Specifications That Have Made Birla Alokya Villament Worth Considering

    Birla Alokya is an upcoming residential villament that is turning out to be a must have for families that want to live a peaceful life.  Situated in the rapidly expanding neighborhood of Whitefield, Soukya Road, Bangalore, you are set to enjoy the very best in Birla Estates luxury segment without necessarily having to break the bank. But what makes Birla Alokya Whitefield residential villament so special? In this article, we will examine some of the specifications that have made Birla Alokya villament worth considering.

    • Security

    The security of a residential villa really matters a lot if the occupants are to live a stress free life.Birla Estates clearly understands this and that is why they have put in place a round of the clock security system with intercom facility. To make it even better, they have installed CCTV cameras at all vintage points thus guaranteeing the security of all occupants. You should therefore not worry about encountering any security issue after buying a villa from Birla Estates since everything has been taken care of.

    • Electricity

    We all need electricity in order to have access to everything that you might need. Whether it is lighting your house, charging gadgets or even using your washing machine, then you cannot do it without electricity. No wonder most things will come to a standstill whenever there is a power blackout. With Birla Alokya Whitefield residential villament, you are guaranteed 100% power backup for elevators, common areas and pumps. Furthermore, Birla Estates have made use of copper electrical wiring all throughout via conceded conduits. If this is not enough, there is also a grid power from BESCOM for each home. You should thus never worry about encountering any problem with power supply after getting a residential villament in Birla Alokya Bangalore.

    • Flooring

    The flooring of a residential property will go a long way in determining how the villa is going to look. You cannot live in a villa that has poor flooring. Actually, doing this will only end up making your life a living hell since you might find yourself falling down especially when the floor is slippery. With Birla Alokya residential villament, you are set to get the best floors each designed depending on the room.  For instance, the living room, bedrooms, dining and kitchen have been fitted with vitrified tiles.  On the other hand, the master bedroom has a wooden laminate floor with bathrooms and balconies boasting of anti-skid Ceramic tiles.

    Other specifications that have made Birla Alokya residential villament worth buying include the doors, structure, plumbing and sanitary. You will thus never encounter any problem since the villas have been designed to suite all your needs. To know more about Birla Alokya Bangalore residential villament, you will have to visit Homz N Space, a website that help property seekers get the best house.Here, you are sure to get every piece of information that you need from the price to location. It is only then that you can make a decision on whether to buy one or not.


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