Snoring is one of the things that can make your partner have sleepless nights. This is because it can irritate individuals especially when you have had a long day at work. However, snoring should not be the reason behind the sleepless nights of your partner since technology has given us Snore Eye Mask. With Snore Eye Mask, you will be able to stop snoring or reduce snoring a number of times. This device is designed to recognize snoring through voice recognition techniques and bone conduction techniques. Here are some of the things that you need to know about the Snore Eye Mask.

Smart Recognition Technology

Snore Eye Mask comes with an advanced bone conduction and sound recognition technologies. This one of a kind device can precisely identify snoring sound and then gently deliver tiny vibration to reduce or stop snoring without any non-perceived physical intervention. You will, therefore, solve any snore problem that you may have thanks to this smart technology.

Personalized Function

Snore Eye Mask comes with a 36 levels physical intervention which can either be automatic or controlled. This physical intervention is set to work for both slight snorers and severe noisemakers. To make the Snore Eye Mask quite breathtaking, users can adjust the sensitivity and intensity of physical intervention by making use of the cellphone App.  Alternatively, you can decide to activate the snore stopping delay function if you are to personalize the device.

Super Light and Comfortable

For those who think the Snore Eye Mask is quite heavy then you are mistaking. This one of a kind device only weighs 38 grams meaning you can take it with you wherever you wish to go. In order to ensure it is light enough, the manufacturers of Snore Eye Mask have made it using ecological soft high-density sponge for the best comfort. It will, therefore, fit perfectly so that you can sleep comfortably and snore free.

Phone Control and Intelligent Analysis

The Anti Snoring device has been made better by the manufacturer as it allows users to control it using a cellphone with Bluetooth technology. All you have to do is install a special App in your smartphone. You can then control the device and set it up or even adjust the working modes on your phone by making use of the special app. The phone control and intelligent analysis makes it easy for new users to use the Snore Eye Mask.

Snore Eye Mask is available in online stores such as Amazon. Actually, all you need to do is spend $11.27 and you will get yourself this perfect device. Simply make a purchase online and the gadget will be shipped to your country of residence within the shortest time possible. You should however remember to make use of a reliable online store if you are to get the best Snore Eye Mask. Do not disturb your partner while sleeping by getting yourself the Snore Eye Mask to stop or reduce snoring.