Whether you’re hiring a video production agency for the very first time, or you’re looking forward to working with a new agency, it is important to have a slight idea of what lies ahead. As long as you are fully prepared and have a clear understanding of the process, this is certainly going to be a fun and exciting time. Read on and examine some of the things you should expect when working with a video production agency.

Cost and Fees

Before you even start working together, the first area of concern is the cost and fees of the entire video project. One thing you ought to keep in mind is that there are so many things that go into determining the cost of video production. Whereas some companies prefer an average price per minute, other prioritizes the average cost per project.

Either way, you can expect some costs to be consistent regardless of the agency you choose to work with. For instance, you have to make do with the costs related to location, equipment, and crew. Be sure to agree on costs and fees upfront if you’re to avoid spending more money than you had initially planned for in the first place.


Video production companies are not created equal, and therefore, have a different approach when it comes to pre-production. Before getting into any agreement, you need to be fully aware of what to expect in pre-production to ensure you benefit from both efficiency and quality.

Keep in mind pre-production is one of the most vital times for your video content. You want to work with a company that will always be there at each and every step offering the support you need. They’ll make several phone calls or even hold meetings as they get things done. If this is not enough, the company is going to share recommendations on crew, equipment and creative direction.

The Bottom Line

Knowing what to expect when hiring a video production agency will go a long way in making sure you get good value for your money. Keep in mind some companies promise exemplary results only to end up letting your down. That’s why you should never take their word for it. Instead, spend some time examining what they have to offer after which you can make a well-informed decision.