Samsung’s Most Survored Mobile Phone Before launching the Samsung Galaxy Fold, there is some other reason why it is in the spotlight. The Smartphone was to be launched on April 26, but many reviewers complained that the screen is breaking down while folding. The price of this Smartphone is about $ 2000. On Twitter, many reviewers complained, after which the statement was issued on behalf of the company.

The official statement from the company said that there is no change in the date of launch. Phones were distributed to the reviewer in the Limited Number for Media Review. Many of them complain that its screen is cracking.

The people whose screen is broken, they say they removed the protective layer on top of the screen. On behalf of the company it was said that it is part of the layer screen. If any kind of complaint is coming, then it will be examined immediately. It was also said that the company will tell its users about it not to remove the protective layer of the screen.

Speaking of the features, according to Lex, there will be two batteries in it. Both batteries will be of 200mAh. Well its screen is 4.6 inches. After unfolding it becomes like a tablet, whose screen is 7.3 inches. This Smartphone works on Android 9.0 It can come in four color options. These color options will be Black, Silver, Green and Blue. Its RAM is 12 GB and Memory is 512 GB. Micro SD card can not be used to increase memory in this Smartphone. This is a single SIM Smartphone.