Tips on Making Meat-Eating More Ethical and Sustainable

    Daily meat consumption has a substantial negative effect on the environment, but you do not have to go vegan to reduce your impact. All it takes is for you to opt for healthy meat while at the same time following a vegan diet if you are to reduce your impact on the planet. If you do not know how to make meat-eating more ethical and sustainable, then you have definitely come to the right place. Here are some of the tips that are going to save you big time.

    • Reduce Your Meat Consumption

    One of the easiest changes you can make is reducing your meat consumption, even if it is only by a small amount is reducing your meat consumption. Keep in mind the more meat you cut out, the less you contribute to the global problems caused by the meat trade. You can opt for a reducetarian diet that is mainly plant-based but incorporates some meat on occasion. Alternatively, you can follow a simple and minimal approach such as “Meat Free Monday” as it also has a significant impact. Regardless of the route you choose to take, reducing your meat consumption is definitely set to help the planet big time.

    • Choose the Right Meat

    Whenever you eat meat, the choices you make can make the huge difference. Remember, sheep and cows contribute more to greenhouse gas emissions when compared to other animals like pigs and chickens. If you cannot do without meat, you can reduce your environmental impact by avoiding beef, lamb or mutton and instead go for chicken. You can achieve the same benefits by incorporating any seafood as from lobster in your diet.  The more healthy meat you eat, the bigger the impact it will have when it comes to reducing global warming.

    • Opt For Grass-Fed or Locally-Fed Meat

    We can never conclude without mentioning the importance of choosing meat from farms that grass-feed their livestock as it drastically reduces the environmental impact of your meat-eating. For cows, feeding them grains is among the inefficient approach since they do not absorb most of the nutrients. So, choose meat that is either grass-fed or fed on locally-produced crops and protect the world from global warming. This is mostly the case when you own a meat factory in any part of the world.

    The Bottom Line

    These are just but some of the tips you can use in making meat-eating more ethical and sustainable. Be sure to employ as many tips as possible since it is the only way that you can prevent meat global warming. Furthermore, you should calculate the resources of your meat consumption to determine the progress you are making. To pull this off successfully, simply check out the official website of meat CO2. Here, you will not only calculate your meat consumption resources but also choose up to 3 dishes on a daily basis. Remember, you are allowed to share your statistics be it on a weekly or monthly basis.


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