Using A Washdown Scale

    When we talk about scales that are ideal for for messy applications or in damp and dirty locations, the capacity to meticulously wash a scale is crucial. This is one of the reasons why major scale manufacturers have also washdown scale in their line of products.

    In general, a good washdown scale is equipped with stainless steel assembly and meticulous sealing system that enables it to with stand complete, frequent cleaning even with a hoseora high pressure washer. This may seem like a simple feature but this is actually very important for removing of any remaining particles after weighing. This also minimizes the likelihood of cross-contamination, eliminates dirt build-up and helps remove the growth of bacteria, mold or other toxins.

    Unlike ordinary weighing scales and balances, a washdown scale is used within a wide variety of industries ranging from food and catering to industrial as well as pharmaceutical. Washdown scales is made using heavy duty, industrial grade stainless steel pans so you can wash them without the risk of damaging the internal parts of the scale.

    Washdown Scale Range of Uses

    Washdown scales can be used in the supermarket industry for weighing food such as fruit, vegetables and even meat produce. For instance, sacks of potatoes or other similar products are both heavy and likely to accumulate huge amount of dirt on the weighing scale over time. Because of this, it is important that you use weighing scale that is not only durable but also easy to clean.

    Let’s use the potatoes as example to show how a washdown scale is perfect for food weighing:

    • First of all, a sack of potatoes is expected to weigh heavier enough to make lifting a test, the washdown scales feature a much lower weighing pan that is suitable for placing bulky and heavy loads without the need for heavy lifting.
    • A washdown scale can also endure heavy weights of up to a thirty- two kilograms because of its heavy duty construction.

    Because of its versatile design, washdown scales are also perfect for building and industrial jobs whether it is for general construction work or mining. The same check weighing features can be utilized for weighing coal for retail distribution and selling when using an industry approved washdown scales.

    There are tons of uses for a washdown scale and because this is durable, this is guaranteed to last a long time of abuse and heavy use.


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