Pinterest is one of the social media platforms that continues to flourish thanks to their different services and options available. In their quest of maximizing its potential while at the same time boosting its market value, Pinterest has decided to continue building its ad tools. Just recently, the platform launched two new ad options i.e. Promoted Video for Conversions and Conversion Optimization.

Conversion Optimization is aimed at optimizing Promoted Pins for a specific consumer action instead of the usual clicks. For the very first time, advertisers who rely on Pinterest can get the chance to choose conversions as a campaign objective. This action will in turn inspire viewers to take the necessary action like increasing signups or online checkouts.

In order for a Pinterest user to get the most out of Conversion Optimization, you will first have to get yourself a Pinterest Tag which is usually installed in your site. Once the Tag is in place, you can be able to track the actions of any visitor once they have a look at ads on your Pinterest account. This action will in turn make it easy for the Pinterest system to determine the actions that will be taken by different users in response to your ads. With this data, the system can be able to form different templates of user behaviour thus, making it easy for you to target a wider audience.

On the other hand, Promoted Video for conversions is meant to serve advertisers who are mainly interested with conversions or traffic. This tool has the capabilities of clicking into a landing page form where you can access the advertiser’s website. With close to 265 million users, Pinterest is worth considering as it is a good platform for your digital marketing program.