabama, PBE Pluto continues to achieve greater things in the music industry. Ever since he first ventured in the industry, he has overcome all odds to become one of the leading names in the world of music.

    The Alabama rapper aka Brent Parker first formed a music duo with his brother Dekembi Parker, and launched many singles together. Among the most highly-received singles under their name include hit mixtape ‘Da Future’ and ‘Get Low.’ One of their latest songs that garnered massive airplay is the ‘Drip Drip’ that happens to has more than 200k views on YouTube. In addition, it has over 150k streams on Soundcloud with over 20k monthly listeners on Spotify.

    Initially, the two went by the stage name Pluto & Kid Kembi but are now planning to release their next projects under the name ‘PBE.’ Their latest release ‘Drip Drip’ is not only a buzz on the internet, but is played in the most prominent radio stations and clubs around the city.  The duo is, however, also working on their own singles with PBE Pluto’s latest single ‘Soak up The Drip’ taking the music world by storm.

    ‘Soak up The Drip’ was launched in the summer and has already created a buzz in the hip hop circuit.  The song was just picked up on Sirius XM Shade 45 and is now going on reporting stations in its official promotional campaigns through the USA and all around the globe. On social platforms, it’s also doing well if the high number of listeners and viewers are anything to go by. No wonder he commands a huge share of the fan base not only in the USA but also worldwide.

    Ever since he first ventured into the music world, he has performed in countries like Bahrain and Dubai. Better, he has opened shows for many renowned artists like Webbie, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane among others. PBE Pluto’s single ‘Turnt Up 2 da maximum’ featuring Rello was also a big hit. This is despite the fact that it was initially launched as a song placement in the national TV ad campaign for networks like BET, CNN, VH1, and Comedy Central.

    The Bottom Line

    The star of PBE Pluto continues to shine and now owns a certificate label, Parker Boy Entertainment through which he releases all his songs. He also uses the label to help aspiring Hip Hop artists broadcast their songs to the world. You can listen to all his songs on different social platform such as Spotify, or have a feel of any of his instrumental.

    For PBE Pluto, it is all about giving the fans what they want. Well, he has not disappointed in this regard if his latest releases are anything to go by. More is expected from PBE Pluto in the future and many are sure he is not going to disappoint.


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