Cost is one of the key considerations that homeowners have in mind whenever they are planning any home renovation project that involves kitchen cabinets. Many homeowners do not have an idea of the cost of new kitchen cabinets and would easily fall prey to exorbitant furniture sellers.

There are both cheap and expensive kitchen cabinets in the market. So, how will you know the cost of new kitchen cabinets?

Factors that determine the cost of new kitchen cabinets

The cost of new kitchen cabinets should be determined by a combination of important factors. Therefore, next time you go shopping for your new kitchen cabinets, always look at the following factors:

Type of wood used

The first important factor that determines the cost of cabinets is the type of wood. Cabinets can have the same design and color but vary in the wood used. Wood is a raw material that varies in price, thus, the variation will reflect on the cost of the cabinet.

Hardwood is more expensive compared to softwood. However, other wood factors also come into play in determining the cost of cabinets.

Style and finish

The attractiveness of kitchen cabinets is also a major factor of consideration that determines the cost of new kitchen cabinets. If it is appealing to the eye, it is likely to be more expensive than a lesser attractive cabinet.


The color might also influence the cost ofnew kitchen cabinets. However, on its own, the color cannot show a considerable variation in the pricing of new cabinets. Availability of colors is what makes some colors more expensive and others less expensive.

Where you buy

You can also get the same quality of kitchen cabinets retailing at different prices. Therefore, where you buy the cabinets is also a factor that you must consider when thinking about the cost. Online retail stores are cheaper than local furniture stores.

How to get the best prices?

You should use the following tips if you want to get the best prices when buying kitchen cabinets:

  • Compare different stores: Determine the kind of kitchen cabinets and compare the cost in different stores, both online and physical retail stores.
  • Bargain: It is possible to bargain when buying new rtakitchen cabinets. You will be surprised at how significantly you can reduce the cost of new kitchen cabinets.
  • Assemble yourself: If you assemble the cabinets yourself, you will reduce the cost of purchase.


Always conduct due diligence when buying new kitchen cabinets. This will help you to get an idea of the cost of the new kitchen cabinets that you want.