It is with no denying that leather watch straps bring about a timeless touch of class when combined with a luxury wristwatch. Leather is a breathable and comfortable material that is unlikely to cause any allergic reactions or skin complaints as some people think. If this is not enough, it is highly durable and serves you long enough.

Despite boasting numerous benefits, leather watch straps are easily susceptible to the stress and strains of life compared to synthetic alternatives, such as rubber. Wear your leather watch strap for some time and it becomes uniquely yours, inscribed with your personal story. The good news is you can now refresh an old leather watch strap and bring back the lost appeal.

To pull this off, you will first have to remove the leather strap from your wristwatch and wipe it down using a dry, microfiber cloth. That’s the only surefire way to avoid scratching the leather if it has any specks of dirt on the surface. You will then have to dampen a soft cloth, and add  a speck of natural soap to its surface before working your way up and down the strap.

Now dampen a new cloth and repeat the above-mentioned techniques to gently wipe the soap from the cloth. The leather will slightly darken with the moistures. Finally, place your leather watch strap in a cold, dry place, away from direct sunlight. We understand that it might be tempting to put the leather watch strap on a radiator, but this will do more harm than good.

Actually, blasting the leather with a hairdryer, or putting it on a radiator makes the leather to age. This means the leather watch strap will become brittle faster than it naturally would. That’s the last thing you want to make do with after getting a collection of different leather watch straps.

For your leather watch strap to look its best for long, make it the norm to use this cleaning process regularly. Through this action, you will certainly get good value for your money after investing in leather watch straps.