Stankevicius MGM is Releasing Interactive Media Platform for Blockchain Companies to Get Media Access

    The biggest reason for companies to fail is lack of sales whereas sales depend on reaching the right audience and a lot of it, yet not just locally but globally.

    Typically, companies hire a lot of salesman and business developers trying to boost sales, but that is more like a manual outreach to a limited group of people. Instead, companies should focus on reaching larger groups of people, and yet the right segment.

    Since, marketing is one of the toughest parts of the business development, marketers often get lost with selecting the right tools for marketing processes. Social media is one right tool for sure, but social media has become too crowded and since it is available for every company, it is not anymore an exclusive channel to advertise though.

    What else but social? Of course, there is a traditional offline advertising and online advertising with ads and banners. Does it work? Yes. Is it expensive? Yes!

    But companies don’t have big budgets for traditional advertising, and online advertising, ad buying etc. has become expensive as well while not fully delivering the wanted result.

    Other options? Yes. The media. Get into media, and publish articles about the business. Media enables easy targeting for various industries and categories. Consider that a lot of people follow media, meaning the outreach is global and certain.

    How to get to the media and make media publish an article about a company? It is quite difficult but there are shortcuts. For example, a PR consulting company, Stankevicius MGM, has developed a platform which is like a media broker, connecting companies directly to the media. The platform is interactive, allowing companies to select media by the region and category as well as including SEO capabilities.

    Stankevicius Interactive Media platform covers media from local markets around the world, from the US to Europe to the Middle East to Asia Pacific and African region. Companies can publish article in just a few clicks on their selected online media site.

    Stankevicius company has developed a platform to innovate PR industry and enable private companies to gain access to the media which has been limited to public companies only.

    If you are curious to get your business in the media, sign up for the beta release for Stankevicius Interactive Media platform.


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