Top VoIP Brands 2019

    Commonly known as VOIP, Voice over Internet Protocol is increasingly becoming popular as people migrate from a landline. Businesses make up the majority of VOIP users because it is more versatile, cheaper, as well as more scalable as compared to traditional landline services. Before getting into the best VOIP providers, what is VoIP?

    Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that converts a voice into a digital signal to make calling directly from your data-driven device possible. The devices can be a VoIP phone, computer or any other data-driven device. In a nutshell, it is a phone service offered over the internet. It can also be referred to as internet telephony, IP telephony, broadband phone service or broadband telephony. With the many VoIP providers, it can be an uphill task to get the best provider for your business. Here are some of the best VoIP providers today.

    1. Jive Voice

    JIVE VOICE is the best VoIP provider and it is friendlier to small businesses. It provides unlimited voice services to make you not to worry about additional fees for exceeding limits.  It is available for 1 to 99 users. Beyond that, businesses with more than 100 users can get customized pricing.

    Some of the features you can expect include multiple conference options, recording, custom messages, fax to email, call filtering, virtual fax, as well as voicemail and voicemail-to-email. Some of the other features such as whispering and hot desking are unique to modern business situations. On top of that, JIVE VOICE comes with fair pricing.

    1. RingCentral

    RingCentral is a California-based VoIP provider with offices located across the world. It has built an impressive reputation for providing unmatched VOIP services. It has highly competitive pricing placing in a better position to compete favorably in the market.

    RingCentral is particularly suited for average-level businesses. It boasts helpful features including toll-free numbers, unlimited call as well as conferencing, support for 10 users, and customized caller ID. Larger packages come with video conferencing, unlimited users, internet fax, automatic call recording, as well as other important features.

    The company claims that it can set up the service at your office in just a day. With the experience the company has connecting companies with VoIP services, you can trust them to set up the services within a short time. The price range differs with the package with basic package going for $20 per month and the ultimate package going for $50. However, if you pay annually, you can benefit from discounts.

    1. Skype for Business

    If you operate a business from the comfort of your home, you might not need the scalability and other additional features that come with other VoIP services. Skype for Business will suit you well. With Skype for Business or Skype Meetings, you can hold conferences as well as record meetings with numerous people up to 250 at once. You can also personalize invite links or even use some features like screen sharing or instant messaging in the app. You can also handle collaborative group projects easily with Skype’s Powerpoint and whiteboard tool. Skype for Business will cut down your service costs as you only spend $2 per month for the service.

    1. Verizon Business Digital Voice

    If your business is doing well and it has grown into a big company that needs a larger service that will cater to your professional needs, Verizon Business Digital Voice is your best option. Verizon’s VoIP service is designed to meet the needs of larger and growing companies. It comes with many standard features including forward, holding, call transfers, waiting, as well as caller ID. It also has advanced features such as voicemail to email services, multiple monitoring options, as well as different online portals for your administrators, agents and IT specialists to control the service.

    In addition to the above features, there are multiple mobile features allowing you to operate almost everything from your mobile device. Additionally, if your business also requires some sophisticated hardware that’s compatible to Verizon software, Verizon also offers phone devices. With just $35 per month, you can have between 10 and 20 lines supported. However, Verizon requires users to enter into a contract that will require commitment from your end.


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