Fake news and trumped up rhetoric is everywhere in today’s world. Media sources report what gets people’s attention, and unfortunately, people are inclined to listen to negative and devastating headlines. You don’t want to fall for the gimmicks of news media outlets, and so you need to look out for the following red flags. Anonymous news site “The Doe” is here to help us look for these obvious cues.

Stories without sources are definitely red flags. The sources that are present also matter. Then there are the headlines that represent clickbait. There is a difference between clickbait and well-constructed headlines. Think about the print bait that has always been part of the overall strategy for the National Enquirer.

Consider the images used as well and whether or not they are original to the source. If the valuable content isn’t original, then you’ve likely ran across unoriginal content in general. Sites do this to produce shared content in a timely manner in this day and age.

Watch out for the grammar, too. If the grammar isn’t good, then the article isn’t from a reputable source. There are certain journalism qualifications that should be met. Journalistic integrity has to be upheld when it comes to reporting the news.

Speaking of journalistic integrity, whatever article you’re reading needs to have an author’s name attached to it for sure. An author’s qualifications are usually listed along with his or her name as well. You want to be sure you are reading a piece constructed ay a qualified person in the news industry.

Consider the amount of factual statements provided vs the arguments an article makes. An article full of arguments is considered biased and not geared towards providing the facts. You don’t want to be led to a particular conclusion. News facts speak for themselves. Biased news can be outright insulting and full of repetitive slander.

What is the mission statement of the site that you’ve visited? What does the about us section say? Is there a political purpose or bias? You will want to know that, too, before you trust that particular site as a reputable news source. Read the about section of The Doe.

Don’t jump to any conclusions when running across those clickbait articles. Evaluate the source before you read too much into what they have to say. Fake news is running rampant in society, and it is sickening.